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Verifiable Traceability Task Force

Transcript for 2022-11-01

<ben_-_transmute> Nis said he would be late today
<ben_-_transmute> this looks like enough people, should we go ahead and get started?
Our Robot Overlords are scribing.
Ben_-_Transmute: Hello everyone welcome to traceability oh first we need to have a scribe.
Ben_-_Transmute: And I will turn off.
Ben_-_Transmute: Turn off the captions.
russell_hofvendahl_( is scribing.
Ben: Going thru PRs on trace interop, then vocab
Ben: Zero PRs on interop
Russell: Food defense inspection & related schemas, credential
Russell: Rename organic certificate & certificate credential
Ben: merge after meeting (merge conflict)
Ben: Same story plant inspection, 603
Ben: PR 604 removing lerna test from CI
Ben: Nis objection
Russell: Will check with Mike, change
<russell_hofvendahl_(> ben: 609, entity -> organization
Ben: 610, from me
Ben: Switching to trace interop issues, only 15
Orie Steele: Hasn't had document in w3c that'd allow it to represent w3c creds
Ben: No action to take then, leaving comment
Orie Steele: Pinged Nis to ask if resolved, can move on
Ben: 449, same thing, merge conflict & need to ask Nis
Orie Steele: Pinging Nis again
Ben: 427, opened by Orie
Orie Steele: In our tests two DID methods, DID key & DID web
Ben: Do we want to have list of specific DID methods, "trace interoep API expects these several DID methods"?
Orie Steele: Require DID Web today. Question is i we want anything else?
Paul: Want clarity, most important
Ben: Moving on, 431, Chris
Chris: This is placeholder, discussed several weeks ago
Ben: Noting you were out and will follow up
Chris: Self-assigning
Ben: Next, issue 364
Chris: Been around a while, purpose make sure we don't lose track of need for browsable index of test results
Ben: Moving on to PR 371
Chris: This one, we should publish minutes to mailing list, link to that in minutes, as other groups do
Ben: If no issue to raise by anyone, moving on
Ben: 402, Orie, who just left
Nis: No, though great idea
Ben: Continuing on to 359
Chris: Another placeholder. We need a few additional tests for positive testing, assigned to me, adding comment
Ben: 307, top level README, assigning self + making internal ticket
Chris: Another one on plate when left, need better links to Postman collections for performance reliability
Ben: On to 438
Ted Thibodeau: You could make this special agenda item to bubble to top next time before Orie's conflict startss
Ben: Adding note & pinging in Slack
Chris: Came from recent decision for manual scribing, need to update READMEs to document manual scribe procedure
Ben: 401, Nis?
Nis: I think we can close, with comment
Ben: Last issue in trace intereop, 447
Chris: Initial issue, did not allow VCs to be string in conformance testss
Chris: Decided to leave, bc still would throw error
Chris: This is a negative test, designed to fail, or request is designed to fail so this should pass
Ben: So we get a string, take a look, say "does this parse as JWT"
Chris: That's my suggestion for [?]. This should fail regardless though. Literal string not a valid value, so req should fail, test should pass
Ben: Action item, follow up see if we can address
Ben: Nis, two you were pinged for, 448 and 449
Ben: That concludes trace interop issues
Ben: Next, 427, Ted?
Ted Thibodeau: We've got a bunch of fake data, trying to be fake but not going in right direction to be fake
Ted Thibodeau: With phone numbers, people run tests
Russell: Would prefer not to sync first 3 digits with cities
<chris_abernethy> Cell phones very frequently do not match the actual location
Chris: Echoing Russell and Nis, don't think it's worth the hassle of looking up area codes
Chris: I'll post minutes