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Credentials CG Telecon

Minutes for 2017-10-17

  1. Introductions and Reintroductions
  2. New DID Spec PR
  3. Verifiable News
  4. W3C TPAC Planning
Kim Hamilton Duffy, Christopher Allen
Ryan Grant
Ryan Grant, Jarlath O'Carroll, Kim Hamilton Duffy, Manu Sporny, Dave Longley, Moses Ma, Dan Burnett, David Chadwick
Audio Log
Ryan Grant is scribing.

Topic: Introductions and Reintroductions

Jarlath O'Carroll: Hi, my name is Jarlath O'Carroll, I founded a company called Jobspeaker 8 years ago. We help college students help get jobs with colleges and employers. There are some interesting overlaps with what we do and what this group is doing. [scribe assist by Manu Sporny]

Topic: New DID Spec PR

Kim Hamilton Duffy: Human readable:
Manu Sporny: Pull request has 22 commits, deals with multiple things...
...modifications to spec where consensus was found (at RWOT)
Manu Sporny: Human readable version:
...terminology now updated (unlike prior work which was just based on examples)
Ryan Grant: How many people have had time to read wording? [scribe assist by Kim Hamilton Duffy]
Ryan Grant: I can volunteer to review
Manu Sporny: Looking for other volunteers. Timeframe Tuesday.
Manu Sporny: Volunteers to review... Kim, Christopher, Drummond, Ryan
Kim Hamilton Duffy: Confirms deadline one week, and looking for volunteers
Kim Hamilton Duffy: There is a polyfill issue with claims signing
Kim Hamilton Duffy: Looking for a way to get David Chadwick into call
Dave Longley: David Chadwick was scheduled to talk about his protocol, so this is unfortunate
Moses Ma: I can update on verifiable news

Topic: Verifiable News

Moses Ma: Verifiable News has a Table of Contents, people are working on it. "smaller" group of eight people will release first draft, which will then be shared for wider comments.
Moses Ma: Plan is to have draft ready for W3C Technical Plenary
Moses Ma: I have joined a VC firm - stark capital, one focus is verifiable claims.
Manu Sporny: VC WG discussion debriefing
Manu Sporny: Confirms Ed and Moses will be there.
Dan Burnett: Discussion of agenda for W3C, can put Verifiable News on there
Manu Sporny: First proposal will not have VCs
Manu Sporny: Is recapping discussion with Ed and Sandro
Moses Ma: Clarifies that the whitepaper is an overview, where VCs are appropriate
Kim Hamilton Duffy: Asks how much time Verifiable News needs at TPAC
Moses Ma: Yes, the first pass at a spec won't REQUIRE verifiable claims, but the white paper will heavily recommend them
Moses Ma: I'll work with Ed to ensure a presence at TPAC

Topic: W3C TPAC Planning

Manu Sporny: Priorities: IIW, RWOT, ID2020 ideas migrate to more specified experiements, then W3C/IETF takes it further.
Manu Sporny: VC WG will need later work, and the job is to message what that future work will be.
Manu Sporny: Next generation stuff includes getting VC (now a polyfill) into browser track. need for bigger story. plus an item that i missed.
Dan Burnett: Yes, need to prepare for how VCWG might/should extend once data model is done.
Manu Sporny: W3C is doing stuff with web payments, and we're working with SSI. one story to weave is "what happens when these all get put together"
Manu Sporny: Could be an hour-long Unconference session
Manu Sporny: Then we bring that to W3C membership, and give them a heads up as to what we might want to start working groups on
Manu Sporny: Question to this group is does that sound like a good direction?
Dave Longley: +1 Sounds great to me
Kim Hamilton Duffy: Poll for high level thoughts
Kim Hamilton Duffy: We can summarize this to the rest of the group through the mailing list
Manu Sporny: Other good thing would be to have the other chairs VC WG, CCG, at the event to demonstrate momentum.
Kim Hamilton Duffy: Suggestions for next week's agenda?
Kim Hamilton Duffy: Suggestion for DID followup
...(post IIW))
Dave Longley: +1 For Credential Handler API if we can get David Chadwick on the call
Kim Hamilton Duffy: Still trying to get David Chadwick's work in front of the group, to unblock his work
David Chadwick: I cant get on the call today as I am travelling, but I will sent a post a ppt to the list
David Chadwick: That gives a demo of the VC apps that we have built
Moses Ma: Thanks everyone see y'all next week
David Chadwick: Thanks Moses, will do
Kim Hamilton Duffy: Early wrapup. thanks everyone!