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Verifiable Traceability Task Force

Transcript for 2022-07-05

Our Robot Overlords are scribing.
Orie Steele: You give the IPR notes like you know how how do you sign the contributor agreement how do you make substantive contributions to specification you'll know which week we're on if you need to You'll select a scribe we have Auto scribing now so I don't know whether we're deciding to do that or not but you make sure that there's someone taking notes and then at the end of the meeting we're going to want to actually try to.
Orie Steele: To publish our notes.
Orie Steele: According to the process that was added by Maven net to the read me.
Ben: Okay so it looks like the transcribers working and it's not what the record button does.
Orie Steele: So the record button it should have said something like recording is on maybe they've changed that.
Orie Steele: I can't see any evidence that recording is on I didn't hear anything.
Ben: Okay yeah on my side it just has stopped recording instead of start recording where the option is so maybe they change that.
Ben: And the transcribers on where it wasn't on before.
Orie Steele is scribing.