RDF Dataset Canonicalization Test Vocabulary

This is a vocabulary document used to define classes and properties used in RDF Dataset Canonicalization Test Cases and associated test manifests.

This vocabulary extends the RDF Test Vocabulary and Test Manifest Vocabulary with Normalization-specific tests. The URI of the vocabulary is http://w3c-ccg.github.io/rdf-dataset-canonicalization/tests/vocab# (abbreviated by rdfn in this document). Turtle and JSON-LD versions of the vocabular are also available. The vocabulary is published by the W3C Credentials Community Group.

Vocabulary Terms

The vocabulary terms below constitute the complete RDF Dataset Canonicalization Test vocabulary


Superclass of all RDF Dataset Canonicalization tests

All RDF Dataset Canonicalization tests have an input file referenced using mf:action and a result file referenced using mf:result. Results are compared as text where the result of running the test is serialized to canonical N-Quads, lexicographically-sorted.

  • mf:ManifestEntry
  • rdft:Test
URDNA2015 Evaluation Test

Canonicalization performed using the URDNA2015 algorithm.

subClassOf: rdfn:Test
URGNA2012 Evaluation Test

Normalization performed using the URGNA2012 algorithm.

subClassOf: rdfn:Test