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W3C CCG Weekly Teleconference

Transcript for 2023-02-14

<limari_(dif)> brb
Our Robot Overlords are scribing.
Harrison_Tang: Hold on a second I think you might be some issues with the recording so give me a second.
<kaliya_identity_woman> they did schedule their lunch for 12:15 so hopefully some of them will join.
<limari_(dif)> Great!
<anil_john_[us/dhs/svip]> What is the intent/scope of the Fediverse event?
<kaliya_identity_woman> @anil social media - like mastadon et al
<kaliya_identity_woman> also the slides we shared are up on my site
<kaliya_identity_woman> Please reach out if you would like to be involved with the Verifiable Credentials Policy Committee - or any of the other committees.
<anil_john_[us/dhs/svip]> I do think that there is an aversion to the term "blockchain" in the identity community **in the US** that does not exist to that exist to that degree in the EU (because of the federated nature of their Member States and their focus on anti-competitive measures)
<limari_(dif)> I'm thinking more of the legislators
<anil_john_[us/dhs/svip]> There is a lesson for legislators in how EU/EC/EBSI is walking the path -- distributed metadata infrastructure <shrug>