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Transcript for 2023-04-11

Our Robot Overlords are scribing.
Mike Prorock: All right I'll hello and welcome to the April 11th w3c credentials community group meeting we are going to be talking about a fun topic today which is holder binding a lot of good use and luckily we have Oliver here to lead the conversation and to tell us what they've been finding and experiences and research in the area as well as practical applications just a quick note that this meeting and all done.
Mike Prorock: P3c meetings are conducted under the code of ethics.
Mike Prorock: Rational conduct so basically good people it's a good thing so if you need to look at details you can go through and click on the link I pasted in the chat a quick IP note which is this meeting is totally open to the public but if you do want to go through and contribute to any w3c work items and specifically ccg work items you must be a member of the ccg pasted a link to that to join.
Mike Prorock: You do need a W3 ID account but you do not need to be an actual full w3c member to contribute which is quite helpful quick note that all of these meetings and the recordings are posted to our meetings link I'll put that in the chat as well just in case anyone needs it and the just a note around moderation I am going to when we do get into kicking off the meeting.
<mprorock> In IRC type “q+” to add yourself to the queue, with an optional
Mike Prorock: Letting Oliver at least get the whole intro in and monitoring Q in the process when we get to a good point will all start opening queue up for questions and processing through that to put yourself on the Queue you can hit the raise hand button and jitsi I'm also putting some instructions here around the letter q and the plus sign that will put you on the queue as well quick pause here for any intros Andre intros is anyone.
Mike Prorock: One new to this call is this error your first time or second time here in.
Mike Prorock: Introduce yourself to the group or if you have recently changed roles and would like to introduce yourself to the group in that new context and I'll pause and just listen for anyone to speak up if they're brand new here.
Mike Prorock: All right I'm going to take that as we are all veterans the quick pause here for any announcements and reminders Brent I'm going to put you on the spot because I think there are two VC working group items that are coming in from the ccg that we're getting ready to put final Community draft status on I believe that is the schema work.
Mike Prorock: And then maybe.
Mike Prorock: One of the.
<kaliya_identitywoman> Ok I called in on the app. No sound. Just came in via just the web no sound - this isn’t good guys
Mike Prorock: Do sweets as well is that correct or did I miss any of those.
BrentZ: No that is correct there's the Json schemas for VC's work and the BBS data Integrity signature sweet I believe that the steps have been taken that are necessary like PRS have been raised against those items to change the status so now it's I believe it's ready the I believe they're ready for the ccg to make that determination to publish.
Mike Prorock: I believe that is the case as well and I double checked this morning it looked like all PRS are in place and so if you have an objection for some reason feel free to send that out to the list or open it to one of the repos and question but these are items that have been pretty stable for a while now I will dig the links up because I Paula apologies for not having them handy here but we will put those out on the list we're.
Mike Prorock: To give it.
Mike Prorock: I think those announcements actually all went out to the list last week that those were rolling through but I do but just make sure if there's an issue that it is raised before we actually put final status on that it would be nice to transition those into the VC working group ideally by the end of this week since it's been more than seven days since that posting went out to the public group so that's our Target here so if if for some reason you missed making a comment on that you can go check on the list and I'll.
Mike Prorock: I'll post those.
Mike Prorock: I said and we can get those in.
Mike Prorock: Any other announcements from the community here they're relevant.
Mike Prorock: Awesome so with that I am going to hand it over to Oliver and let him take it away on the topic of holder bindings.
<phil_l_(p1)> Schema URL
Mike Prorock: We can and I am loving the strikethrough.
<mprorock> thanks phil!
<phil_l_(p1)> Phillip_Long present+
<phil_l_(p1)> The VCWG has agreed to adopt vc-di-bbs, this email is to notify the W3C CCG of our intention to transfer the repository below and continue the work on vc-di-bbs (previously ldp-bbs).
<bobwyman> Are we seeing again that the software doesn't recognize speech by non-native speakers of English?
<mprorock> we are definitely seeing that
<mprorock> @manu...
<kerri_lemoie> Could we get a link to the slides? Thanks!
<mprorock> yep - we are going to get slides out on the list, and once we get to a pause will get the link in the chat
<harrison_tang> I can ask Oliver to share it after the meeting
<mprorock> Orie loves registries
<orie> registries are the new directories
<kaliya_identitywoman> where are the slides?
<mprorock> about to be in chat and on list
Mike Prorock: Awesome thank you Oliver and do you mind real quick just taking the share link from this presentation and dropping it in the chat and then obviously we'll get it out to the list as well awesome cool so I guess at this point we're going to open it up for questions here just going to watch the Q you know one note that I thought was interesting that helped me a lot especially at the face-to-face VC.
Mike Prorock: A working group meeting.
Mike Prorock: Out of my way.
Mike Prorock: They're the last one was that kind of what the relationship to evidence is right in terms of thinking about evidence as the actions performed by an issue or you know most often to make sure that credential they're issuing is backed by additional information right if required and that confirmation method is really what is handed over as part of potentially as part of a presentation right for a recipient to be able to perform.
Mike Prorock: I'm right what steps.
<david_chadwick> It appears we need to request access to these slides
Mike Prorock: Can you perform to do that this credential does indeed belong to so-and-so etcetera and I'm noticing some permissions issues on the slide deck there Oliver just as a heads up but I don't know if you have any comments on that or thoughts on that Oliver.
Mike Prorock: Excellent thank you.
Mike Prorock: All right anyone in the audience here have any questions for Oliver I know he's been deep diving on this probably as much as anyone except for the person who just queued up so David taken away.
<kerri_lemoie> Would there be a directory of confirmation methods?
<kaliya_identitywoman> I like the dog vaccination use-case
<joe_andrieu> @Kerri_Lemoie there is a directory of related work, which is where I expect folks to list things like verification methods
<mprorock> this is helpful for approaches around proof of posession of key material
Mike Prorock: +1 Joe
<kerri_lemoie> Thanks @Joe - makes sense
Mike Prorock: Any other questions in here.
Mike Prorock: Question from the implementation side I know obviously you know Spruce is got some good work going on this front Oliver but for the other implementers on the call anyone else have implementations in this area and identifying any issues.
<orie> checkout how cnf is used for holder binding in sd-jwt
Mike Prorock: I'm going to put Oreo on the spot if I don't see a volunteer.
Mike Prorock: I'm totally putting Oreo on the spot now.
Orie Steele: What what is the question.
Mike Prorock: From an implementation side I mean have you guys gone down anything around like confirmation method holder binding side and are you seeing any pros cons frustrations yet or.
Orie Steele: Yeah the only thing that I've implemented concretely related to this is how confirmation method is used in holder binding for a Visa for SD J WT s so in the case where the payload is a verifiable credential in json-ld format and you want to reveal only one you know set of one part of the claims and that credential but you also want to make sure.
Orie Steele: Sure that it's presented.
Orie Steele: He that signed by the original issuer f d dot has a mechanism for doing that it's kind of clever and just Builds on foreign oil JWT so it's really easy to implement yeah that's the only implementation of this that I've seen I mean I know em doc has a version of this kind of thing but it's not in you know a w3c sort of format.
Mike Prorock: Yeah oh well yeah yeah Oliver if you want to respond let's go first and then we'll get Harrison it.
<mprorock> {
<mprorock> from 7800
Mike Prorock: Awesome yeah and I'm most familiar obviously for more of the CNF side of things with you know Johnson JW k s etcetera Harrison.
Harrison_Tang: Yes can someone just go a little bit deeper into how like and Doc and DL I got you comments hold it binding or confirmation methods I mean earlier it's mentioned that MDOC or mdl by Implement something similar to the confirmation methods but can we go into a little bit details.
<orie> Just buy the ISO spec to find out more!
<kaliya_identitywoman> this is how we think they can meet in the middle -
<mprorock> /me is closing queue
Mike Prorock: Awesome well with that I'm going to be respectful of time I know a lot of folks have been rolling up on the meeting we're making best effort to get this meeting to end between 1050 or well my time 10 50 and 55 so folks aren't stacked right back with that I really just thank you for the time Oliver and obviously David as well I know you get.
Mike Prorock: It's a complex enough topic that it does require some thought to do right and really I think now we're in search of norment which around this stuff so.
<orie> now go review the holder binding PR:
Mike Prorock: Less so with that I'm going to let Harrison stop recording and thank you again all please have a wonderful week.
<phil_l_(p1)> :clap:
<econnell> Thanks, Oliver!
Harrison_Tang: Thanks Oliver thank you.
Mike Prorock: And Harris has to be the last one out again.
<kerri_lemoie> Thanks!