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Transcript for 2023-10-10

Orie Steele, Mike Prorock, Mahmoud Alkhraishi
Our Robot Overlords and Mahmoud Alkhraishi
Benjamin Collins, Mahmoud Alkhraishi, Orie Steele, Chris Abernethy
Audio Log
Our Robot Overlords are scribing.
Benjamin Collins: Cats recording we have the CG but we also have the auto transcriber.
Benjamin Collins: Do you want to have a in scrap or do you want to let the machine do its evil thing.
Mahmoud Alkhraishi: I think we should I can Skype if you'd like me to.
Mahmoud Alkhraishi is scribing.
Benjamin Collins: It's the right one.
Mahmoud Alkhraishi: We'll do a shortened call today, going through PRs
Chris Abernethy: Vocab or Interop?
Chris Abernethy: Adds a negative conformance test, that makes sure that if you try to issue a credential with a duplicate key, a 400 should be returned
Mahmoud Alkhraishi: Actually passing this test is quite difficult as body-parser and most json parsing libraries end up silently dropping all duplicate terms excep tthe last one
Chris Abernethy: That wasn't clear on the issue, maybe we should modify it to allow 400 or simply use last duplicate key
Chris Abernethy: Noting that on the PR
Orie Steele: This updates current state, but is not in line with latest changes. Its fine as is because it fixes an error
Orie Steele: Left a suggested change, once applied should be changed
Benjamin Collins: Not merging on call, will merge out of band
Benjamin Collins: This PR removes shipping stop that is no logner in use, seems straight forward
Chris Abernethy: There are two additions to the openapi.yaml, is it intended in this PR?
Orie Steele: Seems someone didn't commit those autogenerated updates, a previous PR was merged without those changes happening
Benjamin Collins: Attached the two credentials lookslike it just slipped in previous PR.
Benjamin Collins: Next one is straightforward it just changes one file, where the ID was incorrect
Benjamin Collins: If theres anything on interop we can go through that too
Benjamin Collins: Ending meeting now