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Minutes for 2021-06-08

<chriswinc> I can scribe Wayne
Chris Winczewski is scribing.

Topic: Eip712Signature2021

Wayne Chang: We will open it up after this topic to discuss other topics people want on the agenda
...Goal is to issue LD credentials compliant with Ethereum signing requirements
...This is an LD proof mechanism using a crypto wallet
...and usable with Metamask
<orie> I think their implementation uses JCS instead of URDNA2015
...Oliver did most of the work but was unable to join so I am presenting on his behalf
<orie> an approach similar to workday signature suite
...Digest and Signature algorithm is the same that Ethereum uses
<orie> signing arbitrary data is dangerous? I thought that was a feature of JWTs :)
<orie> /s
...Many wallets in the Ethereum ecosystem are compliant with this
...Well timed with the LD Signature work to show the flexibility and usage
<heather_vescent> Thanks Wayne, sorry I was late, previous call ran over.
Adrian Gropper: What is the relationship between Metamask and blockchain wallets?
Wayne Chang: Difficult to issue JWT with Metamask
Adrian Gropper: Under what circumstances do you use two wallets?
...does non-repudiation require a third?
<orie> yikes to everything that is being said about "non-repudiation"
Adrian Gropper: Healthcare normally requires hardware token
<cel> cryptocurrency wallets may be used with hardware tokens
Wayne Chang: Need separate topic to look at healthcare
<identitywoman> sorry I'm late - did we already do annoucements? I have one
I can't hear Orie
<rgrant> i can
<heather_vescent> I can hear you Orie
Orie Steele: Part of the universal wallet interop spec was the relationship between cryptocurrencies, blockchain identifiers, VCs, etc. all of these things are related in that people use the words "wallet" to describe various aspects of this. keys are used to xfer cryptocurrencies
Orie Steele: Keys are used to sign VCs. the statements about non-repudiation are likely too technical to go to now, but you can do it without hardware-bound keys.
Orie Steele: We tried to go over this in the universal wallet specification, and we'd love to continue the conversation there to answer those questions.
Heather Vescent: Thank you for answering the questions.
...Are you making it so that Eth wallets can hold and issue VC's?
Wayne Chang: Issuance and signing, yes. Holding and verifying not the current focus
<phil.l> When the wallet "issues a credential" are you not creating a presentation in this case?
Heather Vescent: That was the "what," how is this accomplished?
Wayne Chang: The signature suite
Heather Vescent: There are many different signature suites. Is there a way to categorize what this does to aid in repo cleanup?
Wayne Chang: This may be part of the up and coming working group to handle
Wayne Chang: Would love to work with the working group members on structure
<orie> I'm supportive of the work item (speaking for Transmute)
Ryan Grant: Question about eip712. What is the intent?
Wayne Chang: Looking at claim data standards into eip712 for use in Metamask
...Signature then to be compliant with VC
Ryan Grant: Wallet is responsible for taking JSON-LD and presenting in an eip712 format?
Wayne Chang: Yes. Companion work should include an explainer.
...Metamask supports multiple accounts and wallets.
<orie> Linked Data Proof suites are used for both Verifiable Credentials and Verifiable Presentations
<orie> Issuers Issue VCs, Holders Present VPs
Wayne Chang: Primarily relying on signature component vs holding within the wallet.
Adrian Gropper: This sounds like it has little to do with the signature suite but rather what is presented to you
...Metamask has a vested interest to present accurately
<orie> Similar examples of Linked Data Proof suites:
<heather_vescent> Thanks for that questions agropper.
Wayne Chang: Not just Metamask but all wallets compliant with eip712
<identitywoman> I made a comment up above about whether announcements already happened - I was late. I have one.
<orie> nothing could be safer than javascript crypto in a web browser.
<orie> /s
<heather_vescent> (I also have an announcement and joined late too wayne)
<heather_vescent> (But my q+ is not for that)
Adrian Gropper: The reason you are doing this in LD context is that this is easier to check, thus reliability?
Wayne Chang: Yes
Wayne Chang: This is possible with LD proofs and not JWT
...Significant code changes to such a high security format is unlikely
<cel> ethereum signing for JWT would need a new JWS algorithm registered
<orie> another version of what wayne is saying is that IANA is unlikely to register an eip712 `alg` field any time soon :0
Heather Vescent: Thank you wayne for bringing this to the meeting
<agropper> I'm happy to help on what Hearher's suggesting
...this is a heavy lift to understand the excitement about what is being proposed. Can we summarize this or add a README to describe what is being accomplished here?
Wayne Chang: Should we start an issue to create an explainer?
Heather Vescent: Yes, and I am willing to edit if others prepare the work.

Topic: Announcements & Community Topics

Kaliya Young: The good health pass has reached draft stage yesterday with 10 days of review
...Specify formats and interop to we get credentials to be exchanged for international travel
Heather Vescent: Last Friday rgrant and I met on how to record minutes
...It is recorded and details the process
...Point 2, VC's for Ed will be added to the 101 series
Wayne Chang: Are there topics that the community would like to discuss?
Adrian Gropper: Would like to talk about how VCs go from the issuer to the verifier in the context of vaccine credentials
<orie> verifiable credentials don't go from the issuer to the verifier, without the consent of the holder...
...Topic would be called "Authorization"
Wayne Chang: Others? We should send a survey after this since this is a bit on the spot
Adrian Gropper: Geotrust architecture
<wayne_chang> "Zero Trust" a result of the executive order for Zero Trust Architecture (not geotrust)
Wayne Chang: I would like to talk about normalization and growing privacy
...Apple just released Identity on the phone
...We should assume this is coming and nations are moving to digital identity
...what are the risks?
Orie Steele: Should we ask EFF or ACLU to come talk to us?
<identitywoman> The ACLU just put out an anti mDL paper - but in that said nice things about VCs :)
<identitywoman> I know the author.
Adrian Gropper: +1 To ACLU or EFF on this
...It would be great to hear from these groups
<manu> Yes, let's please invite them in and have a discussion with them!
Phil Long: In Edu, the interest in the richness of metadata to represent achievements is growing
<identitywoman> You might want to use an EDV :)
...There is an issue about the structure of credentials
Adrian Gropper: +1 Phil - it's all about authorization
Wayne Chang: I was personally interested in microcredentials
...OpenBadges will supported
Phil Long: I am part of this group. A topic is an evidence array which can point to (URI) evidence that may be too big to pack into a credential.
...Assertions related to the course curriculum or achievement is also requested.
Kaliya Young: If anyone is interested, I can talk about my book "The Domains of Identity"
Wayne Chang: The may be a chance of mandated interoperability
...recent chatter at FCC
...called Competitive Interoperability for anti-trust
...Competitive Compatibility
Adrian Gropper: Is this like open banking?
Wayne Chang: Yes, possibly like PSD2
...In the EU, one market that is competitive for all citizens, not just those locally
Adrian Gropper: Relates to authorization. Control is consolidated around processor. Therefore, we need regulations.
Wayne Chang: What about ESSIF?
...Should we broaden to other regional initiatives (e.g. DHS, BC, Singapore)?
<wayne_chang> kicking to stop meeting in 3 seonds...