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Credentials CG Telecon

Minutes for 2020-10-12

Kim Hamilton Duffy, Heather Vescent, Wayne Chang
Heather Vescent, Joe Andrieu, Amy Guy, Wayne Chang, Orie Steele, Erica Connell, Kaliya Young, Mike Schwartz, Ryan Grant, Chris Winczewski, Nate Otto, Brent Shambaugh, Brent Zundel, Taylor Kendall
Audio Log
Error: (IRC nickname '' not recognized)[2020-10-13T16:00:49.202Z] <> robbie jones: present+
*Crickets chirping*
Mike Schwartz: Perhaps try a different browser and/or dial-in? curious as to the cause if you cannot hear [scribe assist by Wayne Chang]
Heather Vescent: FYI, the agenda with dial in numbers is at the top of the IRC window (depending on your IRC client)
Ryan Grant: Wait, someone is talking?
@Wayne - just reloaded in chrome - still no audio
Orie Steele: Lost audio
Wayne Chang: Same
Joe Andrieu: Me too, just now
Heather Vescent: Same
Lost audio
Orie Steele: Kim has lost power
Joe Andrieu: Fwiw, I've had problems with Brave on Windows such that I simply switch to Chrome when using Jitsi.
Does this work?
I'll try typing some stuff into the machine as a backup scribe...not a fast typist...(but willl help primary)
I'll try.
Ryan Grant: Please raise your hand if you cannot hear audio
I keep getting booted off
Audio now working in firefox on me - but we have two on our team with no audio
Ryan Grant: Okay there must be a meeting happening. maybe don't :)
Everything is fine from my end.
Erica Connell: No audio on chrome or brave
Firefox on my mac has audio; chrome doesn't
Ryan Grant: Present-
We're working on a zoom connection
Ryan Grant: Kimhd__: zoom doesn't work well for me, either
Erica Connell: Sorry; just no audio here
I don't know what is happening.
Please can you enable web option for zoom
Please can you enable web client for zoom
Brent Shambaugh: I don't know what is happening. Okay, so we were at Drummond. Let's see. I think that Brent volunteered. Maybe Ryan Grant is on the queue. People are saying no audio. I am going to grab a zoom for us . give me a minute to get the stuff (heather and kim)... manu check the back channel. while that is happening (Kim) any volunteers for scribe yet... oh we have Brent scribing, thanks brent (Kim) Heather has included a link, so we will at th[CUT]
Or phone call in option
Brent Shambaugh: I don't hear anyone...
Amy Guy: Got it, that worked
Brent Shambaugh: We are going to zoom, right?
Brent Shambaugh: Okay I
Brent Shambaugh: , In the zoom
Error: (IRC nickname 'kimhd__' not recognized)[2020-10-13T16:19:03.142Z] <kimhd__> for anyone who came late, we are in zoom:
Thanks for a great meeting!
I don't know what is happening.
Give something a lot of choice...bbs polus signatueres.... i blievs that mattr had ones of the ... with zkp...could you take subfilied and mint new creds and not correlatable...
Could not trakc back...
Lot of the work sponsored by sillicon valley inno program...becoming more inclusive...come to an agreement on vocab...has to deal wth manufactuing chemical procs...
How do we have interfacts around vc.... will hand back to heather...
Yeah grrat.... we were putting this preso together for the tpac audience... see a lot of this work together....unifying processes ... seeing how things work toegeht...
Please be in touch ... election in the next year with a chair vacancy...process for work items...github...lots of infrastrucure in place slide...
Looking to collaborate...not just in the operations aspect... communicate the what ... diversity and inclusion...
Might be a little bit earl..y.. thinkibg about sucession planning for chair....want to make sure it is has been a havey lifter....want to have
Transfer of that knowledge...for whoever is going to take over that role next summer...I think that the ...that is the end...
Back to kim...thank heather...thanks wayne...
Are there any questions ...this would be a good opportunity to add to queue...anyeuq about the
Juan on the queie .. how do I eget involved?
For the privacy guidelines... could something...
Wayne talking... in general all of the work items are listed on the github.... owneers for work items...troible reachign work item owneers....(kim) please e-mail chairs and we will
Help you get started .... in gneral we largely drive the partipcation through github and the mailing list...anytone else?
Not seeing anoyher else on the queus .... all of the shennagination... during the front...
Kim curious about the survey... if you give moment I will get it up
Wayne...i have no comments...
Don't want to put anyone on the sport....the survey ... was 3 fold... was curious abot the kind of feedback... on recent speakers.... kind of brodend...gone out to different groups
To bring in the speakers....did we like that...
People really like...what's in a wallet.. laos researcher...wanted to dab with data.... did you like the speakers.... what kinds of presenters going foward??
Answer... why did get involvted... fellowship of the ring...know what people are talking about .... fellowship of the ring....
Value that you get from the ... opportuities for collabooration... knowing about new projects ....appreciate context....
Quite nice ... see on the queue...
Kim interjects ... tim up...
Wew are doing stuff with other governments .... lots of stuff out there.... they are huge stake holder.... starting to see more traction from very motivated gov't officials like tyourself
Whre to grow be...
At time...
Thanks to all
Heather...thanks kimd...for challen