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Credentials CG Telecon

Minutes for 2018-05-29

Mike Lodder is scribing.

Topic: Introductions and Re-Introductions

Reza Sultani: PhD student in Canada in research for self sovereign identity and blockchain
Adrian Gropper: Volunteer CTO for a non-profit, work centers around self sovereign technology stack, verifiable credentials
Manu Sporny: We had a call last week for ReSpec setup and editing process and achughes is in the process of cleaning it up and will be posted shortly
... working on issue # 7 and a PR that helps summarize the process. Will be pulled in after this call
... includes crypto text that can be included in other registries as well.
... we shouldn't close out the issue yet until after the call
Christopher Allen: Any new dates on the new method spec?
Manu Sporny: Not yet
Andrew Hughes: The video should be ready in a week and include title block
Manu Sporny: Lots of thanks to Andrew Hughes for working on the video!
Markus Sabadello: Remove mydata in Helsinki so lets remove it from the agenda. There will not be a specific panel about DIDs and credentials but there will be talks about it
Christopher Allen: Will there be an incubation phase for this? We've heard some things about it like on Twitter but nothing definite yet
Markus Sabadello: Nothing yet
Kaliya Young: As an FYI - the middle day (Wednesday) of MyData is an unconference day. I am facilitating it - anything can be put on the agenda.
Kaliya Young: Results of that could feed into a follow-on day
Christopher Allen: Maybe do a salon session before or after but need to plan it
Dmitri Zagidulin: Kaliya, nice!
Adrian Gropper: I will be there and happy to participate in open space or hack
Kaliya Young: The question is ARE they going to host it - and where it is.
Dmitri Zagidulin: Also, Friday is Interoperability + Decentralization type day, so there'll be several DID and CCG related sessions (including mine)
... markus_sabadello can you bring it up the next time you talk to them?
Markus Sabadello: Yes I will
Manu Sporny: I sent a psuedo proposal for DID use cases and charter
Lionel Wolberger: Agropper and I made available DID terms available and are looking for anyone who has use cases or demos available
... we have several who have submitted theirs already but if you know anyone doing anything with DIDs please add them to the list and make sure its accurately represented
Christopher Allen: Where should we put this since its kind of an ongoing work item?
Manu Sporny: The DID spec is moving forward and pulling in PRs
ACTION: Chairs to record DID Engagement spreadsheet as a done work item
Andrew Hughes: I have imported the DID primer into ReSpec format and hopefully a week away to be completed
ACTION: Chairs to add "DID Primer" as a Work Item
Chris Webber: Started working on the design aspects of ocap-ld
... we should make all certificate chains using ocap-ld should be revocable
Christopher Allen: We know veres1 is using ocap-ld is there anyone else?
Manu Sporny: Veres1 is going to track the spec as close as we can
... for the past week we've been discussing if revocation is an implied item or they just expire
... we will upgrade as needed if the spec changes
Chris Webber: We are working on a generic ocap-ld outside of veres1 for others to use but not aware of anyone else using it
... we would like other people to look at adopting it as long as they participate in the document discussions
Manu Sporny: There are users outside of veres1 but we can't talk about it due to NDAs
Kim Hamilton Duffy: We should check with Mark Miller on Agoric using it:
... just in proof of concepts (POC)s
Manu Sporny: Kim, very good idea... should check in w/ Mark.
Christopher Allen: I would like to see btcr use it too but can't use it for the DID side of things
Dmitri Zagidulin: Give an update on the DID resolution spec
... there is a repo for that now
Moses Ma: Working with HTC to come up with a use case for the DID
Lionel Wolberger: +1
Lionel Wolberger: Moses, Yes, let's continue that discussion.
Adrian Gropper: @Moses I would like to know more about the location use-case. Can we talk?
Samantha Mathews Chase: Working with Nissan's machine learning for DID's for self driving cars
Lionel Wolberger: +1 Automobile very interesting!

Topic: Wyoming Blockchain Task Force Meeting

Lionel Wolberger: @Agropper: I'll be glad to update you about decentralized location
Christopher Allen: I went to the Wyoming Blockchain Task Force Meeting last week. They are active in trying to be a leader with this type of technology
... such cases like identities of share holders
Christopher Allen: "Identity" means the name of a
Christopher Allen: 12 Shareholder or the network address for which the
Christopher Allen: 13 Shareholder has knowledge or possession of the private key
Christopher Allen: 14 Uniquely associated with the network address;
Christopher Allen: 16 (Xlvii) "Network address" means the string of
Christopher Allen: 17 Alphanumeric characters on one (1) or more distributed or
Christopher Allen: 18 Other electronic networks or databases that may only be
Christopher Allen: 19 Accessed by knowledge or possession of a private key in
Christopher Allen: 20 Order to facilitate or record transactions on the
Christopher Allen: 21 Distributed or other electronic network or database;
... its really close to DIDs
Drummond Reed: AGreed, it is very close to DID.
Christopher Allen: Wyoming is typically concerned about privacy
... and they want to make it work with what we are doing
... if anyone wants to work with me to help address what they are doing please let me know
... we have until September to improve on these definitions

Topic: Summer Hackathon

Christopher Allen: We are having one the week of July 16th, more information will be provided in the coming weeks as we figure things out. [scribe assist by Manu Sporny]

Topic: Focal Use Cases

Joe Andrieu: I have repurposed the DID url for the use cases
... and the document to include what everyone has sent me
... still in the gathering phase
... today we will refine those and boil it down to discrete use cases
Joe Andrieu: Indeed, Manu #6
Christopher Allen: We will now walk through the content
... 1st use case: digital executor
Christopher Allen: How to deal with assets when someone dies, third party executors
... 2nd use case kimhd: EDU DID use case
Kim Hamilton Duffy: Lifelong recipient of the DID
... recipient can own and share credentials independent of issuers, breaks down when crypto keys are involved
... this use case is to bring crypto keys to the forefront
Kim Hamilton Duffy: Need to fix the vocabulary to eliminate overloaded technical terms
Kim Hamilton Duffy: This is just a first pass and need to continue to refine it and learning to write specifications for the W3C
Christopher Allen: General feedback-1 besides EDU credentials, other items like married on, the two parties married involved or the dealing with taxes
... timestamping becomes important to show it was valid. Show is married now to vs then
Kim Hamilton Duffy: +1 On calling out importance of timestamping
... be careful with long term things like real estate because current key algorithms may not be valid in 20-30 years
Bohdan Andriyiv: Sorry, I am not able to connect on SIP to explain Validbook DID use case. I'll try to do this on the next call.
Kim Hamilton Duffy: Thanks Joe, that helps
Moses Ma: 1St use case-user is gay man in Egypt, government cracking down on that, use DIDs to psuedonymize
Moses Ma: 2Nd use case-crypto currency in countries is illegal, use DIDs to keep your control
Moses Ma: Use DIDs and verifiable credentials for KYC
Moses Ma: 3Rd use case with HTC and cellphones
... using credentials also for reputation based systems
... safeguard you with mobility
Lionel Wolberger: +1 Scenario digital executor, might want to broaden the key recovery aspects
Manu Sporny: Our use case is around decentralized corporate
... using DIDs to secure supply chains
... verifiable credentials to check IoT or electronics in a global way
... and use DIDs to have suppliers sign that they touched a specific component along the chain
Drummond Reed: I love Manu's use case for decentralized corporate identifiers and public key verification.
Markus Sabadello: I want to encourage that we don't push for anything illegal
... with our use cases
Heather Vescent: +1 Markus
Lionel Wolberger: +1 Markus
Christopher Allen: Legality is very complex
Lionel Wolberger: Can re-word the use case for general crypto currency owner protection
... we should deal with that later
Lionel Wolberger: Some high value owners are concerned about potential harm and kidnappings.
Chris Webber: +1 For human rights taking priority
Moses Ma: Can we get a URL for the UN info?
Adrian Gropper: What does the government expect to be put there for the supply the chain
... its not clear in the use case
Manu Sporny: There would be more than signatures like hashes of the current firmware
... or versions
Lionel Wolberger: +1 On software checksums related to DIDs
Jarlath O'Carroll: Sorry joined late: are the use cases documented somewhere so that we can see if there are other uses cases from our perspective we can suggest?
Moses Ma: I've heard that crypto company executives have been kidnapped already, because the ransom has been preformatted for this application.
Ryan Grant: New use case #10 is single-sign-on using DID-Auth. maybe someone more closely involved in DID-Auth can review.
Heather Vescent: Very cool Manu
Lionel Wolberger: Unrelated, but asking: any Credential or DID folks in Tokyo for Blockchain Conference June 26
Jarlath O'Carroll: Thank you!
Manu Sporny is scribing.
Joe Andrieu: We should take some time on future calls for other use cases after this call.
Joe Andrieu: Some of these are still raw skeletons... I'd like to pick a few to refine next.
Christopher Allen: Let's schedule some time to do that.
Christopher Allen: Perhaps in two weeks.
Christopher Allen: I'd like to get update on uPort, ERCs, DID Methods. If anyone else has a DID-specific method, something important to discuss, we have some open spots in upcoming weeks.
Christopher Allen: Let the Chairs know if you have something you want to present about. Thanks all, great work on start to use cases.
Moses Ma: Bye everyone