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Transcript for 2023-07-11

Orie Steele, Mike Prorock, Mahmoud Alkhraishi
Our Robot Overlords and russell_hofvendahl_( and Our Robot Overlords and russell_hofvendahl_(
TallTed // Ted Thibodeau (he/him) (, Nis Jespersen , Russell Hofvendahl, Brooke Funtleyder, Yinghui (Vivien) Fan, Orie Steele, Chris Abernethy
Audio Log
Our Robot Overlords are scribing.
Russell_Hofvendahl_( I can scribe.
russell_hofvendahl_( is scribing.
Our Robot Overlords are scribing.
<orie> welcome BDO : )
Brooke_Funtleyder: Yes I'm with BDO with the customs and international trade department and so I'm just here to learn and take notes.
russell_hofvendahl_( is scribing.
<orie> merge please :)
Nis Jespersen : Interopo PRs first
Orie Steele: We'd previously agreed to remove structures from error messages, this is that
<orie> cleanup is good.
Nis Jespersen : Objections? Merging 569
Nis Jespersen : +1
Orie Steele: In interop repo, & vocab, lot of dependencies on vc v1 proofs. To get us to support v2, need to first relax proof specific stuff, then address multiple contexts, challenge, then ready to support v1 v2.
Nis Jespersen : 2 Approvals. Objections to merging?
Orie Steele: Main pt, mesur done excellent job on conformance side, might see breakage as we trim out v1 specific stuff. Might want to call out, this'll happen as we get support from v2 in.
Nis Jespersen : Merging 572
Nis Jespersen : 573, Russell
Russell Hofvendahl: ...
Orie Steele: Created vc-format header when vc-api no support for jwt. No way to support two formats that vc defined.
Chris Abernethy: Just threw in, header expecting vc or vc-jwt
<orie> it should match specific content types
<orie> vc+ld+jwt and vc+ld+json
Chris Abernethy: Current enum, Orie's addition, vc and vc-jwt. Thought content-type should match an actual content-type we're using to differentiate these.
Orie Steele: Content-Type currently being passed as request param?
Nis Jespersen : Moving on. That's it on interop.
Nis Jespersen : +1
Orie Steele: No concensus, no approvals, not viable path forward we discussed, let's close
Nis Jespersen : Next, 817
Orie Steele: Suggest skipping, ci failing
Nis Jespersen : Will revisit
Orie Steele: External, first-time contributor. Nox (?) team I think.
Orie Steele: Generic status list 2021?
Orie Steele: Don't understand mahmoud objection, approving
Nis Jespersen : Asking mahmoud for elaboration
Yinghui (Vivien) Fan: A few updates in delivery schedule. Update a few linked data
Orie Steele: Great changes
Nis Jespersen : Merging.
Yinghui (Vivien) Fan: Delivery ticket, nosMonth rename
Nis Jespersen : Moved from inlining to referencing organization?
Yinghui (Vivien) Fan: Don't know why inlining in first place. Fields are same in organization object
Orie Steele: Left comment. Possible carrier org is more fields than want, rec not using ref as org when can inline smaller set of reqs. Would generally rec inlining smaller requirements. Reduces potential work filling in form
<orie> chances are referring to organization is adding requirements you probably don't want.
Nis Jespersen : If need all fields in org can do this, but typically more generic, want to pick out use case working on.
Yinghui (Vivien) Fan: Apply to other common elements?
Orie Steele: Applies generally, any rdf type that defines other rdf type. Best to say "it's org but only name req'd". When using $ref, only pulling in. Reduces burden for someone issuing cred.
Yinghui (Vivien) Fan: How make sure terms aligned? Say in inline, field saying name, but in organization rename name to
Orie Steele: Term defs only appear when convert from json-ld to rdf.
Yinghui (Vivien) Fan: So you suggest hold on merging this PR?
Orie Steele: Fine with merging, can come back re-inlin org in smaller PR
Nis Jespersen : Merging
Orie Steele: Good to have mahmoud, mike, ben for, skip
Nis Jespersen : 834
Orie Steele: Cousin of other PR I mentioned. Removes proof req everywhere, proof from visualization. Most of what'schanging 834 internal tooling no longer necessary.
Nis Jespersen : Objections to thumbs up to merge out of band?
Orie Steele: Weird whitespacing, looks nice
Nis Jespersen : Merging with 2 approvals
Chris Abernethy: +1
Nis Jespersen : +1
Orie Steele: PR merged removed verification of tests
Nis Jespersen : Closing
Orie Steele: Pinging him, skip it
<orie> hmm
Nis Jespersen : 533 Also Mahmoud, adding changes to section 4. Mahmoud already assigned. Moving on
Chris Abernethy: 496, Clarify best practices for retrieval and ownership of data.
Orie Steele: Mike had massive PR, made him create ticket to resolve
Chris Abernethy: Pinging Mike
Nis Jespersen : 497, Same story, didn't know what to do
Orie Steele: Have added sections to vcab since filed, which addressed this, refer to that and should be able to close
Nis Jespersen : Safe to close?
Orie Steele: Think so. can't issue revocable credential if don't have an ID.
Nis Jespersen : Next, 539, duplicate json keys in request.
Orie Steele: Great, request for conformance test I think.
Nis Jespersen : Takers?
Chris Abernethy: Question on how we might, this means any of items
Orie Steele: Pick random, like issuer.
Chris Abernethy: Satisfied with only testing one key?
Orie Steele: Yes. It's abt parser. If it gets dupe keys should error. Issuer makes sure triggering for most important one
<orie> thank you!!!!!
Nis Jespersen : 542, From Christina, deployment architecture
Orie Steele: Seems to want api to not comment on single vs multi tenant. Don't rly agree, since spec defines http api, worth commenting if expects to be accessed by one domain or multiple.
Nis Jespersen : 543, Also Christina
Orie Steele: Questions about vc-api endpoints.
Nis Jespersen : Assigning self.
Chris Abernethy: My understanding
Orie Steele: Right, that'd apply to cleanup. If determine don't need to document, or doc and say implementers don't need understand.
Nis Jespersen : Adding self also, same thing
<orie> Thank you!!!
Chris Abernethy: Pending close, issue where had github pages artifact exceeded size. Cleaned up etc. should be good to go
<orie> our reports are one of our proudest features : )
Nis Jespersen : Objections to closing?
<nis> ^ 100%
Chris Abernethy: Fallout from changing how we handle scope reqs, microsoft req'd scope names didn't fall within our reqs. Made env var so didn't define scopes for purpose of testing, otherwise don't test scopes anymore
Orie Steele: Commenting on issue. I rec we remove tests regarding scopes entirely
Chris Abernethy: Yes, update=delete
Orie Steele: Concretely there should be no tests on specific scopes
Nis Jespersen : Thank you Chris.
Chris Abernethy: Yes, specifically for tests while prev was doc & spec
Orie Steele: Close both issues in same PR
Chris Abernethy: For interop, did it for conformance
Nis Jespersen : Assigning Chris
Orie Steele: We say not allowed to create multiple presentations same ID, says vocab standards piece
Chris Abernethy: Matches with last two comments
Nis Jespersen : Chris, can you?
Chris Abernethy: Sure, may be a bit
Orie Steele: Let's assign nis. Needs to be handled in a shorter timeframe
Nis Jespersen : Thanks for joining