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Credentials CG Telecon

Minutes for 2020-04-07

Kaliya Young is scribing.

Topic: Introductions & Reintroductions

Kim Hamilton Duffy: Kaliya leads the IIW workshop, going virtual, in different time zones
Audio terrible for me too
Joe Andrieu: Audio is hard to pick up
There, seems better now
Jeff Orgel: Review IIW portion please
Kaliya Young: Kaliya doing independent consulting and working on covid response [scribe assist by Kim Hamilton Duffy]
Kaliya Young: IIW is coming up and it's virtual and invite everyone [scribe assist by Kim Hamilton Duffy]
Kim Hamilton Duffy: Natholloway: Nat Holloway work at USAA with Sumita

Topic: Announcements & Reminders

Kim Hamilton Duffy: Announcements and Reminders
Kaliya Young: Centering on pdt, but that's late for europe, so also doing overnight sessions [scribe assist by Kim Hamilton Duffy]
Kaliya Young: 1.5 Hour sessions with breaks (no lunch), and shifting to different time zone friendly timings [scribe assist by Kim Hamilton Duffy]
Kim Hamilton Duffy: Identiverse
Identiverse is going virtual
June 8-11
Kim Hamilton Duffy: Regular verifiable credentials calls for education 8-9am pacific.
Kim Hamilton Duffy: Did resolution calls on thursday - ongoing for a while 1-2 pacific.
Balazs_Nemethi: responding with the community response to COVID19 work items may be surfacing that address IPR - no clear path on how that can resolve. Delivering a work item that should have iPR but doesn't could be very discouraging even if made with good will. Wanted
Orie Steele: +1 Lets make sure we don't build schemas that people are afraid to use...
The word IPR means many different things
Nate Otto: He was asking about what type of IPR issues are seeking to address.
Nate Otto: Get release of anyones patents so that issues in the future is addressed
Orie Steele: +1 To what Balazs said everyone wants to contribute
Orie Steele: We want Medical experts to be involved.
Orie Steele: We didn't think about the IpR and rights management and then it gets adopted and nuked by a bunch of trolls. IPR stuff sucks the joy out of everything it touches we should be secure that we are not going to get impacted by patent trolls we should have confidence that someone is going
Orie Steele: Would like to a quick and easy way to protect the community work but have fear that it an unsolved issues
Orie Steele: To be clear, my recommendation to DIF was to work with the CCG, and use it and not the DIF for this protection.
Christopher Allen: Similar concerns monitoring a number of different projects. a lot of the companies that are involved have a history of patents and other things. I have become increasingly aware of some land mines in the location area. I do think the W3C should be in a good spot to create a venue that has an IPR protections that are required. Concern the cat is out of the bag. Anti-patents that address the issue.
Christopher Allen: Should this be addressed here or in some other group in the W3C it is easy to get our deliberations under IPR.
Christopher Allen: +1 Wayne on broader participation
Wayne Vaughn: Chiming in from the DIF perspective - one of the most important things to me get people in the field involved in the field involved with these processes. Critical to have participation of those in the field directly. Difficult for HNS HHS or .... consolidate the discussion.
Wayne Vaughn: We need to support those from outside our community to be able to interact with us as technologists.
Kim Hamilton Duffy: Some conversations in DIF happening around this. Two paths to consider - continuing over an e-mail discussion. What is the lightest way forward. CCG or DIF seem easiest.
Orie Steele: Proposal to use:, have conversations in a number of places...
Kim Hamilton Duffy: Proposed way forward Balazs and Wayne talk about it. - write me on covid IPR

Topic: Progress on Action Items

Blazs: will put email in and can be in touch.
Kim Hamilton Duffy: They were making real progress but then stalled.
Kim Hamilton Duffy: We were hoping to refer to that - we are doing registries crypto suite registries. In beginning of thread - light weight meta registries process. Proposal is to use that as a starting point for how we maintain registries and we will get to that later in the call.
Kim Hamilton Duffy: All we need is for the people who are leads of registries - it seems accurate.
Kim Hamilton Duffy: Last action item is a proposed code repository
Kim Hamilton Duffy: Lds-jws2020 code repository
Kim Hamilton Duffy: It is an approach to using JSON-LD signatures but it uses standard JOSE libraries - it came up in the verifiable credentials and JOSE signing libraries.
Kim Hamilton Duffy: What ORIE proposed was the best solution - we propose to bring it into ongoing work items - they are not going to turn into a specification.
Orie Steele: Key representation is the most valuable part of if.
Orie Steele: Value happy to move to CCG if that is desirable
Kim Hamilton Duffy: Proposed lead is Kim, Orie and some others in the VC Edu group.
Kim Hamilton Duffy: That is it for progression action items.

Topic: Charter and Process Updates

Kim Hamilton Duffy: Chartering document - lighter scribing... :)
Kim Hamilton Duffy: Took the charter and simplified and modernized.
Kim Hamilton Duffy: Took processes and improved them - spirited out the CCG work item process that is a separate document - first paragraph hasn't changed.
Kim Hamilton Duffy: You can make changes in suggestion mode/track changes feel free to add those in
Kim Hamilton Duffy: The thing we discussed heavily the closing a chair process and removing a chair and transparency.
Kim Hamilton Duffy: We had some light changes to the charter -
Joe Andrieu: This is young text so if you have feedback.
Joe Andrieu: We updated this to follow - if there is no principled objections please proceed.
Identiverse main page is here -
Joe Andrieu: Public vote has to be called in two weeks - lasts for two weeks 2/3 is required to past. Process is now more streamlined.
Christopher Allen: I wanted to the document had a long laborious thing about consent...loosely connected to amendments to charter - the reality is that if the community wants to move forward or change to the amendment and there is no principled objection it should be easy to do.
Christopher Allen: This replaces the harder process... that we had.
Kim Hamilton Duffy: We have been thinking about changing the process
Joe Andrieu: Changes to this charter requires a 30 day vote. we will formally propose we adopt the draft and this needs to then be voted on in the mailing list.
Kim Hamilton Duffy: We discussed this a month ago all of these diagrams to clarify the process.
I like the diagrams :)
Kim Hamilton Duffy: Key internal workings is around work items and how they happen. We try to shield people from the W3C processes that are sort of the way things need to be. How do we shield people from all this process. new GitHub template that asks for information.
Kim Hamilton Duffy: If you don't like GitHub then reach out to chairs.
Kim Hamilton Duffy: Nothing changed - it is there to support understanding more in-depth. it is meant to facilitate the movement of work items through the standardized process. Ongoing community draft.
Kim Hamilton Duffy: Registry is one
Kim Hamilton Duffy: Realizes not quite correct - creating respect documents.
Kim Hamilton Duffy: We want to make it so that any registry/repo that it will apply
Christopher Allen: These ongoing things never become final reports. we hope that some will become official draft.
Christopher Allen: The registry requirements have not been defined by the W3C - we are hoping it makes it easy to respond to their changes. They may say that we have to add something to the registries process.
Kim Hamilton Duffy: What are our goals with this. we need to (sorry was sneezing)
Kim Hamilton Duffy: The 2nd goal we do want to hold a chairs election
We have to change the charter to hold the election
Christopher Allen: Would like to propose that this move forward this week - hoping manu and other who wrote the first one
PROPOSAL: Adopt new CCG Charter (this starts the 30 day countdown) https
Joe Andrieu: Note: there is a named version in that doc "PROPOSED"
Kim Hamilton Duffy: They want to get it started.
Joe Andrieu: We had a version "name proposed" that is the version that is going out - future edits don't matter as far as this proposal.
Kim Hamilton Duffy: Thank you everyone. Following up with next steps.