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Credentials CG Telecon

Minutes for 2020-04-21

Joe Andrieu, Kim Hamilton Duffy, Christopher Allen
Kelly Cooper
Moses Ma, Eric Welton, Justin Richer, Joe Andrieu, Adrian Gropper, Heather Vescent, Jonathan Holt, Christopher Allen, Markus Sabadello, Kaliya Young, Taylor Kendall, Orie Steele, Kelly Cooper, Nate Otto, Chris Winczewski, Tom S, Jeff Orgel, Adam Lemmon, Joel Hartshorn, Drummond Reed, Kim Hamilton Duffy, Michael Herman
Audio Log
Moses Ma: Are we still doing that?
Joe Andrieu: Noise
Orie Steele: Inaudible.
Orie Steele: Rofl...
Heather Vescent: Not available
Kelly Cooper: This is Kelly, I can scribe
Thanks Kelly
Kelly Cooper: Cooper
Kelly Cooper: I'm here with Rules - Drummond
I am
Kelly Cooper: Introductions: Reintroductions. First time on call... This is the credentials community group of the W3c. Several attendees are working with the C-19 initiative to update on what we are working on. The group is new to the call. Lucy Yang - C-19 Communications Stream.
Jonathan Holt: I can re-introduce myself and my new role
I used such interface about 20 years ago, rusty now. just prompt me when to chime in as co-lead of the CCI Use Case workgroup.
Kelly Cooper: Eric Shiel - New to the call, works in blockchain. Kevin Poulson - through C-19. Not a stranger to the group. Monitors activities - discussions about digital signatures. Here today about C-19 defencer.
Kelly Cooper: As part of introductions - pick one person - Johnathan Holt. Medical professional - working on IP ID DID method. Chief med officer of Consensys Health.
Congratulations Mr. Crunch!
Kelly Cooper: Announcements and Reminders. Upcoming event - IIW next week (April 28-30). Kaliya - host IIW virtually. Begin with grand opening circle - as we do IRL. Start at 8:00 PST. Co-create agenda live. Infrastructure, digital with breakout rooms, demo hours, fortuitous with activity going on around C-19 and user-centric ways to move forward in the work.
Kelly Cooper: Kaliya-committed to accessibility. Range of prices - costs $ to run virtually. Welcome everyone to join and collaborate and move industry forward.
Kelly Cooper: Gurvinder - intro - Founder CEO Digital Twin Labs - consulting services blockchain. Previous IBM blockchain and cloud unit - enterprise CTO. Has worked with, talked with others on call with MIT Labs, etc.
Kelly Cooper: Adrian - announcement. Placed link to a one-page summary - group is making an effort to demonstrate how people will issue immunity passports - if they knew how to (if tech is in place, not yet). Missing piece of credentials process because the infrastructure that allows these things to interoperate and create network effect probably needs to be done locally, rather than at the nation level. Contact me directly, maybe discuss more at IIW.
Kelly Cooper: Adrian Gropper
Orie Steele: Github is sometimes down...
We just heard that on the last W3C call...
Justin Richer: GitHub is having real issues right now, and it's spotty what's up and down
Kelly Cooper: Next up - quick review of action items. 1) New work item proposal #114. Proposed by Anthony Ronning. emailed - specification describes blockchain links as a method of referencing blockchain based transactions in blocks. Former message of pulling up, referencing, JSON based - URI approach to referencing blockchain data. Current list of owners are Anthony and Manu. Open for comments or feedback - suggestions.
Error: (IRC nickname 'anthonyronning' not recognized)[2020-04-21T16:29:34.993Z] <AnthonyRonning> here's a spec link
Since github is down
Kaliya Young: Here is a new paper out today from Harvard's Ethics center who is putting out a series on ethical responses to COVID19. it mentions Verifiable Credentials and DIDs specifically.
Kelly Cooper: Formal proposal within wheelhouse, mets requirements.
Kelly Cooper: Kaliya.New paper out by Harvard - mentions credentials, from Center for ethics.
Kelly Cooper: Interesting proposal - concepts look similar to DID methods and ideas on how to point to specific cases on the ledgers. Useful specification - supports.
Yeah absolutely Chris, thank you
Kelly Cooper: Christopher A - want to quickly say team will look at the coding using on DID that has blockchain lock transaction and index lock within the transaction - transactions can have multiple parts. Not saying use - has been vetted, it will tell you where in encoding ther's an error. Could be useful (acronym details missed by scribe)
Christopher Allen: +1
Kelly Cooper: Adding a comment or a label saying approved - will follow up next time.
Kelly Cooper: Is there a repo or do we need to create? Yes, need to create. - COVID Credentials Initiatives
Kelly Cooper: Moves from Action Items to Main Topic of the day - several guests. Drummond - initial introductions. Lucy and group are here . Once C-19 situation became serious (for all of us with lockdowns), sort of a spontaneous generation throughout SSI community - digital credentials we have been working on for years - become important component of addressing challenges. Big thanks to Tony Rose - helped get this going. Got people energized. Started this community-organized
Kelly Cooper: Initiative that is now the CCI initiative. Drummond involved with Rules/Governance. One workstream Coordination and Communication - Lucy Yang is the leader of.
Kelly Cooper: Lucy: Thank you Drummond. Four colleagues - four workstreams of the initiative. Today, update from each workstream and scope. Talk about major progress and some of the top priorities. Any thoughts regarding W3 collaboration. After, welcome W3 site collaboration.
Taylor Kendall: Sporadic participant on this call. With Learning Economy - around education and employment. Support mechanism. Help with coordination - internal and external facing. Quick high-level on Coordination. Broad overview of mission - promote and legitimize SSI and Digital Identity. VC, as well as a way to mitigate C-19 and reboot public trust. A lot of this started - AMA Bill Gates - eventual time [scribe assist by Kelly Cooper]
Kelly Cooper: Digital certificate - test - vaccine, recovery, etc. Digital Identity.
Kelly Cooper: Hope to promote use of technology and help with reducing misinformation. Local and country solutions - aim to support efforts, VCs, DIDs, technologies to those efforts. 200+ contributors across four core workstreams.
Moses Ma: What are the four workstreams?
Kelly Cooper: Four workstreams: Communication/Coordination, Use Case, Rules/Governance, Tools
Kelly Cooper: Gurvinder: Use Case - 70+ people, typically 40 on call. Subgroups were organized (3), Healthcare (umbrella specialty across entire CCI Initiative), SSI, Value + global market and regulatory compliance.
Kelly Cooper: Calibrate requirements for adopters. Switching to content of use cases: Hypotheses on certain use cases, prioritized/narrowed to 2-3 use cases. Web of Trust, Proof of Immunity by Exposer and Vaccine, Dedicated verified use case.
Kelly Cooper: Michael Corning - Tools workstream. 130 people working - co-lead Paul Knowles. OCA and PC - one challenge - new tech we don't know about due to specialization of SSI. Understand geopolitical technology, then vendors, tools, technologies.
Kelly Cooper: Michael - restart Sisters, OR economy - how much risk do individuals have in particular economic circumstances. Conceptual ideas on Tools team is interesting and useful; however, priority is if economy open too soon, what data management is needed to make rational decisions instead of emotional
Kelly Cooper: Tools - groups in field trying to implement. Dedicated - Verified Use Case error. DELEGATED - Verified Use Case.
Kelly Cooper: Establish a way to have public health authorities delegate to parties and test results are credentials for digital wallet, to go back to work or start transacting business.
Kelly Cooper: Tools/Technologies - working opportunities with W3 and DID to discuss tools and technologies - something to work together and structure
Drummond Reed: Rules/Governance With any credential solution - flipside of the tech is the governance. #1 goal - interoperable verifiable credentials for C-19 use cases. Rules = a primary tool. The group is self-organized led by Kelly and Chris. Volunteers on SGF. 40 volunteers. Early version of outline of first start GF - Principles and Core Policies. Closely coordinated with Use Cases as they come in the queue. And coordinate policy [scribe assist by Kelly Cooper]
Kelly Cooper: Decisions relative to tools and usage. Early emphasis - how do you trust Issuers? One of the first Gov frameworks in Scope - how do Issuers be part of a trust community and use something like a trust list, member directory, etc. How can
Kelly Cooper: They be bottom - up or in different juristictions top - down. One thing emphasized, due to global jurisdictions, internationally represented groups.
Error: (IRC nickname 'drummond_' not recognized)[2020-04-21T16:51:43.891Z] <drummond_> Kelly Cooper: the Rules group set up 4 geo co-leads around the world. The only geo missing is South America right now.
...One of the goals of the Rules group is a highly readable outside of identity or digital trust professionals...
...So the group is focused on documenting the relevant use cases and making it understandable to a very wide audience, including regulators.
Note that will need to drop in a few mins to go to another call...
Kelly Cooper: Broader reading audience - CGF Credentials Governance Framework - simple documents with links to Controlled Documents and additional information.
Kelly Cooper: Including DIF, Evernym, etc. Self organizing and organizing initiatives. With Taylor, assemble meeting to make sure we have visibility to coordinate workstreams.
Kelly Cooper: Questions?
Kelly Cooper: Christopher A. Collecting information on location privacy, immunity privacy - encourage links to specific proposals and information - will add to this list. Immunity Credentials and Verifiable Claims,
Kelly Cooper: Christopher A. Didn't hear from work items, work on the issues of a risk model, threat analysis, ethics, law, technology problems. Everything in privacy considerations is a starting point for threats but 20% of problem. Unique - mostly we think of threats between issuer and subject. In this case
Kelly Cooper: The Issuer, Subject, Verifiers are potentially overwhelmed by public good or public harm. Much bigger problem, interesting history (Ebola, Yellow Fever, HIV). Not seeing our communities drive this risk model forward. Hoping with 60+ companies in group, will consider.
Unfortunately I must leave the call now, but glad to have this opportunity to talk with CCG.
Thanks Chris for bringing it up! We do have a subgroup working on Privacy, Data Production and other important issues. We have come up with a high-level guideline while dedicated person with each workstream to ensure that being implemented
Kim Hamilton Duffy: Mention this is important work. One thing that is confusing - new organization - every time we add without IP agreements in place, effort to allow joint discussions. Current efforts underway DIF stream focusing on C-19. Also C-19 credentials - question may not be reachable. Want to remind the importance of IP protection to contribute comfortably [scribe assist by Kelly Cooper]
Moses Ma: COVID Defender. Predictive Analytics and AI - What is your time to market for your deliverables? It's a fast moving situation. Good to know if work products are papers or running code and when it will ship? [scribe assist by Kelly Cooper]
Taylor Kendall: +1 Kim -- This has come up internally of late and I agree that it's critical to address sooner than later.
Kelly Cooper: Participating through Tools workstream Links to share with the community about work happening within CCG and DIF. Demo for using interoperable (call cutting out)... comfortable with credential format. No submarine IP related issues. Example of exact credential format with working, usable materials, for operators to follow = loss in interop. Please contribute to VC examples. CCG Contributor Agreement.
Kelly Cooper: Johnathan Holt - naive to IP protection. Don't hear in CCI - (background noise)
Michael Herman: Use software available now. StreetCred offered free to tech to work on this problem. Can issue credentials from the portal - biggest problem is connecting - ability to write Sovrin Ledger - health department or whoever holding test results. Challenge - how to validate that code on the street. Options - QRCode - portable. Smart Cards. [scribe assist by Kelly Cooper]
Moses Ma: The issue is integrating with many DOH's, and whether this technology is globally deployable and scalable within a very difficult time frame.
Kelly Cooper: When want to make the ability to share safety with others - smart code in wallet may be most convenient way. Most have smart phone. Side effect of virus may be another device at all times that transmits the information - smart card of immunity. Timing urgent. May not be perfect.
Kelly Cooper: Need to be aware of the details mentioned in meeting - important contribution to initiative.
Joe Andrieu: Mentioned assuming all have smart phone. Encourage think of billions who don't have cell phones. A lot of work around Stewards and Guardians - someone near with phone? Open possibilities to everyone on the planet. [scribe assist by Kelly Cooper]
Kelly Cooper: Trying to get to people tested
Eric Welton: Also - please respect the situation of verification when the network is problematic - so please *NO* reliance on some global ledger in some far away country.
Orie Steele: ^ Beware that a lot of the assumption around wallet / credential formats only work on certain ledgers.
Moses Ma: How do we contact all of the CovidCred people on the call?
Christopher Allen: Next week meeting?
Moses Ma: Bye!
Error: (IRC nickname 'tayken> +1 joe ' not recognized)[2020-04-21T17:11:01.332Z] <tayken> +1 Joe > access is also critical given homeless populations affected. Thanks for the time :)
Kelly Cooper is scribing.