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Transcript for 2023-10-31

Our Robot Overlords are scribing.
Kimberly Linson: So hi everybody you may have seen the note that we had a last-minute change in the schedule for today and Harrison and I were talking last night about whether we should cancel or whether we should move go forward and we decided that we would go forward but that we would have an open Agenda we have really I think one of the.
Kimberly Linson: The things I.
Kimberly Linson: We have so many great speakers that are coming to talk with us and so we've kind of filled that calendar and it hasn't given us the opportunity to really like just have some free time I guess is what I'm after and so that's what we're going to do today and I think what I'll do is kind of go through just really quickly you know that that when we're going to abide by the code of ethics.
Kimberly Linson: I think.
Kimberly Linson: And this group has been around for a while so they've heard me say that lots of times I think probably everyone here is also already a member but if you're not I hope that you know we definitely want everyone to participate that being a part of a community group at w3c means that it's open to all and actually all are needed to participate in the conversation and that we do keep.
Kimberly Linson: Of the these meetings via the chat and audio recording so that you can go back and listen to one that you may have missed for conflict and also so that we just can kind of keep an ongoing record of of what's being discussed okay so I'm now that that's out of the way the next thing as you most of you know on our agenda usually is is introductions and.
Kimberly Linson: Or to introduce themselves and share a little bit with the community or to reintroduce themselves and share a little bit about the there who they are and why they've joined but today we are actually going to ask everyone and this is a perfect size room to do this in to take a few minutes to introduce themselves and talk a little bit about their involvement in the community and and.
Kimberly Linson: Let's see.
Kimberly Linson: Who you are and so I'm going to give you these in the chat so that you've got them number one who you are number two how long you've been a part of this community and the things that interest you and then three maybe kind of what you do outside of ccg and then I guess fourth Dimitri has to be what your imaginary Halloween costume would be and dang it since I'm.
Kimberly Linson: I have to go first and I don't know what my Halloween costume is but I think about it so I'm Kimberly Wilson Linson and I'm one of the co-chairs here at ccg and I've been involved in this community for about actually almost four years my primary background is in education and I stumbled into the world of credentials for years ago and and stumbled not only into the world of credentials but into the world of standards and understanding.
Kimberly Linson: And what a protocol is in a specification.
Kimberly Linson: And that has been really eye-opening for me to understand the need first of all just like why that is so important and being able to to have standards that we can rely on to help us do the things that we want to do with credentials and so that that brings me to sort of my day job I work for a company called Randa Solutions we provide education software.
Kimberly Linson: Where to.
Kimberly Linson: Hence for credential licensure teacher Effectiveness observations evaluation kind of the workflow management systems and I said at the intersection of that work and our credentials work which is really the idea that all of those systems require the users to input various credentials which previous 22 now we're all sort of you know PDFs and screenshots and and self attestation 's and now we're moving in the direction of.
Kimberly Linson: Of being able to have them in put those.
Kimberly Linson: I verifiable credentials so that's the work that doing and lastly the only thing I can think of is that I would want to wear like a really amazing if I could just snap my fingers right no money's getting spent no need for me to go procure anything I can just snap my fingers and be in my costume I guess maybe it's like the Fairy Godmother from Cinderella right like I'd like to have like a really huge gigantic dress.
Kimberly Linson: And kind of magic one wouldn't hurt so all right so.
Kimberly Linson: Reduced myself we can do this one of two ways I can call on folks and make sure that everybody gets a chance to go or we can just have folks jump in and go off Mike what do you think Harrison.
Harrison_Tang: I'll jumping second it's fine I think people can raise their hand if they don't feel comfortable it's fine so I'm Harrison today I'm one of the cultures of w3c cqg so I've been involved in the ccg for the last year a little bit more than a year so I'm relatively new but not really a newbie anymore so my day job is I'm the co-founder and CEO Spokeo so we are one of the biggest people search.
Harrison_Tang: identity verification service in the United States.
Harrison_Tang: Aggregate about 19 billion records and we do entity resolution into about 600 million entities to help about 50 million users a month to search connect and know who they're dealing with so I come from a different angle of that identity which ballet in my industry they also call in self-identity service but it's more on the data side of things so big data aggregation and then on top of that will be.
Harrison_Tang: machine learning and things like that.
Harrison_Tang: You know one of the dreams I always have is sounds alright daddy actually it was in our industry I call it constant based search but it's the same concept it's about involving the DS objects into the identity transactions so I'll have always been interested in that for the last 12 years or so and I stumbled across you know this discipline and open standard bodies and and.
Harrison_Tang: no just one thing led to the other.
Harrison_Tang: I'm here today so I think earlier Kimberly mention about if I'm gonna wear something or my favorite Halloween costumes I would say my favorite one will be the one that my wife made for me to be a like a sponge Bobby looks really it really looks great looks really real so that one is probably the most memorable one.
Harrison_Tang: Alright who want to go next.
Harrison_Tang: I sorry I'm going to break my rule I'm going to call on Adrian Adrian want to start throwing go next all right guy you call people.
Kimberly Linson: I have a list now to Harrison so I'll.
Adrian Gropper: Okay I'll I'll go next I'm Adrian Grappa I've been a member of this community since as far back as it's been remembered I my interest is in demonstrating the use of verifiable credentials in the context of person-centered or self Sovereign agents I do this as a volunteer.
Adrian Gropper: Go on.
Adrian Gropper: Tear and in particular I am trying to evangelize the use of good nap because it is a delegation first and agent oriented standard as the way to handle verifiable credentials and I think last week's meeting with Justin was a milestone of clarity.
Adrian Gropper: Has to.
Adrian Gropper: A user Centric or or the user Centric request model is is the way of the future for digital credentials thanks.
Kimberly Linson: Adrian do you have a favorite Halloween costume.
Adrian Gropper: No but if I don't do anything at all I might go as Rasputin.
Kimberly Linson: Okay I like it I was going to say that you were one of the very first people that I met and had an opportunity to here in this community and one of the things that you you gave me was as a liberal arts kid and not a technology kid at the time and maybe not even really a kid but person I you helped me see that the.
Kimberly Linson: Section of all of this.
Kimberly Linson: Work to to sort of the greater underpinnings of philosophy and got me very very like helped me see the context so anybody else want to jump in next you want me to call on somebody.
Kimberly Linson: Well I can just move on down this list how about Brandy will you introduce yourself.
Kimberly Linson: Oh that's a great one I love it Brandi would you take just like give us your two sentence blurb on what life equipped is because I don't I don't think everyone knows and it's really cool.
Kimberly Linson: Great thank you all right so the I guess the other thing that you can do is you can put yourself on the Q which is what Erica just did so Erica I will go ahead and call on you.
Erica Connell: Hi can you hear me.
Erica Connell: Great I'm Erica Connell I have been around the space since 2016 ish I got involved through rebooting the web of trust and I'm currently on the board with rebooting also my day job is I work with legendary requirements I am the producer of the rubric podcast that legendary produces about dids and didn't.
Erica Connell: Methods we've had many of.
Erica Connell: On talking about them and will continue to do that and as for Halloween I my background is in actually in theater film I have a degree in directing so I really enjoy costumes that have a really fun kind of stage makeup be thing going on and this year I did one with colored contacts and I never did that before I always wanted to do that is it kind of completes a whole look so I did cool red crazy-looking.
Erica Connell: Tax with a red blood and.
<dmitri_zagidulin> that sounds awesome... (re contacts)
Kimberly Linson: Very well can you just buy those colored contacts at like the Halloween store.
Erica Connell: You can yeah and they usually have a selection of you know weird colors and interesting things and yeah works out.
Kimberly Linson: I guess my problem would be that because I wear contacts on a regular basis I would be able to wear the color contacts with and I wouldn't be able to actually see anything.
Erica Connell: Right now I have that same challenge I'm sure that this is contraindicated but I just put the colored contacts right on top of my regular contacts and and you know that was on the weekend just for a couple hours for a Halloween party but I was surprised you worked I think you're probably not supposed to do.
Kimberly Linson: Okay the last thing you know all right great this straight this is sewer learning so much for learning I love it all right does anyone else want to put themselves on the key or you want me to call in somebody alright Dmitry you're up next.
Dmitri Zagidulin: Alright hi everyone I'm Dimitri's a candle in the software engineer and I guess standards.
Dmitri Zagidulin: I'm on a lot of Standards calls so.
<charles_e._lehner> standards afficionado
Dmitri Zagidulin: I consult for several companies one of them's a my T's digital credentials Consortium where I'm Lee technical architect on the learn a credential wallet because that open source mobile app for verifiable credentials and ID's for students and employees and so on we also have open source issuer and verifier software.
Dmitri Zagidulin: Also do some work with Phil Long with regards to helping the HR industry sort of on board into the credential world and I'm also part of Consulting Cooperative that does General work and VCS and dids yeah that's it oh conflict costume Erica or somebody asked Kimberly asked.
Dmitri Zagidulin: Earlier what I would.
Dmitri Zagidulin: As this Halloween and I would say as a formal objection.
Dmitri Zagidulin: To you know I w3c's back that's it.
Kimberly Linson: I love it so great all right we've got folks now putting themselves on the Q and the first one up is Phil.
PL/T3: Can you hear me.
Dmitri Zagidulin: Yes we can hear you.
<econnell> :D
PL/T3: Hello hello okay always uncertain about that with my machine so I'm so long I've been with this group for a couple years now and work has and I put myself on the Queue because I do work with Dimitri and the T3 related activities which is intent on trying to leverage verifiable credentials as a primary mechanism to recognize skills and abilities in the context of employment and.
PL/T3: opportunities as well as.
PL/T3: You see use it as a as a mechanism for doing that and therefore to facilitate or encourage issuers to be more seriously attentive to descriptions of skills and abilities in the experiences they provide Learners and I say that after having been the 38 years in higher ed and so I originally was a behavioral ecologist and ornithologist.
PL/T3: and then in the.
PL/T3: Here I found a particularly useful for higher education Academia and in particular administrative work so so that's been helpful more recently in the standards and should be have become interested in the standards and also in mechanisms by which standards get developed I find it somewhat quixotic at this point but I'm still learning as far as.
PL/T3: Costume for Halloween I spent a lot of time in the South America doing work on Patagonia when my was a behavioral ecologist became very enamored of the Gauchos down there so I have a real costume that involves the paraphernalia in the like modules where and hadn't this initial dream when I was in the early academic I've been doing a lot of Behavioral observations and such from horseback so I came.
PL/T3: somewhat able to do horseback riding well.
PL/T3: Things at the same time so that's my that's my custody thanks.
Kimberly Linson: Thanks Phil that was that you know I've known you now for a long time and we've done since it's a work together and like I loved learning that about you that is fascinating so cool and I can picture you in your Gaucho costume no problem all right let's see I think Wendy are you I think you put yourself on the cues.
Wendy_Seltzer: Let's give that a try.
Kimberly Linson: Yeah we can hear you great.
Wendy_Seltzer: Brent thanks it's so much fun to get to hear a little bit more about folks on the call I'm Wendy Seltzer after 10 years of his strategy lead on council with World Wide Web Consortium I moved to two cows to do a project on user-centric identity and governance and so very happy to be participating in this group and and others trying to figure out.
Wendy_Seltzer: how we bring all of.
<dmitri_zagidulin> @Wendy - governance? ooh, that sounds interesting, I'd love to hear more! (I'm working on a Verifiable Governance draft spec etc)
Wendy_Seltzer: Technical work together in a system that users can rely on and Trust to serve their needs and as many of you also know that that's a long-term project but I'm appreciating that the insights from others who are working in Indian aspects.
Wendy_Seltzer: of it.
Dmitri Zagidulin: Oh that's good damn.
Wendy_Seltzer: And Demetrius suggestion of costuming as a formal objection reminded me of a costume I had constructed red tape so I had I can.
Kimberly Linson: That's really good I love it I might have to steal that one because that is a yeah that's a really good one it's a great.
Wendy_Seltzer: It may or may not have borrowed the trade dress of Scotch tape.
Erica Connell: :Clap:
Kimberly Linson: Lost so great and windy it was so nice to to meet you in person just a few weeks ago at IW so I really enjoyed enjoyed hearing you and a couple of sessions that I was in so thank you all right let's see let me check the queue and see if anyone has added themselves and if not I will call on the next person on my list which is Charles.
Charles E. Lehner: I'm Charles and I'm happy to be here costume wise to start with that if I can my go-to would be cat as you might guess but I also like the idea of historical figures some historical figure but I also like the idea of an abstract entity like like has been suggested like maybe a verifiable credential or just a QR code or or something could be amusing.
Charles E. Lehner: So I'm a I'm an independent consultant right now and doing things with with verifiable credentials and and did and I became involved here three years ago and.
Charles E. Lehner: And I think that's mostly it you're all good day.
Kimberly Linson: Is Charles Charles did a lot of work on the plugfest that we just had a few weeks ago as well and is an issuer actually they only I think independent issuer on the PC API playground so you can go and issue yourself one of Charles is credentials so thank you let's see.
Kimberly Linson: Okay going down my list hiroyuki.
Kimberly Linson: Actually you know what I made this list at the beginning and it looks like he's dropped all right Jeff.
<jeff_o_-_humanos> May need a mic moment...
Kimberly Linson: Jeff needs a mic moment okay you're up next all right now I feel like I've got a verify my list against my paper list against the list here so going down this list Kalia I see you up next.
Kimberly Linson: Oh the actual prompt is to three things introduce yourself and how you're connected to this community how long you've been here the kinds of things that you've done or interested in what you do sort of outside your day job and then lastly you can tell your favorite past Halloween costume or if you could snap your fingers and be anything you wanted for a future Halloween you can tell us what that is.
Kaliya Young: Okay great thank you my name is kolya my hand will online identity woman I've been blogging with that as the title of my blog since 2005 went off.
Kaliya Young: Ox are all.
Kaliya Young: Insisted everybody in the community get a Blog and start writing.
Kaliya Young: It's still one of the reasons the community is really open is because.
Kaliya Young: Blogging is more open than a mailing list.
Kaliya Young: Not that we didn't have mailing list but the blog's kind of complemented all that that makes a bland.
Kaliya Young: I'm not really even sure when I joined the verifiable credentials mailing list I think it was probably sometime after Manu like there was a hole thread working on some of this stuff mmm.
Kaliya Young: Apart from what we call the user Centric digital identity community and then like Manu came to rebooting web of trust and I helped facilitate that one Microsoft and New York and then the kind of two communities merged into one big Community working on the same set of problems so that was fun.
Kaliya Young: What do I do.
Kaliya Young: Now I have a consultancy with my colleague Lucy we are doing lots of fun stuff including our kind.
Dmitri Zagidulin: Did we lose Claire is just me.
Kimberly Linson: Not just you.
Kimberly Linson: We lost you player.
Kaliya Young: Favorite with different organizations to help them with their convening and strategy and stuff so one of our clients is open wallet.
Kimberly Linson: I think it seems like she's going in and out.
<pl/t3> mic issues abound ;-)
Kimberly Linson: Mike issues abound yes.
Kimberly Linson: Okay cool yeah I'm going to have.
Kimberly Linson: I have Jeff go although looks like Jeff with his mic issues.
Kimberly Linson: Gas is not is not here right now either so so Nick Europe.
Nick_Doty: Hi my name is Nick Dougherty I'm a senior technologist at the center for democracy and Technology I'm a longtime participant and web standards around privacy and particular I co-chair at the Privacy interest group and I'm particularly interested in credentials because of the privacy and free expression and sort of equity and discrimination issues that are possible with the proliferation of hi.
Nick_Doty: Assurance credentials about people.
Nick_Doty: That's the topic that we're working on in the Privacy interest group and that is relevant across many working groups that w3c or other standards bodies terms of Halloween costumes my newborn went as a blueberry this year that we enjoyed.
Kimberly Linson: Oh that is very cute I love it Nick where is the center for democracy and Technology located.
Nick_Doty: It's a nonprofit organization with offices in DC and Brussels but I'm here in Durham North Carolina.
Kimberly Linson: Okay I'm here in Washington DC and with the name like Center for building democracy I thought for sure you had to be kind of an office here so great well I'm just glad I'm glad to have you here let's see okay I think Jeff joined again yes Jeff you're up.
Jeff_O_-_HumanOS: Hi there is this working.
Jeff_O_-_HumanOS: And tastic sorry about that and boy I wanted to hear what Kelly has Halloween costume has gone to be miss that my name is Jeff I am in my 6th year of following this community I am a computer guy / digital Anthropologist at this point but the first computer is on the shelves at Best Buy in 1988 and have watched the evolution of people's relationships with tech and how that is made its way into their.
Jeff_O_-_HumanOS: lives one of my key phrases I.
Jeff_O_-_HumanOS: What I call a person's reality which is a relationship they choose to have or not have with information Technologies and those real it relationship choices reflect into people's reality so a lot of the work I bring two iiw is the idea of sort of the yin yang between people and systems if you could imagine a yin-yang I sort of see myself certainly in either one of those portions of the in Yang if sometimes not both.
Jeff_O_-_HumanOS: yet probably the most valuable place for.
Jeff_O_-_HumanOS: Thin line between the two sections that little membrane there that interpretive layer that layer of action and acting so that's pretty much my gig I will say the first year and a half of listening to you always like what I called NASA talk but I have actually gotten to understand a fair portion of it which I'm very very grateful for I'll also say that one of the greatest gifts I have when I leave this community is to step out to the people I work with.
Jeff_O_-_HumanOS: and I don't know of very many people in our community who actually work on.
Jeff_O_-_HumanOS: Is with people daily I do get to take the news of you all and the good effort and intentions and heart and mind of this community and assure people that there are wonderful wonderful people out there working in the interest of respectful text so you all give me a great gift to carry forward in regards to a Halloween costume my favorite Halloween costume is probably being a dad of a kid who was trick-or-treating I would pull a garden cart.
Jeff_O_-_HumanOS: wagon that was all decorated up with glow sticks and amazing things each year.
<kaliya_identity_woman> sorry - I was dropped. I don't know how far I got.
Jeff_O_-_HumanOS: I kind of dress like a guy who would be on a horse but not so much wearing a gaucho is maybe an oilskin duster and a Cowboy head so I looked a little shady a little creepy as I'm pulling things along but my kids my kids big anymore we don't get to do that stuff so if I were to dress up now I would like to dress up as Bruce Lee in the form of being water so that I can flow fit thank you all.
Kimberly Linson: Great I love it and I now have big kids to you my youngest just announced that he was not going to be dressing up for Halloween and and Nick I was thinking very much back to the blueberry days so enjoy it.
Jeff_O_-_HumanOS: Yeah it it's a stinger yeah absolutely enjoy it and the red tape stuff is great all right I'm off.
Kimberly Linson: This seventh grade all right so Kalia we heard a little bit about what you were what your your Consulting Group is doing but if you want to kind of summarize that in one you know like Fell Swoop like repeat what you said I'm just in case it got dropped and then everyone after you dropped was very disappointed not to know what your Halloween costume would be so I will give it back to you.
Kaliya Young: Okay my friend works with companies in the space on strategy and also our favorite writing open source analysis reports that are sponsored by various people who want clear communication to support Clarity and one of our clients right now so open Wallet Foundation we're working with them on convenings as well and strategy my mother was an elementary school teacher.
Kaliya Young: She she often was a really great way she was taught a guy was I'm quite tall but I have to say red tape informal of Jackson really won my heart day is good cow lowing Customs so yeah like oh my God but like like an ietf Halloween baby those anyways.
Kimberly Linson: A theme some your own were all together we'll have to have it the SE.
Kaliya Young: Well guess what next fall is the last day of iws Halloween so if you want to or not.
<cel> nice
Kimberly Linson: Well there we go we're all going to have to we're gonna have yeah we're gonna have to have a lottery for who gets to go as red tape yeah we'll have to think about that but no that's really fun we will that I can't wait okay Vanessa.
<wendy_seltzer> I'll look forward to seeing standards-themed Halloween!
Mike Xu: Hi everyone I am actually Harrison's assistant so I'm in the background hoping schedule everything but it's been great learning about everything at w3c I obviously knew nothing when I join so it's been pretty interesting I obviously I learned a lot about web 3 so it's interesting to learn all of this as well on identity side and I joined I believe in March.
Mike Xu: Watch when I joined Spokeo.
Mike Xu: And then for Halloween I think I have been dressed up in years but I think my favorite Halloween costume was thing couple years ago we all made giant costumes and we're all different fruits and I was watermelon so that was probably what I would like to be for Halloween again this year if I were to dress up.
Kimberly Linson: It's great I love it and Vanessa it's so nice to meet you and so I'm going to have just a moment you know to to thank you for all that you are doing behind the scenes to schedule and get the meeting minutes and recordings posted that is a I can't even begin to tell you how grateful I am for her about work.
Mike Xu: It's gorgeous thank you all for it's interesting as well so I enjoy joining this on Tuesday Mornings.
Kimberly Linson: I think as I look down the list that I got everyone no I did not did I Ted.
Kimberly Linson: You're not perfect.
TallTed_//_Ted_Thibodeau_(he/him)_( Be careful what you wish for so I am Ted Thibodaux I'm with open link software where I've been since December of 2000 I've been involved in.
TallTed_//_Ted_Thibodeau_(he/him)_( Identity and privacy and linked data and rdf and all those sorts of things for at least 15 years I can't quite find the first participation that I was visible on.
TallTed_//_Ted_Thibodeau_(he/him)_( But I've been receiving various lists since at least then and if you put in a bar Quest on anything on those lines whether in a community group or a working group you've probably seen me poking at your grammar and punctuation because Clarity of communication is vital in all of these areas.
TallTed_//_Ted_Thibodeau_(he/him)_( Is costumes go I typically fail to think of anything close to the holiday my ideas come at the wrong times of the year so when it does come the holiday I reach back for terrible puns and have been seen as a serial killer with a box of your favorite cereal actually whatever's cheapest that day suspended by a hangman's noose and with a knife through the box that sort of thing I've also been all that and a bag.
TallTed_//_Ted_Thibodeau_(he/him)_( I have chips because you know chip.
TallTed_//_Ted_Thibodeau_(he/him)_( Good and easy to acquire.
<charles_e._lehner> got chips today; can confirm
<dmitri_zagidulin> lol
Kimberly Linson: Those are great great ideas I love it well I really appreciate for those of you that are new to the community Ted is a wealth of information and and again that context and so if you have a question about sort of the overall sort of how we got.
Kimberly Linson: We all right anybody else that that doesn't introduce yourself.
Kimberly Linson: I also really enjoyed getting to know everyone a little bit more today and this is this was great actually so the next thing on if I were refer I were going through the agenda the normal agenda the next thing on the list would be announcements and reminders so let's go ahead and follow that and does anybody have any announcements or reminders for the community about things that are going on or important things that we need to be aware of.
PL/T3: Yes I mentioned this at a call the other day but the skills forward RFP for end-to-end use of verifiable credentials in the process of issuing aggregating into a digital wallet forming and do a presentation as part of a job application and its consumption by an employer to consider an applicant's quality and soup is suitable in this for a position is going to be closing.
PL/T3: 82 I believe it is and that is sponsored by a group that has a bunch of philanthropies Walmart strata and others and they are going to be so rewarding approximately 8 to 12 proposals of about 1.5 million or so to try to advance the notion of.
PL/T3: of the use of these credentials.
PL/T3: In the skills based hiring and advancement Community thank you.
Kimberly Linson: Yes I'm not sure how many of you on this call are is knee-deep and in those I am Phil knows but yes we are all it is November 8th and I have a little clock that's telling me how many minutes until those are do when they are finished and when those demonstration projects have been awarded I think it would be really great for this community to to have maybe someone from skills forward come and kind of talk about what that process.
Kimberly Linson: This was like and and what they saw because this.
<pl/t3> Happy to arrange someone from SkillsFWD to give a status report once awards are made
Kimberly Linson: About scale and being able to take the projects that have been you know we've been doing a lot of work in the last couple of years things have really started to like that flywheel you can sort of start to see it starting to turn and the these demonstration projects are really going to accelerate both adoption and and scalability so it'll be interesting to see maybe hear from them in this you know in the late winter early spring is that work is going.
Kimberly Linson: And that would be grateful so yes we will look for.
Kimberly Linson: Anybody else with an announcement or reminder.
Kimberly Linson: Charles go ahead.
Kimberly Linson: I think you're still muted Charles.
Charles E. Lehner: Oh hi I did the dif hackathon is going on and there are some some informational sessions scheduled that could be helpful as part of that as well I'll put a link.
Kimberly Linson: That would be great thank you.
Charles E. Lehner:
Harrison_Tang: Yeah let's just preview the upcoming topics I will have so in November we have to a Manu to talk about the to age verification you know how you got that to be adopted by the state of California and then after that on November 14th will have Daniel and ride to talk about open Wallet foundations updates and then the week after that on the 21st. for the Skills-based Hiring and Advancement RFP info
Harrison_Tang: To present on the ID technology Assessments in healthcare and then lastly we got the mystery item entry here to talk about verifiable golf confidence on the November 28th so that's just a quick preview of what's coming.
Kimberly Linson: It's going to be a great a great month of talks I will Naomi who is not here today I will I will make an announcement on her behalf and that is that the the velocity Network Foundation is hosting a couple of very Elementary talks for those who are interested in the education cluster I think when velocity came to speak to this group they.
Kimberly Linson: Out some of the healthcare and banking work that they had done but now were there definitely sort of a new focus on education credentials and and actually bringing in some of the credential standards that I think are familiar to this group The Open badge the CLR and how they can be they have a very interesting credential model with level 1 and level 2 credentials and so I don't even know that that that's a.
Kimberly Linson: Little Advanced for I think what's going to be covered.
Kimberly Linson: These information sessions but I just put a link to that in case you think that that's something that you might be interested in finding out a little bit more about what they're doing so.
Kimberly Linson: Any other announcements and reminders.
Kimberly Linson: All right well I will I'd like to sort of open it up with one more thing which is around work items or things that people are working on with work items if you want to give us a quick update or if you have something that you are interested in and you want to sort of pose it to this group since we have just a couple of minutes before we need to end I will go ahead and open that up this is an open meeting and so you.
Kimberly Linson: Can really.
Kimberly Linson: Into the table you'd like.
Dmitri Zagidulin: I think for this question this is this is great I'd love to hear what ccg related stuff people are working on I'm I'm working on a couple of things one is continuing to work on the render method specification for verifiable credentials which if you're not familiar with it is a reserved property for in the VC data model where issue.
Dmitri Zagidulin: H can put hints or.
Dmitri Zagidulin: On what the credential should look like and it's icy CG work item so work is gearing up on that at our team at DC and the other thing working on with Phil and some others is.
Dmitri Zagidulin: Both the specification but specifically the implementation of linking verify the credentials to other credentials and to external assets using a essentially a hash link method which is just the URL and then another property that is the digest hash now that digest ssris part of the very fabric credentials data model its back oh and the other thing I'm working on is.
Dmitri Zagidulin: Is how to represent.
Dmitri Zagidulin: And organizations is in deeds and VCS right so specifically group membership given that we're using dids for so so often to represent.
Dmitri Zagidulin: Companies government agencies and so on the question becomes how do I how do I use something like dudes in VCS to represent.
Dmitri Zagidulin: Membership in a group for purposes of authorization but more importantly for purposes of attribution and signing meaning how do I sign as my University how do I sign as the department if I'm the department head and how do I how do I have a did that's just for role and how do I sign as that role for the organization which has its own did so that sort of thing.
Kimberly Linson: Great that actually is really interesting I hadn't even thought about that so so I'm one I'm interested in that but I also I think you know I'm very interested in the render method stuff so how how would I or somebody else use on this call connect with you about you know participating in that work.
Dmitri Zagidulin: Yeah God so let me post the link to the spec and my email and also feel free to connect with me on Signal or something else but yes let's send an email so one second let me render method.
Kimberly Linson: Thank you and fell while he's putting those links in your turn.
<dmitri_zagidulin> feel free to reach out to me at:
PL/T3: Sure thank you and plus 1/2 Dimitri's tremendous help along with golden Velez on the link claims we actually have funding at this point from The Gates Foundation to build a web app to enable individuals to make self-assertive credential assist statements about a third party either directly to another credential in the with the hash link binding that Dimitri was talking about or to a an ID property within.
PL/T3: in the credential to be more granular and specific about.
<harrison_tang> @dmitri, what about your work on the group stuff? do you have a link for that?
PL/T3: Asian so that's that's exciting but I wanted to mention another thing that's also been put forward and that is the notion of a narrative credential so that you could imagine if you will a narrative that's a text story that you're presenting that describes yourself and your capabilities but using links in this case hash links to other credentials in your wallet that have the just.
<dmitri_zagidulin> @Harrison - not yet, will shortly later this week!
Kimberly Linson: And where is that work being done is that.
PL/T3: Operation of the statement you're making in the narrative so it's much like a 1-1 will write a paper and have citations at the back of the paper this is the same idea except with multiple credentials being bound together with these link claims so when they are sent as a presentation the structure remains and the recipient can choose to follow those if as you've outlined it or not just all leading towards the notion of a credential based resume thanks.
PL/T3: that work.
PL/T3: Is being done in part through the HR Open Standards group they have a resume group that is chaired by a fellow named Andrew consoelo and and it is being sponsored in part by T3 and we believe we will be getting some additional funding to help move that forward.
Kimberly Linson: Great that is I'm very interested in that as well that's that's great all right Charles.
Charles E. Lehner: Verifiable Credentials for Education task force that the plugfest 3 with jff Labs is is in completion and credentials are being issued and it may have already been mentioned but the participant videos are online and.
Charles E. Lehner: That's the.
Charles E. Lehner: Status of that.
<pl/t3> Anyone interested in the Narrative Credential I'd love to hear from you! email:
Dmitri Zagidulin: Thanks Charlie and yeah highly recommends of people who are interested what the current sort of state of the art in credential wallet looks like that because the participant videos are good snapshot or intersection.
Kimberly Linson: Yes thanks Dimitri I was muted while I was asking Charles if you had a link to the head to the to the place where people can go and watch those videos I know I have it buried somewhere but if you have it handy question.
Dmitri Zagidulin: I think just posted I think Charles were supposed to tidy up.
Kimberly Linson: Great thank you.
Kimberly Linson: Okay well I really enjoyed this time getting to know everyone today and I know it will be great on future calls to be able to have a little bit more information about what you do in your background as we're making connections between the speakers that we have signed up to to present to us I'll give the q1 last minute to see if anybody has anything that they really want to add.
Kimberly Linson: And I will let everyone go for today and we will look forward to seeing you next week thanks everybody.
<jeff_o_-_humanos> thx all
<harrison_tang> Thanks!
<pl/t3> Cheers!
Charles E. Lehner: It's going really.
Erica Connell: :Clap: