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W3C CCG Weekly Teleconference

Transcript for 2023-06-20

<harrison_tang> Hi Andres, I don't think we can hear you still
<andres> ok
<harrison_tang> You might want to use Chrome
Our Robot Overlords are scribing.
Harrison_Tang: Okay so welcome to this week's at w3c shiji meaning.
Harrison_Tang: So this week we're very excited to have Andres to actually create that introduction to Velocity Network we actually had quite a bit of discussion about velocity a few months back and I were very very fortunate to figure out the time zone thing with Andres and a half he presented a so before we get to that I just want to go over the code of ethics and professional conduct reminder just want to make sure that.
Harrison_Tang: one respect and acknowledge each.
Harrison_Tang: Canyons quick IP note anyone can participate in these calls however all substantive contributions to nect work items must be members of the ccg with for IP our agreement sign make sure you have the w3c account and sign the WTC Community contributor license agreement if you have any questions or encounter any troubles just like any of the cultures know.
Harrison_Tang: these meetings are being.
Harrison_Tang: Coordinate and automatically transcribe we will publish the transcription in the next day or two we used to teach at so to Q speakers during the call so you can type in Cube plus to add yourself to the Q where Q - to remove it in addition you can do Q question mark to see who is in the queue.
Harrison_Tang: I just wanted to do introductions and introductory work ring seduction so if you're new to the community or you haven't been active and you are no re-engaging with the community please feel free to unmute and introduce yourself.
Harrison_Tang: Right next just want to.
Harrison_Tang: Over the announcements and reminders anyone have any announcements and reminders.
Harrison_Tang: All right so if you're curious about the oncoming meeting agendas of the ccg feel free to just go to the w3c or copy and paste the link below.
Harrison_Tang: The chat here.
Harrison_Tang: All right any updates to the work items.
Harrison_Tang: Cool pretty straightforward so that's get to the manage Enda so as I mentioned earlier we're very very pleased and honored to have 100 here to present velocity in that work so the last thing that work integrates SSI Southside variety credentials and blockchain Technology to develop what they call internet of careers basically helping verifiers or companies verify to.
Harrison_Tang: employment screenings and and.
Harrison_Tang: Making sure that you know the candidates prospective candidate who they say they are were and or actually HR applications as well but I'll let Andre kind of speak to that in more depth so without further adieu Andre the floor is yours.
Nis Jespersen : Thank you I'm trying to figure out how to share my screen.
Harrison_Tang: So it's a third button on the bottom.
Harrison_Tang: All right sounds good no problem.
Harrison_Tang: Sorry for the technical difficulties difficulties yeah.
PL/T3-ASU: Yes we're here.
Harrison_Tang: Not so far you're good.
<pl/t3-asu> Is the only charge to use Velocity at the point of verification?
<tallted_//_ted_thibodeau_(he/him)_(> uh oh... transcriber is not transcribing Andres_(velocity). I hope the recording is capturing, and maybe transcription can be run as a post-process?
<harrison_tang> yeah, don't know why it's not transcribing. both the recorder and transcriber are on
<pl/t3-asu> Q re: credential wallets
PL/T3-ASU: Yes hi can you hear me I believe you said that you are also providing a hosted Carlyle credential wallet on your platform as well as the sdks for separate wallets is that correct.
PL/T3-ASU: So the question the question then is typically when one is receiving a credential into one's wallet there is a best practice that you validate the verify the credential that's being sent to you if that is part of a platform are you paying for that verification to receive it.
PL/T3-ASU: Oh yeah so you don't yet verify on receipt at this point okay that's good clarification thank you.
Harrison_Tang: Yep I have a question United States like employment screening is governed by fcra federal yeah Credit Reporting Act Right so so how and it and that this area has several requirements this is data accuracy requirements of adverse action notices and things like that so how how do you get compliant with fcra here.
Harrison_Tang: Got it thank you.
Harrison_Tang: And also I have a follow-up question in regards to employment screening use case so let's just say like I'm not back that actor I have a lot of criminal records for example right but then in a in the SSI kind of Paradigm I don't have a lot of incentives to show that to to share my criminal records or court records with with my the potential employer right so so how do we kind of get around that like how do.
Harrison_Tang: we because yeah.
<sharon_leu> Curious how these protocols compare with the ones commonly used in this community?
<pl/t3-asu> The use of DID:ION suggests you're using a sidetree to batch transactions to the blockchain. Is that correct?
<pl/t3-asu> Got it. Thanks.
Harrison_Tang: Thank you Andres and Sharon Tate Andres later part of the presentation answer your questions on protocols.
<sharon_leu> I think I'm good for now
Harrison_Tang: Great thank you any other questions.
Harrison_Tang: So I'm Dre just a quick question so to clarify your earlier presentations or originally you were trying to you're evaluating did Cam and then later moved to open ID for sorry oh ID for VP and things like that is that is that correct and if so like what's the reasoning behind it.
Harrison_Tang: Thank you thanks a lot.
<john_kuo> Great presentation
<pl/t3-asu> Thanks. Cheers!
Harrison_Tang: I think we're at time I just want to say thank you again I'm James for taking the time to share your you know your your knowledge on the velocity networking explaining such a detailed has an amazing presentation so it's just want to say a final thank you.
Harrison_Tang: Alright thanks a lot.
Harrison_Tang: Go watch this concludes today's meeting thanks a lot.