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Minutes for 2020-01-14

Amy Guy: Regrets+
Tim Bouma: Tim Bouma, Dave Roberts - Government of Canada
Jonathan Holt is scribing.
Jonathan Holt is scribing.
Kim Hamilton Duffy: Simone Ravaoli from Digitary
Kim Hamilton Duffy: Joelh from usaa
Kim Hamilton Duffy: Riley Hughes from Streetcred
Riley Hughes: Riley from ID
John Jordan: Tomislav!

Topic: Introductions & Reintroductions

Kimhd Anouncements F2F in amsterdam,

Topic: Announcements and Reminders

Heather Vescent: Final report from DHS research was released today.
Orie Steele: Link to report?
... State of decentralized ID survey. taking the temperature
Carl DiClementi: Seems like there is an echo from someone, please mute if you're not talking
Heather Vescent: State of Decentralized Identity 2020 survey:

Topic: Action Items

Kim Hamilton Duffy: Need to host Schema for current JSON-LD Signatures
Heather Vescent: Introducing Sensors, Identifiers, & Digital Twins Rep[ort link:
Kim Hamilton Duffy: Good work closing out issues. We have some JSON-LD issues not sure how to close
... issue#97 need to host JSON-LD secure signature.
Manu Sporny: Not much progress/no progress
... low priority at present
Kim Hamilton Duffy: This is a digital signature issue. we need to work together to get some more momentum.
Christopher Allen: Does anyone else have priority?
Christopher Allen: Anyway to work together?
Kim Hamilton Duffy: Point of order regarding background noise
Jonathan Holt: JSON-LD signatures -- it's about hosting schema. not using in method but want to support. having problems parsing re rdf normalization [scribe assist by Kim Hamilton Duffy]
Orie Steele: Link to issues would be helpful, if you want comments from the group.
Manu Sporny: The difficulty is that everyone is asking for something different. to be clear. there is a reference implementation in JS.
Markus Sabadello: There's a work-in-progress LD signature implementation in Java:
Orie Steele: If you are interested in building Linked Data Signatures for any JOSE based JWS:
... while there aren't reference implementation in your favorite language. there need more work on the specs.
... if you are deploying in JS then there are implementations there
... we are moving forward, but need people to do the work. need another call to discuss.
Christopher Allen: Keep running into people working on different implementation like C++ but are out of date or need extra stuff. yes it is a documenation problem but disagree it is low priority.
... perhaps updating examples, and point to the JS implementation and working examples to compare it against. hard to point to and the larger exosystem is looking at JWT as an alternative.
Dmitri Zagidulin: I'd love to hear specifics about which examples aren't working? the ld-signatures spec examples are up to date..
Christopher Allen: They don’t do signatures
Ganesh Annan: Here is a link to the JS implementation
Kim Hamilton Duffy: We keep having github issues come up regarding JSON-LD, my concerns is that they aren't being filed away and addressed elsewhere. do we need a new task force?
Orie Steele: Agree with ChristopherA, the challenge is there are a lot of documentation that are out of date and should be marked deprecated.
Heather Vescent: Someone is making a lot of background noise.
Carl DiClementi: +1 A task / feature is *incomplete* until all associated documentation is updated
... we need to require up to date documentation and a single github repo to collect it
Heather Vescent: Tx
... and fix it there, rather than multiple locations.
Carl DiClementi: +1 Single location for documentation (current spread across 3+ repo's / github orgs)
Kim Hamilton Duffy: If we have a single github repo, better centralized.
Manu Sporny: +1 On separate call
Orie Steele: +1 To centralizing JSON-LD Signatures documentation.
Joe Andrieu: +1 On our regular call one week
Kim Hamilton Duffy: Give a +1 if you want separate call.
Joel Hartshorn: +1 On separate call
Carl DiClementi: +1 On separate call
Dave Longley: +1 On some kind of call on it
Kim Hamilton Duffy: Moving on the department of education report out

Topic: Dept of EDU report out

Christopher Allen: (I’m on flight next week, but it isn’t dependent on me)
Kim Hamilton Duffy: Blockchain in education touching on SSI. Drummond and I presented, the focus was regarding socializing SSI in education.
Manu Sporny: Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
... the education privacy regulation (lots of it) doesn't align with the SSI principles.
.... goal wasn't to make tech advancements, but discuss requirements. there was interest in adopting ideas and adopting principles. contextual identity.
.... asking what the laws would look like and how it would touch other verticals.
Drummond Reed: Fabulous event! the combination of SSI and interesection with governance frameworks.
... family educational privacy act (FERPA). similar to GDPR regarding what can be disclosed in education.
Juan Caballero: (Professors at liberal arts colleges know all about it-- we used to joke that the regulation was passed to protect us from the prying phone calls from parents!)
... we made a lot of progress in the knowledge in the educational space. kimhd should take a bow for her contribution. huge opportunities in the space.
Kaliya Young: Kim was AMAZING at the event!
... big emphasis in life long learners.
Juan Caballero: :D
Kim Hamilton Duffy: I'm working on adding some links on this topic. Time would be soon. will pass on more info
Kim Hamilton Duffy: Topic credential issuer and API
Markus Sabadello: Background the US government has been mentioned (... and they are listening). introduces DHS and SVIP program
... examples identity cards. this work items is regarding the Interoperability of different DID methods and should be swappable.
... this is about preventing vendor lock-in
... this isn't about moving credentials ( like DIDCom or openID connect), this is about internal API. if you want to be an issuer what API do you call?
... what software component do you use. there is a first draft with feedback. there have been known weaknesses that have been raised.
... feedback?
Kim Hamilton Duffy: This has been proposed as a work item. the concern: are there any substative concerns?
John Jordan: I would support a WG. we have been working in this model, our Aries cloud agent has been in this space and can share our lessons learned.
Markus Sabadello: There are multiple companies that have made progress and this is great.
John Jordan: Users group for Aries Cloud Agent - Python
Kim Hamilton Duffy: I said WG but should be task group
John Jordan: Aries Cloud Agent - Python -
Kim Hamilton Duffy: Discussing with co-chairs flow of work item
Markus Sabadello: If you create a repo, i can move the work

Topic: Scribe tools issues

Kim Hamilton Duffy: Moving on the scribe tool issues.
John Jordan: BFN ...
Kim Hamilton Duffy: Everyone except manu seems to forget why we're doing what we're doing
Kim Hamilton Duffy: Manu, should we try something else?
Manu Sporny: Everyone would need space on w3c and may need to request tooling for that. we will lose recordings. we would gain that other people can clean up the minutes.
... the script is broken in a simple way. but the burden would be on kimhd , everyone could submit the notes. there is more interest in zoom.
... pluses and minuses of moving to zoom.
Kim Hamilton Duffy: If we move to zoom, we don't have the log.
Ted Thibodeau: Among other things with zoom -- someone would have to pay. free calls cut off after ~40 minutes, and there are user count limits.
Manu Sporny: No infrastructure for indexing in google, ect
Wayne Vaughn: With zoom problems with firewall in china.
Carl DiClementi: Personal anecdote: I do not find it easy to follow the minutes sent out via email in the current state. That does not mean moving aware from the current tooling will improve this scenario, just an observation.
Manu Sporny: Someone is going to pick up the cost, current digitalB pays. concerned regarding accessibility needs. can use IRC. also cost with zoom.
Manu Sporny: People want the text chat in zoom and queue management.
Wayne Vaughn: Sip integration costs $50/mo
Jonathan Holt: Possible to use SIP integration with zoom? (would be additional cost) [scribe assist by Kim Hamilton Duffy]
Jonathan Holt: ? Regarding SIP integration with zoom. but at a cost.
Manu Sporny: Yes, lots of extra costs
Manu Sporny: And sip integration doesn't work for what we need it for
Manu Sporny: We've tried :(
Manu Sporny: Next steps are talk w/ Ivan
Kim Hamilton Duffy: Other thoughts?
Juan Caballero: Thanks all