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Credentials CG Telecon

Minutes for 2020-03-24

Jeff Orgel: Roger!
Jeff Orgel: Happily and WELL worth it!
Jeff Orgel: ;)
Juan Caballero: My connection is a little wonky this time of day with everyone WFH but I can scribe if no one volunteers
Jonathan Holt is scribing.
Orie Steele: I can

Topic: intro and re-intro

Kim Hamilton Duffy: Nikosft
Kim Hamilton Duffy: ^ New handle
Kim Hamilton Duffy: Javaservlets too
Joe Andrieu: Anyone new to the call?
Joe Andrieu: Any reintroductions?

Topic: Introductions and Reintroductions

Manu Sporny: I work at a company called Digital Bizaar. I work on specs and stuff
Joe Andrieu: Announcements. the world is on hold

Topic: Announcements and Reminders

Joe Andrieu: KNowID is postpones, IIW is going virtual.
Joe Andrieu: Excited about openspaces virtual
Kim Hamilton Duffy: Notes on scribing for all: when you're scribing and there's a topic transition, type Topic: <new topic>
Kaliya Young: Oopenspace virtual. we will have presenatation. it is gonna be fun!
Joe Andrieu: The whole world has discovered work from home.
Jeff Orgel: Agree. Will be fascinating!
Kim Hamilton Duffy: I'm trying to catch it as I go, but now that we're auto-publishing, it gets trickier
Joe Andrieu: Identiverse scheduled in June, no updates. hoping to get back to "normal" by June.
Kim Hamilton Duffy: As _we_ go, that is
Juan Caballero: They still haven't cancelled EIC in Munich?
Kaliya Young: This isn't ending for months ... the governor of california said we would be in our houses for 8-12 weeks.
Jonathan Holt: I am the new CMIO chief medical informatics officer at ConsenSys Health, we are sponsoring a hackathon will be officially announced this afternoon. more to follow.
Juan Caballero: I know-- perhaps since Germany is on lockdown they just assume people it will be shut down
Juan Caballero: May 15
Joe Andrieu: Topic: action items
Joe Andrieu: I think we have processed this. I want someone with more github that can take a look?

Topic: Action Items

Manu Sporny: This is still a CCG work item? I don't know that we have to do a FFA... then the chairs need to acknowledge it as a document in WG
Dan Burnett: We did this at F2F.
Manu Sporny: Note it, redirect it then archive.
Joe Andrieu: I believe we have done all that.
Joe Andrieu: Not sure you mean by redirect?
Manu Sporny: It is done, one second. the only thing not done, we need to update the spec and description. whoops. that's the right link. it should point to the new spec.
... with a new redirect to the new spec. should take 10 minutes, unarchive, link then re-archive
Joe Andrieu: One, update URL at top, two add meta redirect to the CCG use-case to DID WG use case document
Joe Andrieu: ... In the backend it gets updated to the new one.
Joe Andrieu: I will work on it.
Joe Andrieu:
Orie Steele: The following repos will be orhpaned:
Joe Andrieu: Third issue. closing digital verification comm group. but we will have some orphaned issues. Dimitry you got assigned.
Dmitri Zagidulin: I think we migrated?
Joe Andrieu: One problem. many of the URL still point to the old one?
Dmitri Zagidulin: Right, right.
Joe Andrieu: Dmitriz give feedback.
Kim Hamilton Duffy: Which org do you need to be admin of?
Kim Hamilton Duffy: I'm seeing if I'm admin, not sure
Orie Steele: Can i become an admin to do some repo upgrade. I can't do anything but open issues. if it was in CCG I could but if I am admin of other WG
Kim Hamilton Duffy: May need DB folks
Joe Andrieu: Kim can you do it?
Kim Hamilton Duffy: You're admin too Joe
Joe Andrieu: Those are the issues we were queued to discuss. next is BC examples. Orie please intro to us.
Orie Steele: This was created ages ago. idea was to create repo with examples of all the formats. so implementers can look at real data.
... the concept is a repo of VC examples will allow us to check in real world examples that are verifiable with examples that work.
Kim Hamilton Duffy: Done. fyi, going forward, the following people are admins. Christopher, Joe, Manu, Markus, Dave Longley, Orie, David Lehn
Kim Hamilton Duffy: If any one needs access, ping that set of ppl
... there was a proposal that genesh would be have a role. needs one more person. this could be a base point for many other initiatives.
Ganesh Annan: Yes interested!
Ganesh Annan: Having mic issues
Joe Andrieu: Ok, cool! Genesh are you around? interested in being an editor? Genesh?
Ganesh Annan: S/Genesh/Ganesh/
Orie Steele: He does have an open PR to make him editor.
Joe Andrieu: I think, this makes the criteria. any questions?
Orie Steele: I just made him code owner. adding examples.
Manu Sporny: I want to highlight some concerns. The goal is to add as many examples as possible. There is also some talk about test-suite? is that part of this?
Orie Steele: So, TBD. my intention is to provide some other CCG work items. problem we just don't have examples out there. use the BC examples and helpful to have everything in one place.
Manu Sporny: I'm, i'm ... that's fine. I am concerned about smashing this all together. ... In the past, it as always required us to pull it out into another repo.. just a note of conern.
Joe Andrieu: Any other comments?
Joe Andrieu: Moving on. next topic: the chairs are in process of updating the charter. there are a couple where we are out of sync. we want to clean it up.

Topic: CCG Process

... especially as our roles have migrated to more registry related approach.
... there are two parts i'd like to highlight. one is electing chairs.
Joe Andrieu: Most of what I am going to walk thru doesn't necessarily have consensus. but I wanted to have a conversation about this.
Orie Steele: I am ready
Joe Andrieu: Super powers activate [scribe assist by Orie Steele]
Orie Steele: ...
Orie Steele: ...See the document regarding the current proposal.
Orie Steele: ... Once approved, we will be open for new elections.
Orie Steele: ... In case there are vacancies, remaining chairs may appoint, hold an election or wait.
Orie Steele: ... If no action is taken, seats will be open at the next election.
Orie Steele: ... No limits on relection
Orie Steele: ... So thats out thoughts, see the document.
Manu Sporny: Sounds good... [scribe assist by Orie Steele]
Orie Steele: ... Seems a little more complicated than what we might need... seems generally good
Joe Andrieu: Feel free to comment on the doc, via the mailinglist or now in IRC or voice [scribe assist by Orie Steele]
Orie Steele: ... We wanted it to be simple, try and use the simplest option first.
Orie Steele: ... Kim? Chris?
Kim Hamilton Duffy: Continuity vs desire to bring in new blood.... [scribe assist by Orie Steele]
Orie Steele: ... We were thinking that chris might give up his seat first...
Orie Steele: ... We dont get paid for this....
Orie Steele: ... If people are excited, we would love to support that
Orie Steele: ... We want to leave room for new leadership
Orie Steele: ChrisA: as kim mentioned, i've been here the longest, and there is interest by others to participate... im still excited, but I will hold my gunpowder, and let someone else run... i may run again... or fill a vacancy
Orie Steele: ... In general our community runs off no principle objections
Orie Steele: ... We suspect many elections won't require a formal vote
Joe Andrieu: S/principle/principled/
Orie Steele: ... There are some edge cases, we want to make simpler, but i can live with it as is
Orie Steele: ... We have something powerful here, community groups can last for a long time, need long term support and leadership
Orie Steele: ... One of our unique advantages is continuity
Joe Andrieu: Thats how we are approaching the election... [scribe assist by Orie Steele]

Topic: Removing a Chair

Joe Andrieu: What are the situations where is would be appropriate to remove a chair? [scribe assist by Orie Steele]
Orie Steele: ... Things beyond what the W3C would require?
Orie Steele: ... We have committed to "Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct"
Orie Steele: ... In terms of removing a chair, we are not talking about that...
Orie Steele: ... There are times when people are complaint, but where the group feels that they should still be removed...
Orie Steele: ChrisA: I've been in standards for 30 years... we want to address the 80-20 / 90-10... we feel like the W3C standards address the edge cases...
Orie Steele: ... Most common reasons: absence, not keeping up, letting other chairs do all the work,
Orie Steele: ... Need a mechanism to give them a warning...
Orie Steele: ... There can be cases where the person just disapears, and there is no response...
Orie Steele: ... We have all experienced cases where the leadership is struggling to work together... styles, communicatiions...
Orie Steele: ... Something I wanted us to have: things should not escalate immediatly to the public... we should have direct converstation internally first.
Joe Andrieu: Lets walk through the bullet points: [scribe assist by Orie Steele]
Orie Steele: ... Chairs may be removed from their duties through a no confidence vote...
Orie Steele: ... Chris thoughts on game theory? only 1 call for 1 chair at a time...
Orie Steele: ... Those are the bullet points, please provide feedback
Orie Steele: ChrisA: one of the key things here is...
Orie Steele: ... We want this to resemble the consensus building process our community has... on the other hand there may be good reasons for this...
Orie Steele: ... For complaints about the W3C standards, use that mechanism...
Orie Steele: ... This is for objections to leadership direction, not professional standards and ethics...
Orie Steele: ... There could be legit reasons why a chair, isn't working out...
Orie Steele: ... We want to provide ways for the community to allow negotiation and collaboration
Joe Andrieu: Questions or feedback? [scribe assist by Orie Steele]
Orie Steele: ... Please use email, comment on google doc....
Orie Steele: ... Expect to see this chartered first, then we will do the election
Manu Sporny: +1 For moving this stuff forward.
Orie Steele: +1
Joe Andrieu: Hopefully this will last us [scribe assist by Orie Steele]
Orie Steele: ... Again, please provide feedback.
Juan Caballero: Thanks all