[EDITOR'S DRAFT] W3C Decentralized Identifiers Working Group Proposal

This is a proposal for the creation of a Decentralized Identifiers Working Group at W3C. This proposal has been put forward by a number of W3C member companies and community groups for examination by the greater W3C community. This work has been incubated for the past three years in the W3C Credentials Community Group, Rebooting the Web of Trust Design Salons, Internet Identity Workshops, and Decentralized Identity Foundation meetings. The following documents have been prepared for the W3C Advisory Committee to evaluate the proposal.

Supporting Documentation

About this Proposal

This proposal was created by the W3C Credentials Community Group (who initiated the W3C Verifiable Claims Working Group), the Rebooting the Web of Trust community, the Internet Identity Workshop community, and the Decentralized Identity Foundation.