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Minutes for 2020-03-31

Yancy Ribbens: I can scribe
Yancy Ribbens: Scribe+
Justin Richer: Scribenick yancy
Thanks yancy!
Christopher Allen: Introductions? [scribe assist by Yancy Ribbens]
Moses Ma: I run a consultinging company and I've beenin interested in DID for many RWOTS now. [scribe assist by Yancy Ribbens]
Yancy Ribbens: ... I'd be happy to chat later
Christopher Allen: Announcments and reminders [scribe assist by Yancy Ribbens]
Yancy Ribbens: ... If you have something you wnat to to let the credentials community know more about
Yancy Ribbens: ... As you can see all 3 conferences have been postponed
Yancy Ribbens: ... We have thre regulare calls the occur every wek
Yancy Ribbens: ... Theres a VC call on Monday
Yancy Ribbens: ... And there's a DID resolution call on Thrusday
Yancy Ribbens: ... And you're ewlcome to post more announcments there
Nate Otto: S/VC call on Monday/Verifiable Credentials for Education call on Monday
Yancy Ribbens: ChristphopherA: we're looking fore volunteers to replace some of these things
Yancy Ribbens: Mosoes: I'll volunteer to help produce something
Kaliya Young: IIW is using and it is looking very good for our use case.
Adrian Gropper: I am contunuing to work on a dynamic cornona virus passport [scribe assist by Yancy Ribbens]
Yancy Ribbens: ... It's a simple use case that involves a doctor or pastient to have awallet
Yancy Ribbens: ... And for the doctor to sign
Moses Ma: Christopher, I can approach as "a source of venture capital", that will get more attention from them...
Yancy Ribbens: ... I don't have a wallet in particular and I've always used uport
Yancy Ribbens: ... Had a talk with someone from sovrin
Yancy Ribbens: ... If anyone is interested in a first wallet for this easy use case
Yancy Ribbens: ... How do we do this withnin the context of whhat we're trying to achieve
Christopher Allen: Dr. Manreet Nijjar (@truu_id)
Yancy Ribbens: ... This is the simplest of all possible use cases
David Mason: Is there a link to the sovrin meeting on this topic Thursday?
Yancy Ribbens: ChistopherA: he is working on a wallet for the national health service
Tony rose?
Yancy Ribbens: ... I have a contact in the UN and he is one the emergency response people
Yancy Ribbens: ... Like going to haiti after an earthquake
Yancy Ribbens: ... And can say this person has no idea and it can give hime temporary status to do things or pickup supllies for him or whatever
Yancy Ribbens: ... I ahve the contanct iformation for him now
Adrian Gropper: Just looking for people that want to talk to him about the wallet aspect [scribe assist by Yancy Ribbens]
Yancy Ribbens: ChistopherA: can talk more about that later
Moses Ma: Jonathan is on the queue?
Yancy Ribbens: ... We need to go through progress and action items
Yancy Ribbens: ... We use github
Yancy Ribbens: ...We do a github for all issues and choose from them each week
Yancy Ribbens: ... And we sellect from them one to go with
Yancy Ribbens: ... Wanted to thank rhiaro
Yancy Ribbens: ... Did do something to use a SIP phone
Yancy Ribbens: ... This chat channel sin't free
Yancy Ribbens: ... DB has been maintaing the bridge and it costs them money
Yancy Ribbens: ... When you use SIP they can avoid charges
Yancy Ribbens: ... These tools keep changing
Yancy Ribbens: ... I encourage more contributions
LinPhone works on my android phone (better than on my XP machine), FWIW
Yancy Ribbens: ...You can make PR request for this connecting thing
Yancy Ribbens: ... Registries process, we have a announcmenet
Yancy Ribbens: ... We discoverd that the punted and didn't put it into the w3c process 2020
Christopher Allen: W3c/w3process#168 (comment)
Yancy Ribbens: ... And insted move it to the next youear so we need to thing how to do it ourselves
Yancy Ribbens: ... We don't have to be recharterd every few years to handle long term reponsibilites
Yancy Ribbens: ... For exaple the vc work
Yancy Ribbens: ... Whico is asking to maintain and do proposals which weill be brought back to a differeent form
Yancy Ribbens: ... We're just maintining regiestries for VCs
Yancy Ribbens: ... We now move on the the meat of our location privacy
Yancy Ribbens: .. And pandamic info
Yancy Ribbens: ... That's been a lot more if you look on mylinks
Yancy Ribbens: ... You'll find a few other links to topics of location privacy
Yancy Ribbens: ... There's been a question of how much the cc is involve in loction privacy
Yancy Ribbens: ... In my opinion is the crux to how good our credentials are
Yancy Ribbens: ... There's een dicussion about various proofs
Yancy Ribbens: ... And there's lessons to be learned about locaation privacy in general
Yancy Ribbens: ... Lessons learned for our own work
Yancy Ribbens: ... Anyonw want to talk about the ccg?
Yancy Ribbens: ... Want to point peopole to a particular article by elizabeth
Yancy Ribbens: ... Too many windows
Yancy Ribbens: ... When your'e look tat these types of tings
Yancy Ribbens: ... The question is are you allowed by law and the ethical stance of implementing these things
Yancy Ribbens: ... So thats' a good start
Yancy Ribbens: .. I think there's another good article
Yancy Ribbens: ... Dont' thkink we have a list for how to do these things
Yancy Ribbens: ... I think we have a data min document
Yancy Ribbens: .. But I din't think we 've looked at it from a legal ascpect
Yancy Ribbens: ... Here's the things to think about and here's some anti-patterns
Yancy Ribbens: ... Such as agropper and true IDs
Yancy Ribbens: ... Also german gov is doing work on credentions
Kaliya Young: You could reach out to Elizabeth and invite her to actually share her thoughts.
Yancy Ribbens: ... These are the questions yout should ask yourselves
Yancy Ribbens: ... Having a good way to think about this
Yancy Ribbens: ... Id did reach out to elizabeth
Moses Ma: Im working in this area now [scribe assist by Yancy Ribbens]
Yancy Ribbens: ... And i'm going to go over quickly about the things i'm thinking about
Yancy Ribbens: ... We're talking to the CIO of the state of CO about a pilot for privacy contact tracer
Yancy Ribbens: ... And to test to see how it works
Yancy Ribbens: ... And it could bea s effectave as without
Kaliya Young: Sovran has a C19 working group and it has a call on Thursday.
Yancy Ribbens: ... We put togerther a proposal
Yancy Ribbens: ... Traes together only uses blue tooth
Yancy Ribbens: .. Support bluetooth audio and high frequency ausio
Yancy Ribbens: .. Also five you google nearby to give you a range
Yancy Ribbens: ... Give you a simple trace
Yancy Ribbens: ...And can opt to share with the giv
Yancy Ribbens: ... Nobody knows how well it works
Yancy Ribbens: ... Singapore doing a great job
Yancy Ribbens: ... I have a concern that we have great intentions but to a certain extent we need requirments engineering
Yancy Ribbens: ... How to we support concent and we don't force consent
Yancy Ribbens: ... We learned a lot of lessons from the HIV area
Yancy Ribbens: ... I have my own knowledge about using zkp
Yancy Ribbens: ...It may not be the role of this communinity
Yancy Ribbens: ... But I thought it would usefull to have a braoder discusion
Moses Ma: I think the best we can do is a downpayment on privacy [scribe assist by Yancy Ribbens]
Yancy Ribbens: ... Also believe it should be er compatible
Yancy Ribbens: ... I also think it should sell and has a pretty dashboard
*EHR (electronic health records)
Yancy Ribbens: ... That's phase one and i'm trying to get the city of bolder to accept it
Yancy Ribbens: ... Phase2 should be more interesting
Yancy Ribbens: ...If the vacination works and if anyone gets sick
Yancy Ribbens: ... And in terms of data security
Yancy Ribbens: ... It is very lite in terms of data analysis
Yancy Ribbens: ... And goes back 8 weeks to see if someone had no symptoms
Yancy Ribbens: ... My beliefe is that deal we need to do with the government if that's no useage there should be no provacy
Yancy Ribbens: ... But the CDC should be able to access the data
Yancy Ribbens: ... And thouse are the things we're thinkgin about
Yancy Ribbens: ... And we have like 20 phds working on
Yancy Ribbens: ... Im gong to friends who are hollywood producers to line up some psas
Christopher Allen: This is not only a technology problem [scribe assist by Yancy Ribbens]
Moses Ma: If any one wants to work on our project, please email me.
Adrian Gropper: People want to start using it for health records and for banking activities [scribe assist by Yancy Ribbens]
Yancy Ribbens: ... What is our answer
Yancy Ribbens: ChistopherA: can't speak for everyone, we can always do better
Yancy Ribbens: ... While I think there are some flaws with ahar, it doesn't mean as a community we can't recommend some better practices
Amy Guy: S/ahar/aadhar
Yancy Ribbens: ... There has been a strong ampahsis at a fundimental layer
Yancy Ribbens: ... Not jsut what the bits are
Amy Guy: S/aadhar/aadhaar
Yancy Ribbens: ... Anyone working on a project?
John Tibbetts: From enigma and I would like to talk about it [scribe assist by Yancy Ribbens]
Yancy Ribbens: ... Our expericne is in privacy
Christopher Allen: Jonathan at enigma
Christopher Allen: Safetrace
Yancy Ribbens: ... Right now were working with protected exec environments
Yancy Ribbens: ... We'ere building a privacy preserving compute and storage service
Yancy Ribbens: ... And allow the sharing of data in private way
Yancy Ribbens: ... And we're trying to A address user privacy
Yancy Ribbens: ... And goes to enclave where processing is done
Yancy Ribbens: ... It's ahrd to have a localized things given how its spreading
Yancy Ribbens: ... And we're working with a team in Austin
Moses Ma: Jonathan_holt, can you also share what is consensys health and the IEEE blockchains in healthcare are up to?
Yancy Ribbens: ChistopherA: I've written about pseduo anon data privacy
Yancy Ribbens: ... I wrote this up as a patent breaker, about how to use ZKPs
Yancy Ribbens: ... Wrote in 2008 using hibert curves
Yancy Ribbens: ... To a certain extant it doesnt matter the technology without the policy
Yancy Ribbens: ... Sounds like yours is not the safe path thing
Yancy Ribbens: ... This is the 5th or 6th organziation to do a contact tracing
Kaliya Young: The MyData Community has a COVID call every week on Wednesday morning pacific.
Yancy Ribbens: ... Please keep us informed and send to the lsist about your project
Yancy Ribbens: ... We have some people here that are experinced implenting creds and zkps
Yancy Ribbens: Jonnnycrunch: we're ahvnig a hackathon
Yancy Ribbens: ... I presentated on this calll a few weeks ago
Yancy Ribbens: ... The challange is the governance models is the problem
Yancy Ribbens: ... We have chains of trust the go to CAs
Yancy Ribbens: ... I have a call where I'm and advisor to and I have physician
Yancy Ribbens: ... Hearing earlier that the german gov interest in lab results
Yancy Ribbens: ... How do we get to the same page
Yancy Ribbens: ... There's certiain cooalitions trying the synergize
Adrian Gropper: What are the open source license issues. [scribe assist by Yancy Ribbens]
Yancy Ribbens: ... Is there buisness overlays?
Yancy Ribbens: Johnnycrunch: we hope to use eth consensus
Yancy Ribbens: ... I have a meeting in one hour about the formal annonouncment
Yancy Ribbens: ... In 2 hours
Yancy Ribbens: ChistohperA: what is the goal of this community?
Yancy Ribbens: ... We thinkg about the ethics, the law and the consensus
Yancy Ribbens: ... We have the ability to publish reports
Yancy Ribbens: ... Reports that people can refer to and link
Yancy Ribbens: ... Is there someway that we can do something?
Adrian Gropper: We need to propose improvement to Aaadhaar
Yancy Ribbens: ... I might put the estonians ID stuff to make it better
Jonathan Holt: Maybe now is the time for VC to shing. but Im cautios because it's a rushed job. [scribe assist by Yancy Ribbens]
Justin Richer: +1 To jonathan_holt
Yancy Ribbens: ... And if it's a power grab the future will not look favorable to us
Yancy Ribbens: ... I think that the message of hope is that this technology is being used for the right purpose
Christopher Allen: An example of a CCG Report
Yancy Ribbens: ... And not ony has the mantra that you can't be evil
Yancy Ribbens: ChistopherA: I sut posted a report about data minimization
Yancy Ribbens: ... One of my concerns is that we have segmentation by nation
Yancy Ribbens: ... And then we also have a segmentation by platform and companys
Yancy Ribbens: ... The w3c is a central meeting place
Yancy Ribbens: ... That has IPR
Kaliya Young: You HAVE a SOVRIN group with a meeting happening tomorrow
Yancy Ribbens: ... Has a path to international standards
Yancy Ribbens: ... And I consider it a big tent
Yancy Ribbens: ... Starting at high level and then going down the list
Adrian Gropper: I'm not in favor of rushing to pile on the COVID issues but there are many who are looking for realistic privacy-preserving leadership soon.
Yancy Ribbens: ... The w3c is a godd umbrella for this type of thing
Juan Caballero: I think one of the question is how to do we sync our messaging [scribe assist by Yancy Ribbens]
Yancy Ribbens: ... One thing that's helpful is that polenteer promised to delete the data
Dan Burnett: Voip-ccg, who is making noise?
IF ANYONE has a link to the SOVRIN meeting tomorrow, sharing that would be helpful
Error: (IRC nickname 'by_caballero' not recognized)[2020-03-31T17:03:25.515Z] <by_caballero> *palantir :D here's a link:
Yancy Ribbens: Steve: there's unique situation about how this privacy works in the abstract
Yancy Ribbens: ChistopherA: can you articulate more?
Yancy Ribbens: ... Have had some people say people shouldn't be doing this
Yancy Ribbens: Smagennis: I think organically we have lots of email threads going around
Yancy Ribbens: ... Even beyond the notion of this being an ethical decision
Yancy Ribbens: ... Here we have real world media example in front of us
Adrian Gropper: The Sovrin meeting I know of is at Noon ET on 4/2 and I'm not sure it's an open meeting. I was invited by
Yancy Ribbens: ... And I think it's relevant to the work we do
Yancy Ribbens: ... Worth it for people to continue this dialog
Yancy Ribbens: ChistopherA: please let use know what your interests are around this discussion
Yancy Ribbens: ... Even if the ccg doesn't have a direct role, that we are influenceing through discussion
Yancy Ribbens: S/influenceing/influence
Yancy Ribbens: ... We are looking for agenda items
Yancy Ribbens: ... Also there is an election coming up
Jonathan Holt: S/jonnycrunch/jonathan_holt
Jonathan Holt: S/johnnycrunch/jonathan_holt
Moses Ma: Bye all
Moses Ma: Exit
Moses Ma: Quit
Yancy Ribbens: S/consultinging/consulting
Yancy Ribbens: S/beenin interested/been interested/
Yancy Ribbens: S/announcments/announcements
Yancy Ribbens: S/wnat/want
Yancy Ribbens: S/thre/three
Yancy Ribbens: S/regulare/regular
Yancy Ribbens: S/wek/week
Yancy Ribbens: S/Thrusday/Thursday
Yancy Ribbens: S/wlcome/welcome
Yancy Ribbens: S/contunuing/continuing
Yancy Ribbens: S/cornona/corona
Yancy Ribbens: S/pastient/patient
Yancy Ribbens: S/awallet/wallet
Yancy Ribbens: S/withnin/within
Yancy Ribbens: S/whhat/what
Yancy Ribbens: S/hime/him
Yancy Ribbens: S/supllies/supplies
Yancy Ribbens: S/ahve/have
Yancy Ribbens: S/contanct/contact