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W3C CCG Weekly Teleconference

Transcript for 2023-03-28

Our Robot Overlords are scribing.
Harrison_Tang: So hello everyone and welcome to this week's that we ccg meeting this week our main agenda we will have Mark and David kind of present on the evidence property but before we get to the main agenda we'll just do some admin stuff first.
Harrison_Tang: Quick reminder about the code of ethics and professional conduct basically just make sure that we don't yell at each other and be respectful to each other's perspectives and opinions I think we've been doing that for as long as I remember they just want to do a quick reminder of that.
Harrison_Tang: now a quick.
Harrison_Tang: Anyone can participate these calls are all successive contributions to any CG work items must be member of the ccg with for IQR agreements time so make sure you have a w3c account and you have any questions feel free to just reach out to any of the cultures.
Harrison_Tang: Right the meetings are being recorded and there will be a minutes that's automatically transcribe and set out in the next few days we use GT chat to Q speakers during the call as well as to take minutes so you can type in Cube plus 2i yourself to the qq- to remove and Q question to see who is NICU.
<kaliya_identitywoman> I just tried coming on my phone via web browser - didn't get sound that way either. So I'm on my laptop.
Harrison_Tang: All right so any introductions whirring whirring introductions if you are new to the community or you have been inactive are re engaging with the community police feel free to unmute and introduce yourself a little bit.
Harrison_Tang: Hi Mark yes please.
Harrison_Tang: Mark thank you and thank you for taking the time to join our meeting today as well.
Harrison_Tang: Thank you thank you David.
Harrison_Tang: Yeah so I think one of the goals that we set out earlier this year is to have more crops Community collaborations so very very happy to have Mark and also David has been active in Oakland IV Foundation as well so very happy to have Mark here and we'll have more meetings with open ID folks to talk about the initiatives that they are working on over there as well as the dif decentralized identity.
Harrison_Tang: all right any other.
Harrison_Tang: I was worried introduction.
Harrison_Tang: Okay what about announcements and reminders.
<dmitri_zagidulin> yeyyyyyy!
Manu Sporny: Yeah just an update from ITF 116 which is happening this week we presented some of the work that this group has been working on for a couple of years specifically the multi formats work including multi base in multi hash we presented this at a group called dispatch and dispatch is job is to find a home for work that people.
Manu Sporny: Bring to the eye.
Manu Sporny: F there were 150 to 160 people in attendance 136 on the chat possibly you know 30 to 50 people in the room so really well attended as most dispatch meetings it was the first meeting of the week so lots of people there so the good good news is that the.
Manu Sporny: The dispatch.
Manu Sporny: Including the area directors have decided that the work is useful and it should be done at ITF they have given us two choices so let me let me get a here's the dispatch outcome for multi floor mats each outcome for multi formats so there's a they basically said gave us two options.
Manu Sporny: One of the.
Manu Sporny: Is a straight too many working group thing so that's we were not expecting that we were we were suggesting that maybe some area directors could sponsor the work and we could make progress there the area directors are very busy in the number of the area director said that ITF should get in the practice of doing a fast turnaround working groups and so one of the options put forward was a mini working group the other option is a straight.
Manu Sporny: Ooh I see track which basically says if we're not looking for.
Manu Sporny: Is then go ahead you know we'd be just documenting what already exists since the work already has like 17 implementations and has been out in the market and is deployed in production systems and all that kind of stuff they said the icy track is a valid one as well so feel free to follow along in the in the email thread I just linked to there.
Manu Sporny: If you want to see the slide deck.
Manu Sporny: That was presented.
Manu Sporny: Ted I'll put that in the chat channel here there's the the slide back that was presented the stuff this community is going to have to get its head around is whether or not we want to working group at ITF or if we want to go the IC route I'm slightly leaning towards a little mini working group because it would be good to get.
<greg_bernstein> IANA?
Manu Sporny: Um on this work that always comes with risks like the people that joined the working group might decide that they really do not like the work in want to change it drastically that doesn't that happen sometimes and so we just have to go in with that understanding the problem of course being that they're already 17 implementers and people have already implemented this thing so we would have to convince many of those implementers to change their implementations if we saw a big.
Manu Sporny: A big changes happen there but.
Manu Sporny: Say this is great news in we can look forward to you know two of these things progressing through the ITF process over the next couple of months to year that's it.
Harrison_Tang: Thank you Manya Korea.
<mark_haine> I bought my ticket to IIW
Kaliya Young: Hi folks so the internet identity Workshop is coming up in April the 18th to the 20th of the are likely to sell out again so if you are planning on being there please they are tickets as soon as possible I'll also share we're really committed accessibility so if you want to be there and can't afford ticket prices please reach out I'll put my email in.
Kaliya Young: The chat.
Kaliya Young: And then more importantly if you are in Europe and are are interested in participating in community processes like IW good news is we're bringing with local Partners in Switzerland the digital identity unconference Europe to Zurich June 7th and 9th with the 8th and 9th being open.
Kaliya Young: Space Technology Days the format we use.
Kaliya Young: But you the first day half day will have one too many talks that are sort of introductory and supporting people getting up to speed so I will also put the link for that and chat and if you are in Europe or work with people in Europe if you could please let them know about it and encourage them to consider participating that would be really great thank you.
Harrison_Tang: Yeah so we won't have the meeting on the April 18th on the weekend by W so here you have it available just join the iaw at that mountain view all right a quick overview of what's coming so next week we will actually we invited Dan Yamamoto Causeway to talk about that linked database verifiable credentials with selected disclosures on link ability and.
Harrison_Tang: and predicate proofs and the week after.
Harrison_Tang: Called 11th will have holder bindings we cancel the April 18th meeting due to IW and then after that we'll have gelfand open ID Foundation to talk about what they're working on so I'll paste the link to the agenda in the chat.
Harrison_Tang: Any other announcements were reminders.
Harrison_Tang: Right next what about any comments or updates on the work items.
Manu Sporny: I'm just saying this because the work item leaders aren't here so BBS was just adopted from this group into the verifiable credentials working group so the selective disclosure and linkable signatures stuff so we're going to have to make sure that we wrap that work up here and then transfer it over to that group the other thing that was accepted is the.
<greg_bernstein> ECDSA?
Manu Sporny: 20:22 Work that Gabe just started in this group like two months ago three months ago or whatever but that's been accepted by the verifiable credential working group and so we need to wrap that up in transferred over so just a heads up to the chairs and the community to look for you know those things migrating to verify credential working group in the next week or so ecdsa was already moved over Greg so that that happened two weeks ago.
Manu Sporny: Ago or one week ago or something like that so two more things.
Manu Sporny: And things moving to ietf by think the community should be super happy that you know our stuff is absolutely being picked up by multiple different standard-setting organizations at an increasing Pace that's it.
Harrison_Tang: Thank you mommy you.
Harrison_Tang: Thanks everyone for the good work.
Harrison_Tang: Try any other updates on the work item.
<kaliya_identitywoman> Also I forgot to share i"m working with Johannes on the FediForum starting tomorrow
Harrison_Tang: Okay so I think that's get to the manage Enda so this week again we are very honored to actually have Mark and David to present them lead the discussion on evidence property so Mark is the culture of open ID foundations he K YC e know your.
Harrison_Tang: And very active contributor to both w3c ccg as well as the open ID foundation so we recently have some Lively discussions on the topic recently so I think would be great yeah Mark and David to kind of provide a little background on it as well as to be that discussion on this topic so without further Ado Mark and David please take it away thanks.
<sandy_aggarwal> I can barely hear Mark. Not sure if it's just me. Thanks
<nick_b_(block,_tbd)> I can hear you well Mark
<david_chadwick> Note. This does not appear to be minuted
<manu_sporny> yes, transcriber isn't picking up audio from Mark or David -- we'll need someone to step in and scribe.
<manu_sporny> (also, everything is recorded, audio and video, so can listen to that instead)
<kaliya_identitywoman> OASIS is also proposing something similar re:eKYC -
<kim_duffy> interesting, autoscribe not picking up David either, who I can hear clearly
<manu_sporny> The directory that DavidC is talking about:
Geun-Hyung Kim: +1
<manu_sporny> @Kim -- autoscribe isn't picking up the WebRTC streams from DavidC (typically because Safari is being used).
<manu_sporny> (same for Mark, unfortunately)
<kim_duffy> I would q myself but I'm not voice-connected yet. Will try to do before end of the call
<nick_b_(block,_tbd)> The OASIS work is awesome, but slightly different in that it does not intend to include PII claims that need to be evidenced. However from talking with Kim they do intend to leverage this work as well, to evidence identity proofing processes used
Manu Sporny: Yeah I guess the general question I have for so one it's great that both of you are working on an Evidence property it's a demonstration that this extension point in the verifiable credential data model is useful so thank you to both of you for you know pushing that work forward it's also good that we can demonstrate that you know work and happen in other areas as extensions to the verifiable credential data model it doesn't.
Manu Sporny: Y'all need to go through w3c it doesn't all need to.
<kim_duffy> @Nick, exactly, and we intend to work closely with this
Manu Sporny: In the working group so that this is another good kind of demonstration that we might have built something that you know can be extended in a decentralized way I guess the understanding kind of the core use case that you're going after in who you believe the first set of kind of deployers for this technology are going to be would be helpful to kind of ground the discussion in.
Manu Sporny: Like you know who.
Manu Sporny: Who are the first set of customers for this extension point and what problems do you feel it's going to address in the in the market would certainly help me understand where this fits in the the larger ecosystem.
Manu Sporny: Partially the the part that I think you might not have been here for is the is the deployment story so we're who's going to deploy this first and in what's the driving use case for that like specifically you know I think you mentioned like who deals with you know Banking and Financial you know industry things who do we know who the initial set of implementers and employers are for this.
Harrison_Tang: Any other questions or comments money does that address your question.
<nick_b_(block,_tbd)> Manu, I'll add that we're interested in leveraging the VC version of this to unlock regulatory compliant financial transactions at Block
Harrison_Tang: So for for some of us were not familiar with the evidence property of are the some of the examples of the evidence properties and data fields.
Harrison_Tang: Got it thank you.
Harrison_Tang: now I have a follow-up question no there's different form.
Harrison_Tang: Got it so essentially like the u.s. driver license will have its own profile and its own schema and then the UK while we'll have another one so it doesn't try to standardize the two different schemas into one it would just basically provides the extension that allows the issuer's to kind of provide more evidences for identity Assurance purposes basically that is that correct.
Harrison_Tang: Got it thank you.
Harrison_Tang: Any other questions.
Harrison_Tang: Oh no I was just asking about the standardization across different formats but I think you kind of answered thank you.
Harrison_Tang: Any other questions from the community.
<smagennis> ?+
Harrison_Tang: All right so Mark and David do you guys have any closing comments on this topic.
<kim_duffy> Is smagennis trying to q+?
Harrison_Tang: So if people have any feedbacks or comments like how do how do they reach you.
<smagennis> y
Harrison_Tang: Got it thank you.
Harrison_Tang: And I see us Martinez you have a question.
Steve Magennis: Yes Steve I'm sorry I may have missed this but maybe primary questions you know we providing this evidence is this something that is attested to by the issuer's at the general concept Itself attested by the issue.
Steve Magennis: Well yeah that's where my question right so the one issue is if if I'm an issuer and I'm making some sort of authoritative statement and then I have to provide additional information about why that authoritative statements authoritative I'm not seeing where there's added value to that other than if you're more interested in what the process is that eyes an issue we took to get there right so it's different from whether or not I should trust it is more you know kind of a process that you go through to get it.
Steve Magennis: Yes I get the notion that it's evidence which is good can be used for decision-making but I don't see it as adding additional trust so I'm kind of losing that aspect of it.
Steve Magennis: But again all self attested by the issuer.
Steve Magennis: Okay thank you.
Harrison_Tang: Any other questions or comments.
Harrison_Tang: Right David any closing thoughts to bring us home.
Harrison_Tang: Cool I'm sorry I have a follow-up comment I have you guys looking to I see because I see a lot of potential overlap between these two initiatives yeah.
Harrison_Tang: The reason I bring it up because a lot of a lot of people implements you got that were simply because it's I think it's the the go to stand there for Google SEO so everyone who does SEO have to call so if we could kind of collaborate together and maybe even piggyback on top of scheme I thought work that will instantly give you a lot of traction because old all like oh websites who does SEO will basically have to adopt it.
<mark_haine> Gt
Harrison_Tang: All right I think this concludes today's meeting so any other comments or things that people aren't bring up or maybe there's an introduction for reintroductions that we missed earlier.
Harrison_Tang: Okay cool so I just wanted to thank you Mark and thank you David for jumping on and actually lead this discussion and answering questions but will end a little bit early today and you know have have a good one everyone thank you.