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Transcript for 2022-07-18

<kerri_lemoie> Hello! Will get started shortly.
<kerri_lemoie> @Manu - will mention the RWOT paper is part of announcements.
<manu_sporny> /me nods.
Our Robot Overlords are scribing.
Kerri Lemoie: Hello everyone welcome to the July 18th VC edgy you task force called today's topic is about the JF F VC edgy plugfest number 2 and when we get started with some of our boilerplate stuff and announcements and then we have chair and Lou here with us to help us walk through what is going to happen with the plans are for plugfest to and to start Gathering your questions so that we can them and get.
Kerri Lemoie: To get some answers.

Topic: IP Note

Kerri Lemoie: OK first IP note anyone can participate in these calls everyone is welcome however all sensitive contributions to NECC work items even outside the BBC Edge you should be done by members of the ccg with full IP our agreement signed to do this you first should join W3 and make sure you have an account and then you can use this link to join the ccg.
Kerri Lemoie: Faced with the ccg and I'm selling Peter problems there we go.
Kerri Lemoie: Ccg and read the agreement.

Topic: Call Notes

Kerri Lemoie: He s these calls are recorded both audio and video today we're only really going to have audio I don't think we'll have any slides to present we're also using the chat you're going to see that also we are transcribing this we have a robot transcriber that does the best that it's can you can fix it if you see something that it doesn't understand I hope it learn if you see a term that is incorrect you can do a substitution you can type S.
Kerri Lemoie: Forward slash.
Kerri Lemoie: The wrong word and then the correct word as I'm putting in the chat right now.
Kerri Lemoie: Oh so we'll use the cue system on these calls so if you're new to these calls how that works is that you put a q+ in the chat to add yourself to the queue and then if you decide you no longer want to speak you put cute - and then what we do is we check the queue and we go in the order that our folks are queued up.

Topic: Introductions & Reintroductions

Kerri Lemoie: Okay let's start with some introductions and reintroduction this is there anyone that's new to the call today that would like to introduce themselves if so you can cure yourself up.
Kerri Lemoie: And I'll make the same call up for any reintroductions or updates on work that anyone's doing any changes or anything you'd like to fill us in on here's your opportunity to do so.
<john_marquez> I'm new, attempting to queue
Kerri Lemoie: Marty here in the cute pig before.
Marty Reed: Yeah so only because Dan blickensderfer therefore from on a deck and I'll sit on LinkedIn but the we 3 and C LR 2.0 work groups have voted for to move to candidate final for the for both the specs so there's this.
Marty Reed: Security review that.
Marty Reed: To be done and some internal work at one edtech but then we should expect to see a can final public and up there I'm going to say mid-august so.
Kerri Lemoie: It's great thank you for giving us that update Marty here when question I have in terms of the conversations were having with the plugfest today for plugfest number one we used a specific context file so that we could you stay away from any changes that were happening in the meantime but would you say the context file for obv 3 is steady enough to use now.
Marty Reed: I would say once the internal review has been done and the candidate final has been announced publicly then yes.
Kerri Lemoie: Okay we'll figure out how to navigate that thank you.
Marty Reed: No there's no yeah but I think generally speaking yes the suspect that is out there right now is stable.
Kerri Lemoie: Okay they're very close everyone in case you're wondering there they're very similar so I'm it's not that big of a deal I was just curious about that.
Kerri Lemoie: Thank you in the queuethe queue.
Jon St. John: Oh yes so my name is John Marquez I'm really looking forward to learning today my background I'm currently CTO at Fallon PBC implementing a verifiable credential wallet with Adam and I'm just really here to soak up as much information as I can and kind of get in where I fit and.
Kerri Lemoie: Thank you very much appreciate that.
<simone_ravaioli> Welcome John !
Kerri Lemoie: I'm making some corrections in the chat for the a transcriber okay I will stop that all right anyone else here hey Dmitri you have the floor.
Dmitri Zagidulin: Wait so just to double-check are we going to have a separate announcements section or is this a joint introductions announcements.

Topic: Announcements

Kerri Lemoie: This is just introductions and reintroductions but I can start announcements right now and then we can move on to that.
Kerri Lemoie: You can go first if you'd like since you're already you already have before.
Dmitri Zagidulin: Okay alright so so quick announcement so rebooting web of trust conference which is really cool on conference where you collaborate with others to write a paper at the end of the conference that gets published so everybody web of trust is happening in late September in the Netherlands this year so the reason I bring it up is that the early Advance paper discount the date is tomorrow.
Dmitri Zagidulin: Ink on the 19th.
Dmitri Zagidulin: Were you planning to attend the conference please consider writing a paragraph of two or two of an advanced paper and submitting it for a discount on the tickets that's it.
Kerri Lemoie: DJ can I ask you a question about that.
Kerri Lemoie: How final does the advance paper need to be there was a it was submitted tomorrow as a draft could it be worked on later.
Dmitri Zagidulin: Yes correct that's right yeah so the the they're not looking for you know like print-ready paper it's definitely what you described.
Kerri Lemoie: I think it's no thank you.
Kerri Lemoie: Clear you have the floor.
Kaliya: I'm needed High I wanted to share about three events we have coming up in August last summer we did this as well the internet identity Workshop is hosting two special topic events one is August 4th called The Business of SSI really supporting folks looking at business models and adoption issues from that lens being able to have a forum to.
Kaliya: connect so it's a half day.
<dmitri_z> IIW is awesome - highly recommend attending if you haven’t already !
Kaliya: And Conference and then we're hosting on August 9th in Asian time zones which means it's August 8 in the evening here in North America digital identity across Asia to support folks who are working in Asia and Asian time zones being able to collaborate and connect and then we were thinking about doing it event online.
Kaliya: like web 3.
<phil_l_(p1)> RWoT paper guidelines (very simple):
Kaliya: And identity and then the decentralized social network paper came out and a whole flurry of activity happened around that so Heidi and I hide he's the producer of I w-was me are collaborating with radical exchange and they're hosting a two-day event on August 16th and August 18th called exploring.
Kaliya: For a decentralized societies I'm on my phone so I'll figure out over the course of this getting links to all those into the chat.
Kerri Lemoie: Great thank you Clea.
Kerri Lemoie: Deji you have before.
Jenn_G: Hi can you hear me.
Jenn_G: Sorry it's a new setup yes I'm based in st. Louis Midwest cyber security management and kind of the conjunction of management and Technology right now I've been dialing into these calls through Jeff oh for about a month or so now and I did just purchase the ticket for the iiw upcoming in November.
Jenn_G: You're be here and to attend that and right now just kind of trying to stay informed as I navigate the current and upcoming environments here in the Midwest so thank you.
<kaliya> What protections are in place to address the systemic ongoing issues RWoT has with women and people of color and how they experience the event?
Kerri Lemoie: It's great thank you thanks for joining us welcome.
Kerri Lemoie: Okay the queue is empty so I'm going to just make another a few other announcements tomorrow for those of you who are interested because I know this is come up a lot the ccg is hosting a call on web 5 I'm putting a link to this here.
Kerri Lemoie: Delete to the email announcement case you haven't seen it.
Kerri Lemoie: And I was just starting in on that I'm looking forward to we were talking about trying to explore that as part of this call to and if you can make sense to get started to understand what that is all about.
<kerri_lemoie> displaying credentials:
Kerri Lemoie: Next my name is on the closet make calling him to this to do this but their digital bizarre put out a paper in his protocol on rendering verifiable credentials and this is a topic that we've been talking about every CH you actually have an open issue about about displaying credentials here put this in the chat.
Kerri Lemoie: You want to just come on real briefly and just tell us about you know that this paper and then you know your thoughts behind it.
Manu Sporny: Sure and thank you for the link I was like scrambling to find it let me go ahead and do just a real quick screen share promise to keep this short so there's a new rebooting paper that I put forward around rendering verifiable credentials hopefully everyone can see this the idea here is that there are many Market verticals right now that are.
Manu Sporny: Asking this question and and.
Manu Sporny: Have a seat.
Manu Sporny: Question right so like Dimitri and Kerry raised this issue in the VC edu issue tracker months ago we have been discussing this for years and so there's a suggestion that you know hey let's get a let's get a first iteration of this thing written down so the idea here is that if you have a verifiable credential you want to be able to express it in a variety of different ways meaning visually maybe through audio and then maybe even through.
Manu Sporny: Something like.
Manu Sporny: Rail their accessibility needs that come along with rendering these things and we just need to make sure that we're inclusive when we display things so there's a paper out called rendering verifiable credentials we're going to work on it at the next rebooting the web trust 11 in The Hague in the Netherlands and so yeah take a take a look at the paper the idea is we're thinking of adding a field to the verifiable credentials data format that gives.
Manu Sporny: Gives clients ready.
Manu Sporny: Options so if you wanted to render something as visually rich as a University degree certificate or a identification card or a certificate of origin for a vehicle or produce we're trying to provide a mechanism to do that that's easy to implement for everyone built on standards all that kind of stuff while also ensuring that you're not disenfranchised people that.
Manu Sporny: Site needs hearing needs or people that don't have sight and can't hear as well how do we render these things for those individuals so that they can look at it that's it.
Kerri Lemoie: It's great Maria is really great you don't even Beyond accessibility which is critical of the audio VCI dead me and really considered how that could be used in all sorts of other circumstances to that's pretty neat.
<manu_sporny> Please join us and help shape the rendering VCs work! I forgot to mention that!
Kerri Lemoie: Okay the queue is empty and the last thing I just wanted to mention and feel free to keep yourself up if you have any other announcements that if you haven't joined our mailing list it is a good place to go we're going to start talking about plugfest to and most of our discussions will happen on this mailing list I'm going to put a link to it here.
Kerri Lemoie: And the chat.
<sharon_leu> In the EDU use case, it's important to remember that accredited institutions of higher ed have legal requirements re digital engagement:
Kerri Lemoie: This is the iPad page and add the top of this page is a link for subscribe which is a mail to link and I'm you can add your email address.
<tayken> Sorry, late anncmt: BadgeSummit (Aug 1-2) Boulder, CO

Topic: Main Topic: JFF VC-EDU Plugfest #2

Kerri Lemoie: Okay so our main topic for today we can get started on that now is the jmf we see a Jeep like that's number two and what we're going to do today is just give you an overall conceptual understanding of or try to fit could be a conceptual understanding of what the what you're trying to accomplish with life path number to talk about some Milestone dates that we are working on and then also gather your questions let me not have all the answers today but we'd love to queue up your.
Kerri Lemoie: Questions and be able to get back to you on them.
Kerri Lemoie: These are certainly of course as from jmf and ran blood tests number one and is here to talk to us about plugfest number two Sharon wanna take it from here.
Sharon Leu: Yes thank you can everyone hear me.
<kaliya> Exploring Digital Identity for Decentralized Societies Connecting the dots around Web3 / Metaverse Identity Conversations a RadicalxChange Open Space unConference
Sharon Leu: Okay perfect so it's great to meet all of you or hello for those of you who I've already met my name is Sharon Lou and with an organization called jobs for the future we are a National not-for-profit Organization that's interested in promoting economic advancement and one of the things that it's through the sort of transformation of the education and Workforce systems one of the things that we have been thinking a lot about is digital credentials as.
Sharon Leu: A means of acknowledge.
<kaliya> August 16 and 18
Sharon Leu: Get the abilities and skills of individuals and how that might be foundational for a more Equitable Workforce and education pathway for anyone so thank you for working with us on plugfest one I thought so just as a rundown we've been having a number of we have envisioned a number of plugfest similar to how an eel John Ram them with scip but thinking about the collection and sharing of education and Workforce credentials or.
Sharon Leu: Or credentialed in those.
<kaliya> I’ll also share that DWeb Camp is happening August 24-28
Sharon Leu: Context on June 9th we had our first plugfest it was not really an interoperability demonstration as much as sort of an introduction to the idea of an interoperability demonstration where wallet implementers displayed a verifiable credentials in their wallet sort of moving forward we have two more of these planned over the next year and you know as the first one wrapped up we post a.
Sharon Leu: A question to the group which.
Sharon Leu: Like what how should we order the next step and there was some amount of discussion on on the list serve as well as sort of offline about focusing on issuing versus focusing on verifying and I think we discussed as a group with the co-chairs of this group as well as some others and I think ultimately we settled on focusing on this idea of issue as the next Focus area and I think there were just a couple of.
Sharon Leu: The main.
Sharon Leu: What I mean there are a lot of practical reasons for why you would pick one or the other and at the end of the day it came down to in addition to demonstrating interoperability of the credentials jmf and our funders in this exercise have a real interest in establishing the utility of credentials for advancement and in that case the closer that we can get to the use of real credentials in a live production environment and the the more.
Sharon Leu: We can demonstrate that use of.
Sharon Leu: Bible credentials actually impacts the lives of the populations that we are concerned with and what that means is that in the verification step it is a little bit more than a wallet displaying a green check mark what we want to demonstrate is that actually the meaning of you know all of the metadata in contained within the verifiable credential itself has utility for the person holding the credential as they pursue their additional.
Sharon Leu: These and this will take us some time.
Sharon Leu: The kind of use cases that we think would demonstrate this and so in order to buy ourselves some time and to build up to this we thought let's focus on issuer next so the exercise for plugfest to will be to display in your wallet multiple credentials issued by multiple parties and I think the number that we had picked was too so in order to the record the.
Sharon Leu: Nicole I.
Sharon Leu: Up for plugfest to is display two different credentials to credentials issued by two different credential issuers and we're not going to take for you I think what we're not trying to do is force you into a different protocol but just using the protocol that you already your wallet can already use so we will get into this a little bit later about self-selecting into three camps but I just want to say that's the general overview.
Sharon Leu: Is there like are there any questions about that before I continue with some of the like Logistics.
Kerri Lemoie: Yeah as soon as the key right now so let's see my nose in the queue we do have go ahead good money.
Manu Sporny: Yeah just most of that sounds pretty straightforward Sharon I mean you know we will be focusing on issuing focusing on getting stuff in the wallet and displaying from two different issuers that feel straightforward are the well I guess it's anyone in the community allowed to provide infrastructure so specifically I'm thinking about you know we just launched this chap EIEIO site that allows you to issue.
Manu Sporny: Issue into credentials using.
Manu Sporny: Sorry into digital wallets using the chappie NVC API protocols we are contemplating allowing well we are going to add multiple different issue or back end so that anyone supporting the VC API issuance protocol can issue credentials is that kind of are you looking for that kind of infrastructure right now to smooth things along or are you kind of like that.
Manu Sporny: At the.
Manu Sporny: Whatever they want to do any thoughts on that what about infrastructure here.
<kerri_lemoie> I'll be tracking all the questions
<deb_everhart> +q
Sharon Leu: Yes okay so that's a great question and I was hoping to punt that until a later week but I think what we'll do is we'll do this in two parts will do two separate calls that will occur simultaneously one is obviously for participation as a wallet implementer but separately we're also going to do a call for issuer so I think that that is when we're going to start taking a look at what infrastructures already out there and probably lean on some of the tools that you all have already developed to make sure.
Sharon Leu: Sure that there's a.
<brandon_muramatsu> I've been presuming DCC will provide a VC-API-based issuer
Sharon Leu: You regardless of which the issuing protocols you select.
Kerri Lemoie: But I didn't have a cure.
Manu Sporny: +1 Brandon, good to know, that should allow you to plug right into the framework (as an example)
Sharon Leu: Dimitri did you want to answer that question is that why you popped in.
Dmitri Zagidulin: Are the quick answer is no you can definitely be just a wallet or just an issue or two.
Dmitri Zagidulin: So as Sharon mentioned we're going to put out the call for both we recognize that most of the participants have both a wallet and it sure but if you have just the one that's totally fine as Sharon mentioned as we'll discuss further we recognize that there are at least three and more protocol camp.
Dmitri Zagidulin: That we see CGV Capi openid connect foundations opens the next family of issuing protocols and Gifts did Cam presentations Change Plus others so.
Dmitri Zagidulin: Here at the wall vendor don't have a bond issuer we will we will provide.
Dmitri Zagidulin: You're more issuers within the protocol family that you can show interoperability with.
<brandon_muramatsu> @manu, we've been running one based on our open source sign-and-verify; we'll add documentation and more support around it
Dmitri Zagidulin: That's wonderful to hear.
<kerri_lemoie> DID-Comm Presentation Exchange:
Dmitri Zagidulin: I'll be there.
Kerri Lemoie: I think you are David see.
Kerri Lemoie: That was you.
<manu_sporny> Looking forward to reading that (and hopefully integrating with it), Brandon.
Kerri Lemoie: I didn't either let's get snow thank you Deb you have the floor please.
Deb Everhart: So I think this is maybe a clarification and question in order to make sure we're making the central to the learner the wallet holder should we be using language that is about some you know the wallet holder can accept into their wallet credentials that have been issued from more than one party just too.
Deb Everhart: Just you know make sure.
<dmitri_z> wow good point , re language
Deb Everhart: We're focusing on that individuals empowerment and therefore also I think that you know even though being able to transfer credentials from one wallet to another may not technically be the one of the requirements for this plugfest if a person is able to do that that would be another way of displaying credentials from more than one issuer in the same wallet is that.
Sharon Leu: Say that last part again I feel like I maybe lost the train of thought on that.
Deb Everhart: So I guess I'm just saying there there could be you know a person has a wallet and two different issuers give them offers for credentials that they can take those offers in the same wallet that's one way of getting to credentials from two different issues into the same wallet another way would be for a person to be able to move a credential from another wallet into this wallet that has a first credential.
Deb Everhart: In it.
Deb Everhart: Even though that might not be a requirement it would be another way of displaying to credentials from different issuers in the same wallet.
Sharon Leu: Yes ish we can I think that that's really interesting part of what we'd like to see as part of the third one but taking the incremental small steps I feel like that we're just going to focus on whether a while it can accept to credentials.
Deb Everhart: Right right yeah and I get that that's the scope for this but if someone wanted to do it as a credential brought in from another wallet I presume that would also meet the criteria of to credentials from different issuers in the same wallet.
Sharon Leu: We can talk about that we can we can talk about that I think that it's slightly different but you're right functionally it has the same outcome for the individual and we might want to consider that but we haven't specifically scoped the technical tasks yet so as we do that we'll definitely discuss that.
Kerri Lemoie: I was I was going to say the same answer Sharon I mean in part as part of plugfest would we had some stretch goals and it's something we could talk about that being a stretch goal for this one so I'm cute I'm saving that question so we can talk about it.
Simone Ravaoli: Everyone just wanted to emphasize the fact that even though we're focusing on the issue as where we would be very eager to unboard issue as that are not natively in already during VCS and so I'm referring to the traditional magic platforms that are issuing the millions of credentials now and that with the Advent of ob3 in a will now be able to share file credentials and so we very much look forward to I guess in.
Simone Ravaoli: Encourage them to join this plugfest.
Simone Ravaoli: So that ultimately we connect them into this journey around the shin verifiable credentials as much as we want to look at wallet providers I became you know a credential can be exchanged between wallets or walnuts they need to show the ability to receive from two different issuers I like to see the issue from the other angle so I'd like to see traditional issue as like being able to issue into two different kinds.
Simone Ravaoli: Or wallets or maybe that's you know bias.
Simone Ravaoli: That's how you know initial perspective.
Kerri Lemoie: Money you are you're in the key twice you can have the floor.
Kerri Lemoie: +1 Simone
Manu Sporny: Yeah sorry I was taking taking notes on which questions to add so these are just questions with no no need to answer them right now the first one is whether or not did authentication is going to be required in the protocol so when you you know go to an issue and you wanted to issue something to you are we going to include data on Earth or not and then the second question.
Manu Sporny: Aaron you mentioned that there would be maybe multiple verifiable potentials and plugfest to I'm just wondering what those would be would they just be two variations on an open badge or are we looking for something else so on and so forth.
<manu_sporny> Ok, thanks.
Sharon Leu: I think that I'll just quickly try to answer the second one by saying that I think we're going to if we can still use an open badge in the version 3 which is I think why carry Brad brought her question up to Marty earlier so we'll take a look into that and then and then share more when we know.
<manu_sporny> Right, thanks.
Kerri Lemoie: You hear of keys empty right now.
Kerri Lemoie: And I think that we probably are going to do did ask requirements I must do just like noting that down so we can get our FAQ together and answer later.
Sharon Leu: I guess well I was going to talk about like timing and Logistics but if you feel like there's other things that we should talk about because those are just you know timing and Logistics.
Kerri Lemoie: Yeah I do have a list of dates if you if you want to go over this debate I got you have this to the maybe we could back into them starting with November.
Sharon Leu: Yeah so I yeah okay so we haven't figured out exactly what this is going to be like obviously some of you participated in the first one and real and I think learned that the like in person hybrid skills like need Improvement so if you want to send me an e-mail separately about your suggestions for how one might sort of curate that kind of experience for anyone who is whether in person or online send me an email and let me know but.
Sharon Leu: Overall I think what we're aiming for is over.
Sharon Leu: 17Th was just the day before iiw start and I know that several of us will be there in person and so that is the root of my like how can we improve this experience for everyone question Carrie do you want to add something to that.
Kerri Lemoie: I'm just going to put that day in the chat and for everybody that be November 16.
<kerri_lemoie> Nov 16 - IIW
Kerri Lemoie: I got it yep.
<kaliya> @dmitri - What protections are in place to address the systemic ongoing issues RWoT has with women and people of color and how they experience the event?
<kerri_lemoie> Aug 15 – open registration
Sharon Leu: Yeah I guess so okay it's whatever day it is that is before I W starts I'm not great with dates so okay cool so we want to give as much lead time as possible before that and so what we're going to do is honor around August 15th we're going to do the open call for a wallet implementers to participate simultaneously will do the sort of review and open call for issuers to.
Sharon Leu: So Kate still on.
Sharon Leu: So that's sort of the date to note and we'll try to have our sort of participation documents ready by then they're not quite ready now because I think we still have a few things that we want to work out ahead of that though we're going to try to have like a more technical am a on August 8 and then I guess Dimitri has volunteered kindly to go over the three different protocols at some point I think TVD.
Sharon Leu: And that's it from my end scary is there anything that I've missed.
Kerri Lemoie: No that was right if you want to provide the overall our overall approach and these dates and then see if there's any other questions see what else you think you need to know your that will help us inform you so I'm David over here in the queue go ahead.
Sharon Leu: Okay I'm going to let someone else answer that question but I will say one other logistics point that I forgot that you prompted me on David which is not everyone that participated the first round was able to do it and that's okay and not everyone who not every wallet Implement like not every wallet implementer was able to produce a demo right and so what we want to do is continue to make this as open as possible and so for anyone who did not attempt to participate.
Sharon Leu: In the first place fast.
Sharon Leu: Getting the jff badge into their wallet is sort of our ticket to entry for the second one but it's going to be slightly different for you if you participated in the first one and I will turn it over to Dimitri to say more words about that.
Dmitri Zagidulin: Thanks Sharon so good question David so first of all we're still working on issuing the badges for everyone since we have such a plethora of different did methods and so on but to answer your question we were hoping just to email it to you right and then you can get into your wallets.
Dmitri Zagidulin: However you got.
Dmitri Zagidulin: The badge during the plugfest so we absolutely recognize that.
Dmitri Zagidulin: Chewing into wallet is what we're going to be testing for November many people aren't there yet so we're just going to email the badges.
<manu_sporny> I'm loving the VC-over-email protocol. :)
Dmitri Zagidulin: Yeah so we'll be issuing JWT or linked data credentials depending on your preference that you filled out on the spreadsheet.
Kerri Lemoie: Awesome in a job where I probably need to take the floor I just want to make one correction that I got the iaw date wrong IW runs remember 15th through the 17th so we're looking on meeting Monday the 14th.
John Kuo: You probably aren't really prepared to answer this question but is there a preference on a participant being an issuer or receiver or can a participant even be both potentially.
Kerri Lemoie: That's a good question Sharon answer now or later I would think you could be both.
Sharon Leu: I think you could be both but the key is that it has to be two different ones so if you are in any capacity participating as a wallet implementer you can issue to yourself but that doesn't really count as interop really.
Sharon Leu: Okay I don't know why.
John Kuo: I kind of actually made that assumption that you couldn't issue teens oh but you know I was didn't even bother asking that because I assume that that wouldn't be interrupt.
Sharon Leu: Cool so TV.
Kerri Lemoie: Yeah we did that as part of a plug Crestwood but for plugfest two we really want to encourage more Interactive.
Kerri Lemoie: Sorry go ahead shared Universe book are you.
Sharon Leu: No is this going to say more on that later.
Kerri Lemoie: JoAdel yo have the floor.
JoAdel: Hi so unfortunately we weren't able to participate in the first plugfest I was just wondering is there a way that we could get either the email or whatever we need to kind of pass the entry requirement to participate in plug this too.
Sharon Leu: Yes we don't have a formal process for that but effectively it will be that you send us the preferred method of having a VC issue to you and we issue a to you display it will have a little bit more detail about that later but I will definitely note to send you a specific email and we'll also public will put like instructions on the list serve as well.
Kerri Lemoie: And you know for a plugfest wine we had a web page that we hosted at BC edu so we'll do the same thing for plugfest to and we can get that out there to everyone and feel free to use the mailing list to post more questions and we will take it from there.
Kerri Lemoie: I'm right now the Q is still empty does anybody else have any other questions.
<oliver_terbu> what is the "issued" column in the spreadsheet?
Manu Sporny: Thanks so coordination are we going to coordinate through a mixture of vce do calls and plugfest specific calls both will shift the one versus the other what are the thoughts there.
Manu Sporny: +1 To coordinate on VC EDU
Sharon Leu: I kind of want to put this question to Kerri but I think mostly will try to coordinate on the VC edu mostly because okay so like it's kind of hard with multiple strands of conversations going on and we want to drive we want to sort of centralized all the conversations to the extent that we can and make sure that there are no real offline conversations that everything is open.
Kerri Lemoie: Yeah exactly probably what we'll do in terms of email communication is used to be see edgy mailing list so that you know we can communicate in a place where we can like look up the emails me it's great that we have that archive and also so that those who aren't participating in the class can learn from our questions and what we're doing we have a lot of great questions that came up during plug class 1 so I most of them will be there.
Kerri Lemoie: Anna bcig week.
Deb Everhart: +1 To coordinate here so it's all in the same place
Kerri Lemoie: Eating's I'm guessing here will probably have like one or two like a cohort meetings if we need to and we'll see we'll figure that out as we go.
Sharon Leu: Yeah I think that's right.
<sharon_leu> @Oliver - once the email with the badge is sent.
<kim> !!
Kerri Lemoie: I don't see any other questions in here I am super amped about this and we did a lot with plugfest one there are a lot of new people who were introduced to be see a Jew and open Badges and then we had a lot of open badges folks who are interested in learning more about VCS and so I'm excited to see more and more of that as we go I mean I think these kinds of initiatives are really have been really very helpful and useful and I'm each time we do it I think they get even better.
Kerri Lemoie: Filled long you're in the Kia.
Phil_L_(P1): Yeah can you hear me okay I'm just wondering if it occurred to me that one of the things that might it's not a technical thing per se but it would be helpful or be interesting at least to see if we could invite a couple of people who are sort of in the in the discipline area of being ethnologist interested in this kind of changing social space too.
Phil_L_(P1): To participate and give them and encourage them to reach out to the different teams if they have questions and such with the goal of getting them to write up from there no Centric perspective the transition that seems to be implied by this approach of sharing credentials about each other and the community that's involved so look I'm just trying to.
Phil_L_(P1): wondering wondering if there.
Phil_L_(P1): There might be a couple of journalists or ethnographic non refers that would be interested in this space if we reached out to them and whether that would be a welcome activity.
Sharon Leu: If you have recommendations on people who you think might be good for this please definitely send them I think one of the things that we have been doing is we have a part we jmf is partnered with a couple of different organizations for this project overall like this using using data and digital credential links project and one and and two of the partners I think you know fill our Brookings as well.
Sharon Leu: Laz digital promise.
Sharon Leu: And one of the key things that Brookings has been working on is how to describe the impact of using learning and employment records and whether this kind of credential like portability that we are driving towards on a technical level actually can have impact on populations of that we are interested in so there will be some of that going on sort of Honor programmatic level probably not as much on a technical level but I think you're right that it would be an interesting conversation.
Sharon Leu: Ation to try to bring those together.
Phil_L_(P1): Yeah that no one person that's a Pulitzer fellow whose area of specialty has been more in the applications of AI to to job workflow processes at NYU that might be a candidate for this kind of thing but.
Sharon Leu: Greek thank you.
Kerri Lemoie: Okay I don't see anyone else in the queue and I think you've gone over the questions that we have now Sharon or actually I should call and Demetrius ammonia do you have anything else you'd like that to you while we're here.
Simone Ravaoli: Yeah for on my side I think reiterating what I was saying earlier I think it's important that we look at issuers that are tangential to this community so the ones that are currently to you know not verifiable credentials this is the opportunity for them to onboard and leveraging you know the tiny pool of hopefully be 3 so if.
Simone Ravaoli: If this community are people.
Simone Ravaoli: Are in those organizations will send out a call for issuers but certainly I'm sure you may have questions around how you engage with those three protocols already so that's all fair in terms of you're starting to ask those questions and see how you know what's the the path to onboarding so definitely you know be vocal about that and gauge Arabi.
Kerri Lemoie: Thank you spam and eggs calling me out of order in the cubic this following up to some money question.
Nate_Otto_(he/him): Yeah I just wanted to mention some related times to this and support from one edtech formerly IMS the IMs quarterly meeting will be right around the same time in mid-november I'm not sure on the exact dates and that is the goal time for I think the finalization of the open badges V3 and CLR 2.0 specifications and also in addition leading up to that there is like a group of one-eyed cat.
Nate_Otto_(he/him): members who are.
Nate_Otto_(he/him): Of marketing coordination push to those existing issuers for 2.0 and helping create sources on how to upgrade from 2.0 3.0 so I'm sure there will be plenty of opportunity to connect these efforts as things move forward but there probably will be some good support for doing what's money and suggesting getting some of those existing open by this 2.0 issuers on board.
Kerri Lemoie: Great actually that's why I keep myself up to so Charming to calling you in one second we're thinking about reaching out to issuers to Nate if you don't mind putting out the call at edtech went to check to see if anyone is interested in have them reach out to us specifically those who may not be on these calls but are on those I would love to hear from them so they could be part of this this this plugfest specifically before then.
Nate_Otto_(he/him): It sounds good and Marty I'll enlist you to try and do the same.
Marty Reed: :+1:
John Kuo: Hi so I'm at my question might be leading into logistical 14 Sharon I was taking a quick glance over the previous participant cohorts and trying to see if there was going to be enough people who share the same protocol stack that we use to create like a decent enough number of people to exchange and I think that there's a total of three so we would be.
John Kuo: You know I'm listening.
John Kuo: You know some people will have a like a large group of interrupt participants and others will be quite prescribed I guess I guess that's okay as long as I guess there's a minimum size of three in a group so but I for one would I was alarmed as to whether or not there would be even enough.
Sharon Leu: That might make it easier honestly but you know hopefully as we put out that open call for more implementers that you will also have more friends in your group.
Kerri Lemoie: This and just to follow up on that answer to yeah exactly and this is part of what we're going to work out where we're going to sort of bezel somewhat flexible in this planning process so we can see how that turns out yes hopefully there will be enough or hopefully we can make it so there are enough or come up with some other way of going about it but we will we'll get there.
Kerri Lemoie: It's a good question.
Kerri Lemoie: Okay does anyone have anything else.
Kerri Lemoie: If not I will give us all about 9 more minutes and we'll call This And of the call for now and then we will follow up soon on August 8th we have the AMA scheduled for this will be doing some work over the next few weeks to prepare for that feel free to reach out and ask any questions and help us get the word out so we can get as many people participating as possible so do you have anything else before we close.
Sharon Leu: Nope that's it just send us questions comments things that we may have missed and we really look forward to working with everyone again soon.
<deb_everhart> thanks everyone, exciting!
Kerri Lemoie: Okay great thank you everyone have a good week.
<sharon_leu> Thanks!
<tim_dutta> Thank you!
<manu_sporny> Woo hoo, excited to participate again!!! :)