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Credentials CG Telecon

Minutes for 2017-12-05

Manu Sporny is scribing.

Topic: Agenda Review

Joe Andrieu: Announcements, Intros, Action Items, Work Items, DID Discussion
Christopher Allen: A couple of items have come up from the VCWG status registry - to be handled as work item for CCG... just wanted to have Manu do a 3 minute thing to intro the topic to everyone...
Joe Andrieu: Why don't we do that just before the DID discussion?
Christopher Allen: Sounds good.

Topic: Announcements

Joe Andrieu: With work that Manu has done and DID reconcilation - we should have that on the docket soon... next week.
Christopher Allen: Yes, there will be some discussion on what remains, what needs to be settled... I think that's basically the idea... We don't know where/if they conflict.
Joe Andrieu: We'll pull the work from there and work on it here...
Joe Andrieu: Next week - we'll share 2018 planning... coming from Chairs... what we're thinking of doing and feedbakc/input from community. We'll not have meetings on 26th Dec 2017 or Jan 2nd 2018. First meeting of next year will be Jan 9th.
Christopher Allen: +1
Christopher Allen: Do we have any new folk?

Topic: Introductions

Thomas Hay: My name is Thomas Hay, I work at Consensys, interested in identity particularly with applications related to education and education claims... come from background of education in K-12 schools - now working on ways to improve how we attest education credentials.
Joe Andrieu: Welcome to the Credentials CG :)
Manu Sporny: I am calling from my cell phone and skype out, as usual; no answer today. Any advice? [scribe assist by Lionel Wolberger]
Akila Natarajan: Hi my name is Akila Natarajan, I work with Thomas Hay - come from background - work for Oracle building oracle products - founded product in EdX space, then moved on to Consensys - worked in identity space and education, that's where my interest is... work with Tom at Consensys - building product issues claims in education space and use identity/claims to do more education/attestations... first meeting.
Mike Xu: I work with Tom and Akila on the Consensys Academy team - full stack developer - I had worked at IBM Watson Health as full stack developer... now work at Consensys Academy.
Kim Hamilton Duffy is scribing.
Frederico Sportini: +1 DID hackaton
Manu Sporny: Sent email to list about updates. working on post-RWOT updates to did spec
Frederico Sportini: +1 Hackaton on 1/15
...3 prs -- separating key descriptions, separating DID method registry, stab at identity language
...expect will be adding more changes. Manu needs to work with Chris Webber and Mark Miller about obcap related changes
...also lots of activity around DID hardening spec
...should have many updates landed by xmas
Joe Andrieu: Thanks, Kim. Let's add that explicitly to the agenda next time!
...that's a good time to get feedback from group
...give feedback via github issues and pull requests. Can comment line-by-line in PRs
...Manu requesting 7-day comment period on PRs
Christopher Allen: Just get it into action items
Joe Andrieu: Post objections in IRC
Joe Andrieu: Changes look good and straightforward veres one spec
...reconciliation and virtual hackathon week of 1/5. includes BTCR, other methods, etc
...let us know if you want to be involved
Christopher Allen: Are we missing action items?
Manu Sporny: General action item around registries. This group has to accept >=3 or 4 new work items for things to be smooth with DID spec progress.
....VC status checking, key descriptions, and something else I missed
Joe Andrieu: How to proceed?
Manu Sporny: PRs constitute a proposal. OBject to the PR if you disagree with informal registries
Moses Ma: I just called in, lines are available again. associate 415
Joe Andrieu: Feedback by next week
Joe Andrieu:
Joe Andrieu: Lifecycle has been posted as repo
...there is good content we can fold into various specs
...engagement model work item needs to be folded in, hopefully early Jan
Dave Longley: VC polyfill and browser api. check out issues, give feedback. Kim should give feedback re BTCR impact
Lionel Wolberger: Data Min and Selective Disclosure: not much progress
...Sovrin restarting contribution
...will try to have progress for next week
Christopher Allen: Documenting work items

Topic: W3C CCG Process Document

Christopher Allen: Community process is new; doesn't really match other W3C styles. There has been call for more formality around CG process
...RWoT has lower standard, doesn't require consent from all members.
...Refer to document
Christopher Allen: Tentative process is documented in "work process" bulletpoint
...2 special things: 1. We tend to do specs, but some may be more summary/survey docs (e.g. self sov id, data min, ...) formal difference in process, but we may want to consider
...2. Rebooting is open source, but for these specs everyone needs to be members of this group
...This is important because we don't have IPR signed from some parties
...some specs may not require IPR, but ones that detail a technical process could be problematic
Christopher Allen: Joe wanted to talk about IPR aspects. Also Manu did
Moses Ma: New project he wants input on

Topic: W3C Intellectual Property Requirements & our CG Process

Manu Sporny: We cannot accept contributions from people who haven't signed IPR
Manu Sporny: Some joining DID discussion have not signed IP release
Manu Sporny: We cannot accept contributions from people who haven't signed IPR
...if your name / company name doesn't show up in this list, you need to sign
...other IPRs to follow as we move to WG, etc
...especially as it moves to international standard, this IP history must be clean
Christopher Allen: Any questions?

Topic: CCG Registries

Christopher Allen: CCGs have persistence that WGs do not. Also lower level of requirements
...makes sense that long term maintenance can be CG
Manu Sporny: Examples of registries...
...Verifiable Claims status registry:
Christopher Allen: Non-normative
...registries are informal -- not official
Christopher Allen: ? w3c signoff
...registries are community controlled. low barrier to entry the future, we may say entries must pass a test suite. but since the test suites don't exist now, no such requirements
...3 registry examples are: DID method specs, VC status, and Key registry
Christopher Allen: Some have lower standard than "no principled objections"; some may have higher standard
Christopher Allen: Need a process for registry
ACTION: Manu to document process for registries
ACTION: CG to adopt Manu's list of registries as work items
Christopher Allen: We need a proposal for generic registries, process for acceptance, longevity.
...then we would accept Manu's example as work items
Manu Sporny: Concerned that may be too heavyweight. Let's just say they are community maintained. Update process is PRs
Christopher Allen: Put it in writing
Ryan Grant: What is a credential status list?
Manu Sporny: We need to understand how to do repudiation (revoke or spend)
Dave Longley: S/spend/suspend/
Ryan Grant: I thought this was handled via requiring fresh nonces?
...need mechanism for issuer to invalidate statement
Manu Sporny: 2 Mechanisms: 1. cred status list, 2. published on blockchain
...registry says all different ways to talk about credential status
Frederico Sportini: 1. Is centralised?
Manu Sporny: Not just vocab. Also allows me to say "these are the creds I have revoked or suspended" as an issuer
Ryan Grant: Is it trying to define both schema and particular revocations?
Christopher Allen: Edu institution may have different requirements
Christopher Allen: In VCWG can't specify business processes; easier to happen in CG
Ryan Grant: I order to use verifiable claims, do i need to check all these registries?
Christopher Allen: Allowing communities to describe how they are doing it. what methods, etc
...we're not approving, just describing
Ryan Grant: Okay, so easy way to get started
...doesn't require level of review that WG requires
Zachary Larson: Curious to hear status of object cap
Christopher Allen: This is a reasonable request for next week
Christopher Allen: Add to agenda, status of ocap and next steps
...can make discussion requests on discussion list
Christopher Allen:
... has info about how to join, contact, etc week is mostly DID