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Verifiable Traceability Task Force

Transcript for 2022-11-15

Action Items
  1. file separate issue for requiring verifications array in verification response
Orie Steele, Mike Prorock, Mahmoud Alkhraishi
Our Robot Overlords and ben_-_transmute
nis, Ben - Transmute, Jim Masloski, Chris Abernethy, vivien, Orie Steele, Russell Hofvendahl (, TallTed // Ted Thibodeau (he/him) (
Audio Log
Our Robot Overlords are scribing.
<jim_masloski> nothing from me
Chris_Abernethy: Most of these PR's are mine so it might be best if I didn't scribe.
Ben_-_Transmute: Yeah I am I'm tired but I figure that I can go ahead and give scribing a shot.
ben_-_transmute is scribing.
Nis: starting with interop pull 459
<transcriber> Chris_Abernethy: Yes so this is one of the ones that's been kicking around for a while this fixes issue 363 which was the one to add a link to import Postman collections this modifies the documentation for both the performance in the interop tests with some instructions on how to import each of the different items in the postman so yeah that's basically a documentation update.
Chris: this issue fixes issue 363 for documentation update
<transcriber> Ben_-_Transmute: The this looks like we've got looks like transcribers on can you get the three dots and then turn off captions.
Nis: next 462
Chris: this is another oldie but goodie, suggest by Ted to update procedure for meeting publication
Chris: also address process for manually scribing
Nis: we have enough approvals, any objects?
Chris: this PR adds a brows-able list of historical reports
Chis: i created this PR before making this ready for PR on the issue
Chris: this PR adds a top level json property on the verifiable credential to align with vc-api
Chris: this will be breaking change that will start failing test when it merges
Orie Steele: I am in favor of the change
Chris: this PR is the same change but for verifiable presentations
<jim_masloski> :)
Orie Steele: This one is disagree with (sarcasm)
Chris: this one adds an additional test with a bad signature to get a 200 response with verified false
Orie Steele: At the library implementation layer, often you will see an implementation provide details around why a verifiaction failed
Orie Steele: It could be because date was out of range, or because revocation was not resolvable, or credential was revoked
Orie Steele: This is information that we could be providing, as a nice to have enhancement
Nis: we do have some of that in the spec
Chris: there is an enum with a title status and description
Orie Steele: Are we testing this?
Chris: no it is not required
Nis: should we up our game on this?
Orie Steele: In the test you just did, you only checked for verified false, right?
Chris: that is correct, verfied is required, where the verification array is not required
Chris: we could update the verification array to be required, as without is not very helpful
Orie Steele: Chris would you mind creating an issue for that?
Chris: yes, i will do it
ACTION: file separate issue for requiring verifications array in verification response
Nis: We seem to be good to merge 467
Nis: let's switch focus over to trace-vocab
Orie Steele: Before we do that, there is one issue that i would like to discuss
Orie Steele: Isse 454 attempts to align our api with the vc api to remove prove
Orie Steele: Before this change the client could ask for a specific proof format such as ed255192018, or vc-jwt
Orie Steele: But after this change, the server will need to make this change for the client
Orie Steele: So i proposed to move the option into the header
Orie Steele: If we're going to take this approach, we might use JSON web tokens, as it creates security and agility issues if we get different values per server
Chris: what is the difference between a server that can only issue one type, versus not being able to request any at all
Orie Steele: It depends on which proof format the provider supports and different cryptography
Orie Steele: Versus someone else who might only issue one type
Orie Steele: I would prefer is we had the change were we used JSON Web Signature as a default
Orie Steele: Versus another one that might creat issues in a FIPS environment
Orie Steele: So we dont need to make a decision about it, but i will likely add change requests until we have a consensus
Orie Steele: But i would prefer having an header on the request
Nis: can you put that on the issue?
Orie Steele: Yes, i did, i added X-VC-PROOF-TYPE
Nis: we'll start from the bottom with Russel
Russel: this is an application for the USJ to audit some facility
Russel: it was pretty straightforward, with a description update, should be ready to merge
Nis: Mahmoud requested a change
Russell: that was a ddressed
Nis: my opinion is that the change address has been addressed
Nis: I'll go ahead and merge it
Bne: adds organization as a type to all of our verifiable credential wrappers to have a specific schema for the issuer
Ben: as opposed to type object
<jim_masloski> I am not on the git hub, can I approve from here
Nis: i'll add a comment that we need another approval on this
<jim_masloski> No objection from me
Nis: with two approvals i will go ahead and merge
Ben: this is to make expiration date an explict optional property in our schemas
Orie Steele: Agreed
<orie> I have to drop, GLHF
Nis: next is 619 from Russel
Russel: there are two related PPQ forms for pest interception and pest dtermination
Russel: there were some change requests
Nis: there were some acronyms i asked you to spell out
Nis: merge when merge conflict is resolved
Nis: the next is also yours Ruseel
Russel: this is the notice of arrival, so this is a form that importer must submit when the shipment arrives
Russel: looks like there is a similar change request that was address
<jim_masloski> approved
Nis: looks like there is a conflict, so merge when conflict is addressed
Russel: this is updating the existing PPQ 203 and PPQ 587 to have the updated name format, and adds updated schemas around inspections
Ruseel: i think there was something around shipment that was able to be rounded out
Nis: i am happy that these credentials have finally been cleaned up for naming conventions
Nis: Can merge when conflicts are addressed
Russel: for shipments that need to be refrigerated, they check the temperature of the bulbs
Russel: i fully agree that temperature recording should be covered by Measured observation
Russel: currently it doesn't actually support that, being more of a mechanical observation
Russel: so we might make an issue to report this
Nis: do we want to hold off on it and sicuss it next week?
Nis: How do we want to progress this?
Russel: i think there are changed to be made for observation, which will probably be its own set of issues
Russel: i think we should merge this and then approach observation later
Russel: it would be better to have a more elgant solution, but i think that is separate from this PR
Nis: 625 is next
<jim_masloski> approve, will get on github before next weeks call so I can assist there. sorry not getting it done this week.
Ben: this updates mill test report to only use the required fields for organization
Russel: i'm wondering if we stopped using entity
Nis: we've had a lot of pull requests recently to stop using entity to use organization directly
Nis: we've started to move mostly to organization, unless we really want to
<jim_masloski> approved
Ben: this is a similar PR, we use only relevant fields for organization for Bill of Lading
Ben: this is a similar PR, we use only relevant fields for organization for Commercial Invoice
Nis: this concludes our pull requests
Nis: we normally switch back to trace-interop, we might not go through the whole list
Nis: there is a ton to address on trace-vocab
Nis: we can bring up issue 457, and focus on specific ones for trace-interop and switch over to trace-vocab
Chris: I would like to bring up 447 on interop, we can close that if there is agreement to close
Nis: any objects to closing this ticket?
Nis: No? closing this issue
Nis: can we talk about issue 457?
NIs: as it turns out Azure has specific requirements about what scopes can be called
Nis: this means that we might want to address this for different Oauth platforms
Chris: let me just start by saying the recent comments are my Isaac and Orie getting caught up to speed
Chirs; right now we have tests where the request much contain a specific scope, such as `issue:credential` to issue a credential
Chris: but if you are using Azure, you can't name a scope exactly what you want, and would cause the test to fail
Chris: so the proposal on this is that we remove the scope names from the conformance tests
Chris: the difference is that the conformance test will need to have all scopes to pass the tests
Chris: the suggestion was that we make this a configuration variable
Chris: if you're using AUth0 this could be blank and for AzureAD, you would provide what you need to provide
Chris: orie brought up some issues around interop
Chris: I think this requires further discussion as it is a large change
Chris: and I think people should sit with this and think about it
Nis: I came up with a solution that doesnt sound good but hear me out
Nis: right now we have 8 scopes that we are controlling, does it make sense that we have 8 scopes but we give them secret names?
Nis: and then each vendor can assign the scope value into those secrets?
Chris: the answer is yes we can do that, but we're not testing or mandating anything in that case
Chris: we're not saying you need to have certain endpoints, and then you're providing those values to yourself
Nis:but we are testing granularity that there is something that can be toggled to grant access to a resource for an end point
Chris: if we do that, it means that can HAVE TO separate end points by scope, rather than they CAN separate end points by scope
Nis: let's continue on the issue
Chris: I definitely think you need to add that as a comment
Chris: so we can address the test explosion that's going to happen because of this
Nis: that's what i was trying to address, we've made a lot of work on conformance and I want to keep the work we have
Nis: but maybe we should take the opportunity to ask if we're doing the right thing
Nis: we're at the 5 minute mark. we've addressed the pull requests and main isses
Nis: so let's go ahead and end here
Chris: we now need to publish agenda prior to the next meeting
Chirs; i will do that this time to make sure the notes that i made are legitimate
Chris: but each meeting we will need to get someone ahead of the next meeting
Russel: which readme was that updated in?
Chris: the main one
Nis: good to work with you see, see you next week
All: good bye