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Credentials CG Telecon

Minutes for 2018-04-24

Mike Lodder: This call will focus on process that the chairs have been working on
Lionel Wolberger: I will be at consensys and am happy to help [scribe assist by Mike Lodder]
Mike Lodder: ... Would love to meet up
Joe Andrieu: Consensus: May 14-16 New York Hilton Midtown
Lionel Wolberger: Consensys is May 14-16 in NYC
Joe Andrieu: MYDATA 2018 August 29–31 Helsinki, Finland

Topic: Announcements

Lionel Wolberger: PM me if you are attending, let's have a DID/VC meetup there.
Lionel Wolberger: For consensus coordination, PM me at email lwolberg -at- gmail
Mike Lodder: Kimd: action items and progress have now been moved to GitHub
Joe Andrieu: We need to get back to the W3C about being in the agenda for TPAC [scribe assist by Mike Lodder]
Lionel Wolberger: [Lionel waving at Kaliya]
ACTION: chairs need to respond to W3C about being in agenda for TPAC

Topic: Work Items

Joe Andrieu: Data verification is now published [scribe assist by Mike Lodder]
Lionel Wolberger: Pending IPR Approval
Kim Hamilton Duffy: Data minimization:
Lionel Wolberger: "Respect Format" Approvals
Lionel Wolberger: Edit Button - no pen icon?
Lionel Wolberger: Need permissions to finish [scribe assist by Mike Lodder]
Lionel Wolberger: Final Readers? Joe Andrieu.
Lionel Wolberger: Also need to meet with JanC for greater feedback and implementing other suggestions [scribe assist by Mike Lodder]
Mike Lodder: I would like to do that
Mike Lodder: I can be a reader
Joe Andrieu: Excellent! +1 mikelodder
Lionel Wolberger: Ok MikeLodder, I will contact you as a reader.
Mike Lodder: Okay thanks
ACTION: chairs make respec documentation, IPR info available
Kim Hamilton Duffy: Will make document available that readers to complete [scribe assist by Mike Lodder]
Drummond Reed: No blockers, there are several items for me that I need to close and going to meet with manu to resolve issues [scribe assist by Mike Lodder]
Mike Lodder: ... What are we doing to do with key formats and JWT key description formats
Chris Webber: Manu and dlongley are traveling today
Kim Hamilton Duffy: Do we have an issue to track that [scribe assist by Mike Lodder]
Chris Webber: I think
Drummond Reed: Yes I believe there are open issues [scribe assist by Mike Lodder]
Mike Lodder: ... DIDs are moving forward
Kim Hamilton Duffy: Create action to follow up with manu [scribe assist by Mike Lodder]
Mike Lodder: ... JWT specific issues that are not specific to manu or dlongly
ACTION: manu jwt issues
Kim Hamilton Duffy: Moving on to CCG process [scribe assist by Mike Lodder]

Topic: CCG Process

Joe Andrieu: Will introduce it [scribe assist by Mike Lodder]
Mike Lodder: ... Previously we've focused on the items and not how the process works
Lionel Wolberger: Note IP Release section in this doc (to answer your earlier question) [scribe assist by Kim Hamilton Duffy]
Kim Hamilton Duffy: All contributors to CG WORK ITEMS must be members of the CCG with full IPR agreements signed. W3C COMMUNITY CONTRIBUTOR LICENSE AGREEMENT (CLA):
Mike Lodder: ... There was confusion around the story items
Mike Lodder: ... We have public repos to help with standing communication
Mike Lodder: ... Put together a diagram to demonstrate how this works
Mike Lodder: ... For work item visualization
Mike Lodder: ... There will be final reports before they move forward to be completed
Mike Lodder: ... It has been a huge list, trying to simplify it
Kim Hamilton Duffy: <-- is requiring a user/pass for entry [scribe assist by Lionel Wolberger]
Mike Lodder: ... Begins with an abstract and starts with a lead
Mike Lodder: ... Once accepted as a work item, a repo will be created or transferred where previous work exists
Mike Lodder: ... Closed out upon completion and transferred to another work group or published
Mike Lodder: ... Community reports has a higher threshold for consensus to get them published as a report
Mike Lodder: ... Community reports begin as rough drafts, move to unreleased drafts, then to numbered versions
Mike Lodder: ... Next is a published draft
Lionel Wolberger: I guess you need a w3 login first (is there a create an account link?) [scribe assist by Kim Hamilton Duffy]
Mike Lodder: ... Which invites feedback from community
Mike Lodder: ... After feedback and consensus then its published as a final report
Heather Vescent: Looks great.
Mike Lodder: +1 Thanks
Joe Andrieu: The way the items are managed is through your account at W3C [scribe assist by Mike Lodder]
Kim Hamilton Duffy: Please supply "how to create an account at the W3C" [scribe assist by Lionel Wolberger]
Joe Andrieu: The process is probably missing some things and needs to be further refined [scribe assist by Mike Lodder]
Mike Lodder: ... We want to be open and accept many various ideas
Kim Hamilton Duffy: To get a proposed work item started, post a comment in the community GitHub repo [scribe assist by Mike Lodder]
Joe Andrieu: Community repo for posting proposed work items:
Mike Lodder: ... Will send a notice out that this is the new adopted process
Lucas Parker: Account request for
ACTION: create spectext for ccg process, send email to group
Joe Andrieu: Thanks, Lionel
Lionel Wolberger: Thanks.
Joe Andrieu: Technical Plenary/AC Meetings Week, 22-26 October 2018
Kim Hamilton Duffy: TPAC DID preparation:
Joe Andrieu: Next week will discuss needs to get the DID working group started and chartered [scribe assist by Mike Lodder]
Joe Andrieu: +1
Benjamin Young: +1
Joe Andrieu: (For Lyon)
Kim Hamilton Duffy: +1 In IRC if you are able to go
Kim Hamilton Duffy: +1
David Chadwick: +1
Drummond Reed: -1 - Conflict with IIW
Kaliya Young: Sorry about the conflict - we schedule IIW a year ahead
Kaliya Young: We put out to folks as we get ot the next IIW when we should not have if you know of things in fall 2019 tell us NOW :)
Drummond Reed: I am totally bummed about the conflict between IIW and TPAC
Kaliya Young: If you met early in the week like on the 22nd technically people could fly to SF and get a day or two of the end of IIW.
Nate Otto: +0 Might be able to make it at least for part, as I'll likely be in Paris for 26-26 Oct.
Moses Ma: Email me if you are interested in attending a conference with Bitcoin folks and bdc [scribe assist by Mike Lodder]
Mike Lodder: ... Will also cover DID-AUTH
Kaliya Young: Also please see the work that i have spun up to ensure DIVERSITY And INCLUSION in the first wave of outreach -
Mike Lodder: ... Doing a conference in healthcare and want speakers for identity