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Credentials CG Telecon

Minutes for 2019-09-10

Yancy Ribbens: I can scribe
Yancy Ribbens is scribing.

Topic: Introductions and Reintroduction

Orie Steele: Work at transmute and DID signatures

Topic: Announcements & Reminders

Kim Hamilton Duffy: Still in the middle of identity month
... still dedicated DID call on thursday
Drummond Reed: Where is markus
... to clarify because it's a thing they will continue but just on resolution
... cut down to one hour
Kim Hamilton Duffy: Dedicated on thursday
Kim Hamilton Duffy:
... time starts at 1pm pst
... or 8pm utc
... next event is TPAC
... in dates in Japan
Kim Hamilton Duffy:
... next is my data in finland
... will contain a DID workshop
... and also there is IIW coming up
... anything to add anyone?
Drummond Reed: Wants to make that folks understand the DID work going on is going to the DID WG
... to join WG you need to be a W3C member
... we'd love to have you
Kim Hamilton Duffy: DID meetup and interop-athon
Joe Andrieu: DID working group URL :
... basically an attempt to demo credentials and DIDs end to end
... happening right before IIW

Topic: Action Items

Kim Hamilton Duffy: We have these registries and there has been a process to capture the process
... if you're interested in contributing to an actual work item, this is a good chance to lead this
... we are going to ping the group at a regular time
... next to VC next steps

Topic: Verifiable Credentials next steps

Kim Hamilton Duffy: VC data model is W3C proposed recommendation. great work Dan shepherding this stuff through.
... there were some things discussed that needs to be taken on by the w3c group
... what are the things we need to do in the ccg and vc post wg
Heather Vescent: I meant to get on the queue to share an announcement. Can I grab a minute when there is a moment?
Heather Vescent: Wants to mention that non person entity report
Heather Vescent: Will be doing a SSI meetup
... if you're interested in more information
... there's one happening next week
Heather Vescent: Here's the link to the SSI Meetup webinar where I will talk about the Gaps in Corporate and IoT identity that was funded by DHS S&T:
Joe Andrieu: Can share what was on the last call
... it's wrapping up and no more phone calls
... no more calls
... we expect datamodel to be formal rec in 4 weeks
... had several requests to maintain registries
... there is a get together in Japan and let Dan or Joe know if interested
Kim Hamilton Duffy: I have a question
... for items that need to be carried over, do we need an owner?
Joe Andrieu: Yes. we are in the middle of figuring out how we want registries to be handled in general
... current process is only working groups can handle registries
... so any registries in the VC data model, we have the authority to manage
... what happend today was a formal authorization
Kim Hamilton Duffy: Next thing on agenda
... DID working group is approved
... Breant Z will be chair
... we have TPAC coming up and DID discussions will be happening there
... was going to call on Dan for that

Topic: Decentralized Identity Working Group

Joe Andrieu: As I mentioned for those that have been at any tpac. we break that into 1 to 1.5 hour sessions
... bring them up to me, dan or brent if concerns
... if anyone has any comments or highlights to bring up send them to me
... we will be setting up the time for the DID working group
... that will all be discussed and decided then in Japan
Brent Zundel: We are meeting monday and tuesday
... agenda will go out thursday or friday
...if you are able to join the w3c or working group do that
... we have limited spots for invited experts
... we will have presentations on DIDs
... discussion on technical specs and foundations
Drummond Reed: Funny thing is I was going to make sure things are covered. just wants to say congrats to brent and dan
... super glad they are doing this
Dan Burnett: Thank you
... the only thing I would add is if there is anyone that has topics that we should cover in the agenda
... to send them
... will be sending call out for potential topics
Dan Burnett: Rough agenda in mind but please let us know if you have something you want for us to consider adding to the agenda
... contact either one of us
Joe Andrieu: Has a question for the new chairs
... what do we need to do to transition the new use case docs
Dan Burnett: Nothing that will guarantee that, although the more something looks like a work product the better.
... what's going to happen in the DID wg will consist of many people
... some people who were in the VC wg and some who are not
... the wg will decide what its use cases are
... the expecation that the chairs have during the meeting is that someone will lead it and ask for sources of use cases and requirements
... for example use cases that came from the ccg
... if there is agreement and those use cases should go in or should be a starting point
... then make a copy of it and begin working there
... being prepared to poiint out the value of it is where we want to go
Joe Andrieu: Current draft as intput?
Dan Burnett: Correct
Drummond Reed: I am planning on attending.
Brent Zundel: It would be good to know who on the call is attending
... we have 80 people signed up
Jonathan Holt: Regrets
... who on the call will be at TPAC and we can be more organized
Joe Andrieu: +1 To being there
Kim Hamilton Duffy: Please make a note in irc
Drummond Reed: Thurs and friday are two days of wg meeting days plus otheres
... folks that are planning on coming please take a look at the wiki
... given the level of interest just qa
... and then Helen Garneau will hold a non technical session
... wants to encourage folks for those attending
... will make sure to post on irc
Kim Hamilton Duffy: Would be great to share more broadly
Drummond Reed: Can send email
Ken Ebert: Will be there to try and help support heather
Kim Hamilton Duffy: That will be a very good topic in ccg
Kim Hamilton Duffy: Ending early today. Dan great work getting everything through
... have fun at tpac next week
Dan Burnett: Super excited about this group starting
... it will be great to see this work moving forward
Kim Hamilton Duffy: No meeting next week
... see everyone next week after that