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Verifiable Claims and Digital Verification

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CCG Verifiable Credentials for Education Task Force Telecon

Minutes for 2021-04-19

Topic: Introductions & Reintroductions

<kimhd> Introduced Eric Kuhn, DID PM at Microsoft
<kimhd> Introduced Pete Mackinnon, student assisting with CCG activities
<kimhd> Re-introduced Kerri Lemoie, Director of Digital Credentials Research and Innovation at Concentric Sky

Topic: Announcements & Reminders

<kimhd> Kerri Lemoie joining as co-chair
<kimhd> IIW is this week
<kimhd> Submit use cases!

Topic: Close out open issues

Topic: Review Examples of Activities

Kim Hamilton Duffy: Note: Activity may be part of a criteria for an achievement

Topic: Base Structure for activity/competence/achievement/involvement

<kimhd> Discussed @philbarker's structural concern
RESOLUTION: flip relationship per @philbarker comments (
RESOLUTION: similarities & difference with OpenBadges (person, badgeclass, etc)
RESOLUTION: status & expiration: at outer layer, provide examples (change of status, types)
RESOLUTION: mutability of BadgeClass (hashlinks, inline data, etc)
RESOLUTION: duplicate terms at different levels
RESOLUTION: using "credential status as pointer to latest version"