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CCG Verifiable Credentials for Education Task Force Telecon

Minutes for 2020-06-29

Jim Goodell: @Kimhd - I will scribe today
Jim Goodell is scribing.

Topic: Introductions & Reintroductions

Mary Strain Highland Credentials - supporting HE verifiable credenatil
Andy Miller IMS Global - supporting CLR & Open Badges, etc.
Jim Kelly - Formerly ECE, currently ind. consultant and chair of PESC board, was tech advisor on ILE (now LER) Wrapper spec
Victoria - competency-based digital credentials, help international applicants to reduce process time
Kerri Lemoie will talk about recent US ED report

Topic: US Dept of Education Blockchain in Education Report

Kerri Lemoie: Project part of phase 1 of Ed Blockchain project
Kerri Lemoie: What is going in in the ecosystem to inform a challenge, to be launched soon
Kerri Lemoie: 40 Entities/experts interviews, lit review, online research
Kerri Lemoie: Findings - 70 active initiatives, many in pilot stages, many academic and digital credentials, blockcerts
Joshua Marks: I was supposed to scribe today, but got waylaid. WHo is scribing?
Kerri Lemoie: Newer efforts using hyper-ledger, portfolios, CVs, prof. evaluations, identity protection, etc.
Kerri Lemoie: This is a top priority - many understand this is important, and 2nd big theme was life-long-learning
Kerri Lemoie: 3Rd theme - connecting ecosystems
Kerri Lemoie: Many credentials not being used, need more success in leveraging power of connected ecosystems
Kerri Lemoie: Underuse of digital credentials...lot of issuing, not use
Kerri Lemoie: Questions remain - what does it mean to control?
Kerri Lemoie: Digital divide - 29% dont't have smart phones, 46% don't have computers...need to consider who can't access digital creds.
Kerri Lemoie: Can we find ways to pilot with groups that don't currently have access
Kerri Lemoie: Standards still in development...good we are workingnn together to move forward.
Kerri Lemoie: Privacy by design
Kerri Lemoie: More adoption in higher ed than in K12 (some transcript uses in high schools)... Question is what value this brings beyond the status quo
Victoria Feng: How long will it take for usage to take off?
Kerri Lemoie: Open Badges has been in existence over a decade and is still underutilized... pilots for a couple more years, then not sure
Kerri Lemoie: Directory of efforts:
J. Philipp Schmidt: Asking about tension between centralized platform business models vs. decentralized models and self-sovereign
J. Philipp Schmidt: Thank you!
Kerri Lemoie: Business models not yet fully considered for decentralized...pilots often in private networks
Kim Hamilton Duffy: What problems do solutions solve... interesting that many pilots are in private networks... What was your read on nuance behind "why" using blockchain?
Loïc Jeannin: I'd like to ask a question, what is the process ? :)
Kerri Lemoie: I think many are looking at centralized models, considering characteristics of blockchain that are useful (e.g. verification), but not enough use cases ....then can consider how
Kim Hamilton Duffy: Recommendation from report: focus on ecosystems
Kerri Lemoie: Other main use case is to encourage use of standards
Kerri Lemoie: Greenlight is a private network that is working well because it improves processes for students, e.g to apply for college
Kerri Lemoie: In Open Badges we said "It's not about the badge" , about how it is used
Kim Hamilton Duffy: Q about Dalas Comm. College and Greenlight
Kerri Lemoie: Joe May (sp?) started with seeing challenges for students to apply for multiple colleges
Kim Hamilton Duffy: Interesting to see use case around student needs