This document serves as an informative registry for all known Decentralized Identifier Methods and their associated specifications.

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Portions of the work on this specification have been funded by the United States Department of Homeland Security's Science and Technology Directorate under contracts HSHQDC-16-R00012-H-SB2016-1-002 and HSHQDC-17-C-00019. The content of this specification does not necessarily reflect the position or the policy of the U.S. Government and no official endorsement should be inferred.

Work on this specification has also been supported by the Rebooting the Web of Trust community facilitated by Christopher Allen, Shannon Appelcline, Kiara Robles, Brian Weller, Betty Dhamers, Kaliya Young, Manu Sporny, Drummond Reed, and Joe Andrieu.


This document contains a list of all known Decentralized Identifier Methods and their associated specifications.

The Registration Process

Software implementers may find that the existing Decentralized Identifier Methods listed in this repository are not suitable for their use case and may need to add a new method to this registry. Adding a Decentralized Identifier Method to this list is designed to be a lightweight, community-driven process. In order to add a new method to this registry, an implementer MUST:

  1. Implement at least an experimental version of the new DID Method.
  2. Create a specification describing the new DID Method that is publicly available and intended to be conformant with the DID specification at Ensure that the title in the specification contains a version number.
  3. Request that the specification be added to this registry by submitting a Github Pull Request that adds the new method to the list of existing methods, with URL.

Specifications that do not meet these criteria will not be accepted. Old listings which fall out of conformance may be removed.

Implementers that would like help or guidance during this process are urged to join the W3C Credentials Community Group and request assistance via the mailing list.

The Registry

This table summarizes the DID method specifications currently in development. The links will be updated as subsequent Implementer’s Drafts are produced.

Method Name Status DLT or Network Authors Link
did:abt: PROVISIONAL ABT Network ArcBlock ABT DID Method
did:btcr: PROVISIONAL Bitcoin Christopher Allen, Ryan Grant, Kim Hamilton Duffy BTCR DID Method
did:stack: PROVISIONAL Bitcoin Jude Nelson Blockstack DID Method
did:erc725: PROVISIONAL Ethereum Markus Sabadello, Fabian Vogelsteller, Peter Kolarov erc725 DID Method
did:example: PROVISIONAL DID Specification W3C Credentials Community Group DID Specification
did:ipid: PROVISIONAL IPFS TranSendX IPID DID method
did:life: PROVISIONAL RChain lifeID Foundation lifeID DID Method
did:sov: PROVISIONAL Sovrin Mike Lodder Sovrin DID Method
did:uport: DEPRECATED Ethereum uPort
did:ethr: PROVISIONAL Ethereum uPort ETHR DID Method
did:v1: PROVISIONAL Veres One Digital Bazaar Veres One DID Method
did:com: PROVISIONAL Commercio Consortium DID Method
did:dom: PROVISIONAL Ethereum Dominode
did:ont: PROVISIONAL Ontology Ontology Foundation Ontology DID Method
did:vvo: PROVISIONAL Vivvo Vivvo Application Studios Vivvo DID Method
did:aergo: PROVISIONAL Aergo Blocko Aergo DID Method
did:iwt: PROVISIONAL InfoWallet Raonsecure InfoWallet DID Method
did:ockam: PROVISIONAL Ockam Ockam Ockam DID Method
did:ala: PROVISIONAL Alastria Alastria National Blockchain Ecosystem Alastria DID Method
did:op: PROVISIONAL Ocean Protocol Ocean Protocol Ocean Protocol DID Method
did:jlinc: PROVISIONAL JLINC Protocol Victor Grey JLINC Protocol DID Method
did:ion: PROVISIONAL Bitcoin Various DIF contributors ION DID Method
did:jolo: PROVISIONAL Ethereum Jolocom Jolocom DID Method
did:bryk: PROVISIONAL bryk Marcos Allende, Sandra Murcia, Flavia Munhoso, Ruben Cessa bryk DID Method
did:peer: PROVISIONAL peer Daniel Hardman peer DID Method
did:selfkey: PROVISIONAL Ethereum SelfKey SelfKey DID Method
did:meta: PROVISIONAL Metadium Metadium Foundation Metadium DID Method
did:tys: PROVISIONAL DID Specification Chainyard TYS DID Method
did:git: PROVISIONAL DID Specification Internet Identity Workshop Git DID Method
did:tangle: PROVISIONAL IOTA Tangle BiiLabs Co., Ltd. TangleID DID Method
did:emtrust: PROVISIONAL Hyperledger Fabric Halialabs Pte Ltd. Emtrust DID Method
did:ttm: PROVISIONAL TMChain Token.TM TM DID Method
did:wlk: PROVISIONAL Weelink Network Weelink Weelink DID Method
did:pistis: PROVISIONAL Ethereum Andrea Taglia, Matteo Sinico Pistis DID Method
did:holo: PROVISIONAL Holochain Holo.Host Holochain DID Method
did:web: PROVISIONAL Web Oliver Terbu, Mike Xu, Dmitri Zagidulin, Amy Guy Web DID Method
did:io: PROVISIONAL IoTeX IoTeX Foundation IoTeX DID Method
did:vaultie: PROVISIONAL Ethereum Vaultie Inc. Vaultie DID Method
did:moac: PROVISIONAL MOAC MOAC Blockchain Tech, Inc. MOAC DID Method
did:omn: PROVISIONAL OmniOne OmniOne OmniOne DID Method
did:work: PROVISIONAL Hyperledger Fabric Workday, Inc. Workday DID Method
did:vid: PROVISIONAL VP VP Inc. VP DID Method
did:ccp: PROVISIONAL Quorum Baidu, Inc. Cloud DID Method
did:jnctn: PROVISIONAL Jnctn Network Jnctn Limited JNCTN DID Method
did:evan: PROVISIONAL evan GmbH DID Method
did:elastos: PROVISIONAL Elastos ID Sidechain Elastos Foundation Elastos DID Method
did:kilt: PROVISIONAL KILT Blockchain BOTLabs GmbH KILT DID Method
did:elem: PROVISIONAL Element DID Transmute ELEM DID Method
did:github: PROVISIONAL Github Transmute GitHub DID Method
did:bid: PROVISIONAL bif teleinfo caict BIF DID Method
did:ptn: PROVISIONAL PalletOne PalletOne PalletOne DID Method
did:echo: PROVISIONAL Echo Echo Technological Solutions LLC Echo DID Method
did:trustbloc: PROVISIONAL Hyperledger Fabric SecureKey TrustBloc DID Method
did:san: PROVISIONAL SAN Cloudchain YLZ Inc. SAN DID Method
did:gatc: PROVISIONAL Ethereum, Hyperledger Fabric, Hyperledger Besu, Alastria Gataca Gataca DID Method
did:factom: PROVISIONAL Factom Sphereon, Factomatic, Factom Inc Factom DID Method
did:signor: PROVISIONAL Ethereum, Hedera Hashgraph, Quorum, Hyperledger Besu Cryptonics Signor DID Method
did:hedera: PROVISIONAL Hedera Hashgraph Hedera Hashgraph, Swisscom Blockchain AG Hedera Hashgraph DID Method