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Credentials CG Telecon

Minutes for 2020-03-10

Amy Guy: Regrets+
Kim Hamilton Duffy:
Jeff Orgel: Unavailable to do soy, apologies...
Kim Hamilton Duffy: Yes [scribe assist by Ganesh Annan]
Ganesh Annan: I can scribe
Jeff Orgel: Thanks Gannan!
Ganesh Annan is scribing.

Topic: Introductions & Reintroductions

Jon St John: Hi, I'm Jon St John from Anonyome Labs
Kim Hamilton Duffy: Dmitri re you on the call?
Ganesh Annan: I'm Ganesh. I'm a program manager at Digital Bazaar, I gather requirements and implement VCs and DIDs [scribe assist by Kim Hamilton Duffy]

Topic: Announcements & Reminders

Kim Hamilton Duffy: Just got an email that KNOW Identity has been postponed
...RWOT is going to be done virtually
...Christopher could you speak to it
Joe Andrieu: We are not going to do a virtual meeting due to time constraints.
Kim Hamilton Duffy: Thank you.
Adrian Gropper: I'm trying to see if there is anyone interested to work on an app for pandemic mitigation.
... put a link in the chat for people to look at
... contact me directly if interested
Kim Hamilton Duffy: KNOW Identity is postponed
... IIW is not cancelled yet
... Identiverse has not been cancelled yet
... I am in Seattle and things are crazy around here
... how could a developer help?
... the tools that they are using here are things like github
Kaliya Young: Adrian can you re-post the link?
... I pasted a link to an issue
... they deal with people with how people are able to help
... helping out with documentation
... if you want to help out please just let me know
... you can look at their github directly or email me

Topic: Progress on Action Items

... we may not have a lot to talk about here
... please add yourself if there is anything you want to report out.
Kim Hamilton Duffy: Closing out the DVCG...
...anyone have anything they want to share on this
... I noticed a lot of activity
... noticed a lot of website re-directions and github redirections
Orie Steele: If you have an item in DVCG...
... if you want active contribution
... please help move it
... as soon as we move the repos
... the closer we will be to finishing
... either mark to archive it or propose where it should be moved
... if the group is able to do this we can complete this faster.
Kim Hamilton Duffy: Thank you Orie
Kim Hamilton Duffy: That was it for action items.

Topic: DIF/W3C agreement in place

Kim Hamilton Duffy: Balazs you are next.
Balázs Némethi: We came to agreement between W3C and DIF...
... DIF will be holding the secure data storage WG
... our first scoping call will be centered around an update
... will be creating the scope around the WG for the call
... everyone who is interested and attended the super friends call - we will do our 3rd one
... this will have the legal backing and we are ready to start
Kim Hamilton Duffy: Any questions?
... did you send out the information about the call on Friday?
Balázs Némethi: I can send a follow-up.
... just also pasted a link to the form that can be used.
Kim Hamilton Duffy: Questions?

Topic: ZKP (Cred) Primer with Daniel Hardman

Kim Hamilton Duffy:
... next is the ZKP Primer by Daniel Hardman
Kim Hamilton Duffy: Over to Daniel Hardman
Joe Andrieu: Earlier Daniel you established the idea of approximately zero...
... isn't the signature approximately 0
Daniel Hardman: No it is not 0
Dave Longley: The term approximately plays a role when the signature value and a super unique name carries the same weight...
Daniel Hardman: Slide 24 addresses that a little bit. We can talk about it more when we get there.
Dave Longley: My other question is ZKP Proof vs. ZKP Arguments...
... ZK Snarks are different than ZK Proofs
... ZK Proofs gives you computational zero knowledge
... if someone has enough computational power then it can be broken
... are these not computational bound
Daniel Hardman: The distinction that you are making is about the formal definition...
... when someone wags their finger they are usually living in formal definition land
... the short answer is ZK Snarks and other things like it is what ZKP creds include
... I am talking about ZKPs in the informal sense as long as they meet the canonical definition
... back to slide 14.
Dave Longley: Seems "it's not a ZKP" is a matter of perspective and that's important to note
Kim Hamilton Duffy: Thank you this is a great overview...
... we maybe will be able to have you on for a follow up discussion.
Kim Hamilton Duffy: Thank you everyone!