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Verifiable Traceability Task Force

Transcript for 2023-06-20

Our Robot Overlords are scribing.
Russell_Hofvendahl_( I can do I have a few peers so that might be spotty the records there.
russell_hofvendahl_( is scribing.
Nis Jespersen : +1
Nis Jespersen : Trace-vocab
Orie Steele: 815, Attempts to clarify reqs on trace presentations, implements simple way of,, a prez meant to replace previous presentation.
Nis Jespersen : Chris, ok with that approach?
Chris Abernethy: Yeah makes sense
Orie Steele: Also on a bit of a clock, goal to discuss on next meeting
Nis Jespersen : Agree, on issue first?
Orie Steele: Helps to just open PR, share pics, describe what will do
Nis Jespersen : Next 817 from me. would like approvals to merge out of band, if looks right.
Orie Steele: IRIs different but can be resolved separately
Nis Jespersen : Last, ben
Ben: getting feedback from usmca cred. This changes order, reflect what doc loooks like originally. This does it for us exporter, importer, and made minor changes to flags
Orie Steele: [...] Json schema preserves order. They don't have prop that json-ld has. yaml will maintain order, and if json-ld need order can annotate that order is important
Ted Thibodeau: I'll take your word, ok
Nis Jespersen : Merging
Orie Steele: Suggested updates, aligns data with content
Orie Steele: Want to def shape for trace presentation,m but you defined workflow file. let's sink online, later
Nis Jespersen : Interop, rev2021, first 559, russell
Russell Hofvendahl: This changes tutorial
Orie Steele: Doesn't test multiple status lists
Russell Hofvendahl: Separate PR
Russell Hofvendahl: Tests support both, openapi only 2021
Orie Steele: Time to get started experiencing; want to have multiple implementations passing 2021, then remove 2020
Nis Jespersen : Good, two approvals, objections?
Russell Hofvendahl: Changes single conformance suite postman collection file, same story
Nis Jespersen : Ok, 3 approvals, merging
<orie> link?
Nis Jespersen : That's it on PRs, on to vocab issues
Orie Steele: Still needs to be done. every time @type & points to not great, destroy value of json vocab. If don't do good job here, get bad graph data, undermines point of rdf in first place
Nis Jespersen : Ben, assigned? oh, dropped, keep him assigned then
Ben: back
Nis Jespersen : Look at 573 make sure to
Orie Steele: Applies to tooling not to repo I think
Nis Jespersen : Great.Next, 369 ecommerce files, old, closing
Nis Jespersen : 462, Ben, assigned to mahmoud. ben?
Ben want to close this. back when we were doing more common & grouping things, what class does this refer to. We've been switching toward direct doc & using context
Nis Jespersen : Inlining we've been doing, seems moot point
Nis Jespersen : I'll comment but ben your ticket, you suggest we don't need this anymore?
Ben: will comment
Nis Jespersen : 700, Adding section on gs1
Paul: happy to do it if assigned
Nis Jespersen : Thanks, great.
Paul: what does this mean for gs1 creds?
Nis Jespersen : Good point, similar to one before
<chris_abernethy> Didn't Orie just make a PR saying that this wasn't possible?
Paul: not something we do today. being gs1 like to use gdtis for doc id'fiers, not married to that just curious
Nis Jespersen : Making note on issue
Chris Abernethy: Wasn't orie's pr from earlier abt
Nis Jespersen : Yes, can't say if breaks what you just said, but let's fix that if problem
Chris Abernethy: +1 To Ted's comment
Ted Thibodeau: If only ever have one or other in realworld, would do that, could in comment mention the alternate attribute and/or have two examples (i.e., one with each attribute)
Ben: pointing out we have two possibilities of examples. One is in bottom combined cred, other is in yaml part. can have ex for each in yaml, with one realistic in json bottom of file.
Nis Jespersen : If we were to start using, need to agree on how. One fill everything out, other to look realistic?
Ben: in schema, here's descr locode, here's ex value, here's port code, here ex value. independent of each other I think.
Nis Jespersen : Assigning self
Chris Abernethy: I agree, orie called out second to last, but vlad don't think will. you're right we need this, don't think we can assign vlad.
Yinghui (Vivien) Fan: :+1:
Nis Jespersen : Making note to vladimir