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Time: 12pm Boston
    VoIP: sip:ccg@
    US phone: +1.540.274.1034 x6306
    EU phone: + x6306
Chat: Web, IRC
Duration:60 minutes

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Publishing the Minutes

Scribe and Minutes Publishing Training Video

See a video recording of our training session demonstrating how to scribe (1st half of the video) and how to publish minutes (2nd half). Available https://youtu.be/0Sn7co2eSCo.

This section documents how one can clean up and publish minutes.

At the end of every call, the raw IRC log and audio recording are uploaded to:

What follows is how you take those raw files and process them to generate the finalized minutes for the meeting.


To publish the minutes, you must have the meetings Github repository checked out. WARNING: This is a very large, multi-gigabyte repository, don’t try to download it without a good Internet connection. These instructions should work for Linux and Mac OS X systems.

  1. git clone git@github.com:w3c-ccg/meetings.git w3c-ccg-meetings
  2. cp publishing.cfg.example publishing.cfg
  3. Update the EDITOR to your desired editor in publishing.cfg
  4. Install an audio editor update the associated variable in publishing.cfg. The default editor used in the config file is audacity.
  5. Enable api access to your Twitter account and update the associated variables in publishing.cfg
    1. Go to https://apps.twitter.com/
    2. Select “Create New App”
    3. You can fill out any details; don’t need a callback
    4. Populate the SCRAWL_TWITTER_* variables in publishing.cfg
  6. [NOT IMPLEMENTED YET: feel free to skip this step] Enable api access to your LinkedIn account and update associated variables in publishing.cfg
    1. Go to https://www.linkedin.com/developer/apps
    2. Select “Create Application”
    3. After filling in details, generate a client id and secret
    4. Populate the SCRAWL_LINKEDIN_* variables in publishing.cfg
  7. Update publishing.cfg with your SMTP information for sending emails.
    • If you don’t have one, you can use Google’s free SMTP server https://kinsta.com/knowledgebase/free-smtp-server/. The default entries in publishing.cfg.example are those used with gmail. You should just have to change your from address, username (the same), and password.
    • Update the SCRAWL_EMAIL_* variables in publishing.cfg


Download the raw minutes:

  1. Run the download-raw-minutes script; flags/options are described below
    • ./download-raw-minutes downloads the raw minutes and audio for the current date.
    • ./download-raw-minutes -l downloads the raw minutes and audio for the current date and autolaunches the text and video editors afterward.
    • ./download-raw-minutes -d [YYYY-MM-DD] downloads the raw minutes and audio for the specified date.
    • ./download-raw-minutes -h prints help
  2. Minutes and audio are placed in a directory formatted as [YYYY-MM-DD], (e.g. 2018-01-09)


Edit the downloaded minutes:

  1. Clean up the audio:
    • Open the audio-raw.wav file in an editor (see setup above):
    • Delete all audio before the Chair starts talking about the Agenda
    • Delete all audio after the first person hangs up at the end of the call.
    • Save the new file as audio.wav or encode to .ogg (file name audio.ogg) at 32kbps
      • For example: oggenc -b 32 audio.wav
  2. Clean up the minutes
    • Go to the online scribe tool and copy/paste irc.log into the text input box at the bottom.
    • Clean up the IRC log accordingly and overwrite irc.log with the edited file.
    • Things to check
      • Look for any find/replace suggestions in irc.log and update them (s/../..)
      • Ensure aliases have matches


Publish the minutes:

  1. cd ../scribe-tool
  2. ./publish -d ../<LATEST_MINUTES_DIRECTORY> (e.g. ./publish -d ../2018-01-09)

If there are no errors, the latest minutes should now be published.

Debugging issues

If using gmail’s SMTP server, you may get an error message (ending like below) the first time; if so, just check your email to enable API access.

   { Error: bad response on command 'cjdHOTJkNGI='
     code: 2,
     smtp: '534-5.7.14 <https://accounts.google.com/signin/continue?sarp=1&scc=1&plt=AKgnsbvh\n534-5.7.14 IaUhK_-5AOCdpwIXJl2IjOdVTpJv15b1PByBixau67mqEq0Fll-90x-7pW_ffwpwGtNW1T\r\n534-5.7.14 B7nokaCYy9MsgZtK0_VFQsfj8NJks30BNBStBSJCwWQ4q_cih92MPe9UguqixShXYA1S3r\r\n534-5.7.14 6O9N-0wdU-QbrVawNogjL-z_lpAYFeaafanfWWlfBzRdI-tIz8JbNMYmiAbbq0AkyFo2TO\r\n534-5.7.14 QF_I9lGHt5nDzIsmW_5lyHxOC7fLQ> Please log in via your web browser and\r\n534-5.7.14 then try again.\r\n534-5.7.14  Learn more at\r\n534 5.7.14  https://support.google.com/mail/answer/78754 63-v6sm4339204pgi.4 - gsmtp\r\n' },
  smtp: undefined }