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Credentials CG Telecon

Minutes for 2015-03-10

Mark Leuba is scribing.
Manu Sporny: Reviewed agenda, some issues with telecomm bridge, anything else? (None)

Topic: Teleconference Bridge

Manu Sporny: Telecomm bridge. Issue due to update Sunday, caused failure. Software was outdated, this upgrade was significant. More work needed to add back features that were affected. Digital Bazaar is working on it.
Manu Sporny: SIP client may not have proper CODEC installed. STEEX is needed. Will debug with Mark, Nate and Rob after the call.
Nate Otto: Yep, I'm in by phone now; I've got a few minutes after the call if you want me to stick around to debug
Rob Trainer: When I opened the debug window it started working.

Topic: Credentials Working Group Charter

Manu Sporny: Working Group Charter - nothing updated recently, implies folks are ok with it. The main thing is we need people recruiting, we need to decide which organizations to recruit. Suggest we create a list of orgs and assign people to contact them. Manu taking that action.
Nate Otto: Doc is "view only"
Manu Sporny: We have some members listed (W3C, other) but we can start adding organizations, e.g. IBM, Google, Digital Bazaar, if folks can start adding now, other orgs please add them to the list. Anyone with the link can edit.
Manu Sporny: Biggest issue re: charter is to get the list of orgs together, then insure we have technical alignment before first workshop. This will smooth the start of the technical working group.
Manu Sporny: Eric I will lean hard on you to fill out this list, now would be good. One concern with the list, some of the orgs may not want this to be publicly known. This list constitutes potential and in no way asserts the orgs listed support the work.
Manu Sporny: We need to work hard to get the candidates in as W3C members.

Topic: Use Cases / Linked Data Signatures

Manu Sporny: Use Cases - there has been no forward movement in the last week due to efforts to get the web payments stuff worked out. There is concern in WP group that something needs to be done with credentials, but W3c staff seems not to know the credentials work in ongoing even though we have demo'd. The W3c staff is writing blog posts that ignore the Credentials CG.
Manu Sporny: It's a bit frustrating, any questions on use cases or Linked Data signatures?

Topic: Credentials/Badges Vocabulary Update

Manu Sporny: Nate update?
Nate Otto: I want to make badges a first class citizen of credentials, use JSON-LD framing to create an array of IRI's to put at the top of the document. I'm still working on it.
elf Pavlik: Any issue on github with clear explainaiton about the challange
elf Pavlik: Framing etc.
Manu Sporny: Which challenge elf?
elf Pavlik: Yes please, send it to mailing list NateOtto :)
Nate Otto: I have the mailing list.
Manu Sporny: Digital Bazaar does not want there to be a difference between credentials and badges. Badges are credentials. Credentials are proofs of attributes in the identity. If you want a property called badges, and an array of URL's or full blown objects, you oould use the credentials to do that.
Nate Otto: We are in alignment. We have people asking "what badges do they have"? Having a way to reference that at the top of the document woudl be useful.
Dave Longley: If you have a base class type of badge you can do that. any other type of information would come with that. All that would get brought along.
Nate Otto: I'll take to the mailing list.
Manu Sporny: A question iI have, when will we have a first pass of Vocabulary document?
elf Pavlik: Would we consider RDFa Vocabulary Entailment in scope?
Nate Otto: In two weeks, we are assembling the pieces.
Manu Sporny: Let us know, having something in Github would be good.
Nate Otto: I'll get that process going.
Manu Sporny: Responding to Elf, Yes but we do not want to expose anyone to that stuff.
elf Pavlik: Roger!
Dave Longley: Should be put in vocabulary, useful. But to solve this problem, that is too deep than necessary.
Dave Longley: A credential could have a @type of ["Credential", "Badge", "Class101Badge"]
Manu Sporny: All you need to do is use JSON data and mention the vocabulary.
elf Pavlik: Yes, thank you!

Topic: Roadmap Update

Mark Leuba: My only comment is that there are some outstanding comments by Kerri. [scribe assist by Manu Sporny]
Mark Leuba: I'd like the group to review those comments. [scribe assist by Manu Sporny]
Mark Leuba: In the envisioned uses section, the details provided are details of the same uses. I'm not sure we wanted to get into that level of granularity. Need an independent review of that. [scribe assist by Manu Sporny]
Manu Sporny: Any roadmap updates?
Nate Otto: I've had a really busy week!
Nate Otto: Next week should be way better.
Mark Leuba: I had a question about Kerri's edits, I thought they were further details of the existing cases and I am not sure they are necessary but I would like others to weigh in.
Manu Sporny: We need to keep the progress levels up. We have slowed in recent weeks and need to pick up the pace.
Manu Sporny: On the recruiting doc, please place your name so we can know who is recruiting which orgs.
Eric Korb: Question about the open payment foundation progress.
Manu Sporny: Stalled due to other work. The organization exists but we are waiting for IRS non-profit status, submitting paperwork to software federation.
Nate Otto: Elf-pavlik -- added this to my automatically-on IRC channels, so I'll be here during the week.
Accreditrust will help move that forward.