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W3C CCG Weekly Teleconference

Transcript for 2023-11-21

Our Robot Overlords are scribing.
Kimberly Linson: That did not seem to work.
Kimberly Linson: Let me try it again.
Kimberly Linson: It says it is recording.
Kimberly Linson: So let's I'm watching it transcribe as I speak so we're going to we're going to keep our fingers crossed that this is this is accurate if anybody has any like wants to weigh in on whether or not I'm making a mistake by all means please let me know let me go back to running through our housekeeping items on the agenda we this community is so valuable and I really.
Kimberly Linson: She ate the.
Kimberly Linson: Been showing each other in our conversations and just a reminder that we do hold ourselves to a high standard for professional conduct and if you want to read more about that the link is in the agenda we welcome anyone to participate in these calls and are so happy to have you here if you're planning to participate in a more substantial Way by contributing to the work item.
Kimberly Linson: There see it didn't do it okay let's try it again.
<laura_paglione> I'm new I'm not sure how to put myself on queue+?
<harrison_tang> just type in "q+"
<laura_paglione> I see it!
<pl/t3> The Orcid system is great btw!
<harrison_tang> welcome Sophia and Laura!
<laura_paglione> Thanks @PR/T3!
<pauld_gs1> anyone else getting booted from the meeting?
<pauld_gs1> thanks Kimberly. Must be my internet.
<laura_paglione> The work from this group (GA4GH - Data Use & Researcher Identity Worksteam) may be an interesting group to talk with: They work specifically in data flows related to Genomics Data
<kimberly_wilson_linson> Great question!
<sophia> The GitHub page with the resources is still in private mode as it is still work in progress but I will share it via email to this group as soon as it is live
<laura_paglione> :clap: Thank you!
<harrison_tang> Thanks !!
<tallted> ccgbot1, bye
<tallted> manu, how do we boot ccgbot and ccgbot1, so that a new session can be started and recorded and all?