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Transcript for 2023-09-05

Our Robot Overlords are scribing.
Russell_H_( I can describe.
russell_h_( is scribing.
Nis Jespersen : Will host
Nis Jespersen : 566, Multiple status lists, unclear abt connection with jose-cose
Orie Steele: [Discussion] yes, jose-cose-test-suite is appropriate place for this
Nis Jespersen : 593, Remove Exporter Fields from Postman Collections, approvals?
Nis Jespersen : Addresses agproduct props that should be on product, and removes upc
Interop issues, from top, starting with 543
Nis Jespersen : Ben and I discussion today. nudging self, will look into this soon
Orie Steele: If it's ready for pr sure, but I didn't see poke comment.
Nis Jespersen : Reason it hasn't progressed is because I hadn't looked at it. But yes let's talk
Orie Steele: What's it need. commentary on directionality?
Nis Jespersen : Christina pointing at sentence that's DID Auth
Orie Steele: Should be adding section on [?]. Any comment other than poking yourself. If others have thoughts, briefly discussion here could prompt others to say "oh I have a comment", take swing at
Nis Jespersen : Other thoughts on 544?
Nis Jespersen : Pr did pass check
Nis Jespersen : Let's look, 863 [...]
Nis Jespersen : Another approval on 863?
Orie Steele: Approved
Nis Jespersen : Merging. Closing related issues 278, 281
Orie Steele: Yeah, clearly 400. Would expect most implementations to 500 by default
Nis Jespersen : Ready for pr. moving on
Orie Steele: It's only showing up in readme, tutorial still needs to be updated but that's it, 1 occurrence
Nis Jespersen : Great, thanks
<arun> Hello everyone, I would like to bring up a few questions. Please let me know when it is time for open discussions.
Orie Steele: To be efficient, we can do 1 jump here. There's open issues under discussion for VC 2, to restrict requested registered media types. Let's not make any changes until we know what work we need. Go to working group, "we only need to implement SE[?] JWT".
Nis Jespersen : Agreed. Seems like chris is assigned. Marked ready for pr, seems in line with what you said
Orie can do it, just make updates when v2
Orie Steele: Yeah arun, ask your questions in chat
<nis> Arun, you are still muted :)
Nis Jespersen : Next 405, very related, Support for SD-JWT. Orie?
Orie Steele: There's update. We updated example plugin to use SD-JWT by default. As mentioned proposal to withdrow non SD-JWT use cases. We have this new example of SD-JWT in jose-cose test suite. There's been progress in upstream suite, but we should drive concensus in working group for just SD-JWT. Regular JWT just doesn't have the features. Will leave link to that issue, as did previously.
Nis Jespersen : Over to 584, Automated interop testing needs to provide scopes values
Orie Steele: Related to changes we made in scoping of tests? not sure what we need to do
Nis Jespersen : Let's wait for chris, come back to
Ted Thibodeau: Idea was one company might have multiple implementations, focus should be implementation not company
Orie Steele: Acceptable to say, "transmute ts", "transmute ts rust"? How support multiple implementations?
Ted Thibodeau: Sure
Nis Jespersen : Any volunteers?
Orie Steele: Don't think there's diff in docs. No-one only contributing to interop afaik
Nis Jespersen : Probably not. ready for pr, mahmoud appropriate owner, moving on
Nis Jespersen : 588, Review the CHAPI Playground and Newly Added Protocols
Orie Steele: There's been updates to chapi, openid connect for vc-api support
Nis Jespersen : Comments? thoughts on direction?
<arun> Coran and I were trying to unmute and speak. We were not able to. I’ll go ahead and ask those questions here.
Benjamin Collins: Sentence, trace api focused on non-interaction? kind of worried abt intermingling standards, adding dependencies in other places
<nis> Yes, please Arun...
Orie Steele: Problem is chapi experience is better than it is now. feels wrong to say "we don't like it but don't have better" fine to say "this is best but we don't like it". Have watched chapi, openid has not created better experience.
Nis Jespersen : Other thoughts on 588?
<arun> Are there reference implementations of the spec or is it expected that each organisation implement their own following the spec? I’ll have more questions based on this answer. My apologies in advance of this is not the right forum for my questions. I see that the chat here is focused on the standards than implementation itself.
Orie Steele: Try on chrome? or firefox, in case using safari
Nis Jespersen : Yes right place for this. no ref implementation, but are you aware of our test suite? there are postman collections you can download run against your implementation, should make it clear
Orie Steele: Looking for ref implementations for spec. at least open source project used in beginning, but drifted far out of date at this pt.
<arun> I joined from the browser
<arun> ok
<tallted> Arun, Coran -- depending on your OS, you might also need to grant your browser access to your mic and/or camera
<arun> I did grant permissions, apparently none of this works
<orie> Sorry about Jitsi, its what we have to use.
<arun> With respect to with
<arun> That will help
<arun> Thank you
Nis Jespersen : Doing one more issue.
Nis Jespersen : Yeah sure
Nis Jespersen : Thanks all