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W3C CCG Weekly Teleconference

Transcript for 2022-12-06

Mike Prorock, Kimberly Linson, Harrison Tang
Nis Jespersen , Chris Abernethy, Ben (Transmute), Yinghui (Vivien) Fan, Mahmoud Alkhraishi, TallTed // Ted Thibodeau (he/him) (, Ted Thibodeau, Orie Steele
Audio Log
ben_(transmute) is scribing.
Nis Jespersen : Welcome everyone, I'll be running the meeting today
Nis Jespersen : Remember to sign the contributor agreements, today is vocab week. so we will get started with trace-vocab pull requests
Nis Jespersen : Let's get started with pull requests. first one is 647
Nis Jespersen : This is a pull requests for creating a bank account and routing info RDF class
Nis Jespersen : And a bank account verifiable credential, it looks like there are some CI errors
Nis Jespersen : So i hope they ask questions or open an issue to get help with the tooling
Nis Jespersen : Let's make a comment to that effect
Nis Jespersen : Next is 649, this introduces two of the credentials created by GS1 in their data model document
Nis Jespersen : Ted has some comments for UK versus US english
Ted Thibodeau: The W3C style sheet says use US english
Nis Jespersen : There are a few more credentials, would it be okay to come back and edit the US alignment?
Ted Thibodeau: The easiest thing to do would be to copy the content out of Github and use a word editor to align the spelling
Nis Jespersen : I will try to remember
Ted Thibodeau: You can open an issue to remind yourself
Nis Jespersen : Created issue 654, it should help me rember
Nis Jespersen : Any objections to merging?
Nis Jespersen : This is a PR that addresses a syntax error on inspection report, we are not declaring an array on a type
Nis Jespersen : In our attempt to make our schemas more narrow, we've tried to make expiration date required, but it's causing down stream errors
Mahmoud Alkhraishi: Was the reason, a business reason for why they wouldn't be included?
Nis Jespersen : It was a technical issue, not a business reasoning
Mahmoud Alkhraishi: Let's say today, we added expiration date on other credentials, would that break interop?
<orie> Sry I am late
Nis Jespersen : It's an issue with the tooling, and not an issue with the data model
Mahmoud Alkhraishi: Okay, thank you
Nis Jespersen : That was it for vocab, switching over to interop
<chris_abernethy> sigh. mic issues. Yes, I'm being pulled in several directions :)
Nis Jespersen : And we have no pull requests on interop, so we will switch to trace-vocab and sort by least recently updated
Nis Jespersen : First is issue 272, for LEI ontology, we pinged Vlad back in August about this
Nis Jespersen : I could use a little more help on understanding what he's going for. Can we add pending close on this without clear requirements?
<mahmoud_alkhraishi> no issues
Nis Jespersen : That sounds okay with me
Nis Jespersen : Next is issue 443, from Mahmoud
Nis Jespersen : The issue is about adding vocab visualizations to the CD
Mahmoud Alkhraishi: This is working, and the issue can be closed
Nis Jespersen : Next is issue 445 about making type an array of strings
Nis Jespersen : I think this has been applied across the entire repo, and this can be closed
Nis Jespersen : This is another issue from Vladimir, with a discussion on address
Ted Thibodeau: If it remember correctly this was that uncefact need to get their act together
Nis Jespersen : I think this is worth looking at agin after Cfact(?) has matured, let me give myself a note on this
Ted Thibodeau: It's probably worth opening an issue on their stuff to point out the problem, such as their line number things
Nis Jespersen : This came up on a UN meeting yesterday, and someone was positive about this change as street is more Western oriented.
Ted Thibodeau: I think it's good way to do things, it's that if they are names as lined numeric versus lined number word, i think there will be issues
Nis Jespersen : Putting on my UN hat i would be happy to address that, but let's not get into that now
Nis Jespersen : I'll assign myself on this issue
Nis Jespersen : Nest issue is what is the relationship between this vocabulary and EPCIS?
<chris_abernethy> Looks like this should be pending-close based on latest comments?
Nis Jespersen : We discussed it and put on pause because no one had bandwidth to keep it around.
Nis Jespersen : I think we can safely close this issue.
Chris Abernethy: +1 To close
Nis Jespersen : This is an issue for addressing console logs in npm run test
Nis Jespersen : This is done and it's great to finally be able to use npm run test to debug.
Nis Jespersen : In this case we need an example, which I agree on Orie's last comment
Nis Jespersen : Everytime I look at these measurements, I choke on lack of example. Any suggestions for how to push this forward?
Mahmoud Alkhraishi: I don't think anyone here as worked with the Allotrope framework, so it's hard to allocate anyone to work on this
Mahmoud Alkhraishi: I think we should ask Vladimir for examples on this, but the earliest we could take a look at it is by March if anyone else can look at it before then
Mahmoudl there is a reference to W3C cube, which we can use as a reference
Mahmoud Alkhraishi: Who ever volunteers would volunteer for both, we have two separate proposals for the same problem, so we can track this on a single issue
Nis Jespersen : I'm not sure which one we want to close, I'd prefer to keep them both open
Nis Jespersen : Next one is visualization guide, we have some more visualizations we could introduce
Orie Steele: I'm doing something related to this right now as a we speak
Orie Steele: It's like saying okay you have a Mill Test Report, but what are all of the terms in that credential
Orie Steele: There are two ways to approach this, one is to process the schema, and the other is to process the final example credential, it seems like using the schema is a more direct approach than the JSON-LD
Orie Steele: For each of the credential types, how do we show it meets the customer requirements. And for each credential it's what are the required fields?
Orie Steele: If anyone has opinions about what they want to see, it would be nice to get more requests in this issue
Nis Jespersen : I was thinking something different, I was thinking that we were doing the same thing for all schemas, and not have different visualizations per schema.
Nis Jespersen : One thing that comes into this is that we're trying not to define new terms, so having something to prove that we're using existing terms.
Nis Jespersen : Orie, can I assign you to the issue?
Orie Steele: No, I'm working on my version of this that needs to be addressed now, and I'm asking for comments on the issue.
Nis Jespersen : Next is 304 from Mahmoud
Mahmoud Alkhraishi: One of the things that we figured out when adding country code definitions, we wanted to not overload text. The goal of this was to update to allow for three character country codes
Nis Jespersen : Would it make any sense to switch away from's definition?
Mahmoud Alkhraishi: I don't know, I haven't given it any throught
Nis Jespersen : This is really a weakness of schema dot org. Not sure if what I'm suggesting makes sense. The link I included is not really a term definition.
Mahmoud Alkhraishi: If we look it says you can either provide the country, or the country code. In our case we're only using the country coude
Ted Thibodeau: From what I remember we were not restricting to only the country code, but to strongly recommend it.
Nis Jespersen : So the suggestion is to add on schema dot org side to add the recommendation for the country code?
Nis Jespersen : I'll assign myself to this to make an issue on schema dot org.
Nis Jespersen : Moving on is issue 555 from me
Nis Jespersen : The suggestion here is to change traceable presentation to workflow presentation.
Nis Jespersen : To Ted's first point in the issue, it is a presentation carrying a workflow, so this is a more descriptive name.
Ted Thibodeau: It seems like it flows naturally, if this change is being made, then the other changes in the issue make sense.
Ted Thibodeau: I'm in my same position as I was on September 9th, that I don't have enough context from the snippet in the start of the issue to have a strong opinion.
Nis Jespersen : I can add a link to the traceable presentation definition. To quickly describe it, it's a workflow definition
Orie Steele: For everything we have, we should have a link back to the definition. If we click that link, does it resolve to an explanation, or is that text the problem?
Nis Jespersen : So all it does right now is to make a connection to workflow. Originally I made the name traceable-presentations, since it came from the traceability repositories, it made sense to name it after ourselves.
Ted Thibodeau: It makes more sense to say you minted this term, and after consideration you have a better phrase for the term. So i have no argument.
Nis Jespersen : Can we label this as "Ready for PR"?
Nis Jespersen : "Ready for PR" added.
Nis Jespersen : Let's try to do one more, next is 546 from Ben
Nis Jespersen : The context around this was that we gathered a lot of requirements that could be added into traceability-vocab, but didn't have the bandwidth to address
Ted Thibodeau: I would suggest updating the issue name since that wasn't clear from the title. I suggest we add the "Help Wanted" tag , as well as "Good First Issue"
Nis Jespersen : This is an issue to track specifically how many schemas we had errors on when running npm run test. This has been addressed, and we can close this.
Nis Jespersen : That concludes the meeting for this week, do we have someone to post the minutes?
Chris Abernethy: I can do it
Mahmoud Alkhraishi: Can we take a second, to address 12/27 and 12/20?
Mahmoud Alkhraishi: Let's say 12/13 is the last trace call of the year, is that okay?
Everyone: yes
Nis Jespersen : In that case i will volunteer to host the last meeting of the year.
Everyone: bye