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Credentials CG Telecon

Minutes for 2020-05-12

Drummond Reed: Note that I can only stay through the first half of today's call.
Yancy Ribbens: Preset+
Robbie Jones: Per request just now: javaservlets = robbie jones,
Adrian Gropper is scribing.

Topic: Introductions & Reintroductions

Faceface, please introduce yourself
Anil John: Tech director of DHS technology innvation program -
Kim Hamilton Duffy: Great to have Anil involved
Kim Hamilton Duffy: Sure :)
Kaliya Young: Working on user-centric ID for 15 years and co-founder IIW. Independent research + community ledership time - really excited about where we are - started blog pod to bring blogging back - wery important way to communicate
... my book is coming out in the next weeks: Don=mains of Identity
Drummond Reed: Congrats on the book!

Topic: Announcements & Reminders

June 8-11 Identiverse
Verifiable Credentials for Education - Mondays 11 ET - working to deploy in a domain where a lot of progress - Yesterday talk about Europass - mapped to XML in order to fit with legal requirements
... We have DID Resolution cals on Thursdays 4 PM EST
Dan Burnett: And people laughed at me when my first revamp of the VC spec (pre-WG) included XML as a data representation . . .
ACTION: Add SDS calls to announcement
Kaliya Young: SDS announcements should be here as well

Topic: Progress on Action Items

Kaliya Young: That link to Identiverse doesn't work
Kim Hamilton Duffy: We use Github tags - will start with #115 and #116 - repos transferred adopted and ready to move forward.
Jonathan Holt: Comparing BBS+ to Ursa - scribe needs help
Kim Hamilton Duffy: Orie has taken the lead in moving over to CCG. Thank you Orie foa all of that work
... notifying that we should all check out that all repos have been moved, please
Kim Hamilton Duffy:
... ReadMe updated - added some notes to each of the repos -
.. If no objections the chairs will close as next steps
Kim Hamilton Duffy: Announcing official adoption #117 VP request spec for CHAPI - mulling a bit longer - ready to adopt this as work item -
... Accepted
Kim Hamilton Duffy: Danb: have not had a chance to work on that with Manu

Topic: Glossary Effort - Kaliya, Margo, and Drummond

Glossary effort by Kaliya, Drummond and Margo...
Kaliya Young: At IIW29 a group emerged to work on glossar effort - reduce marketing confusion - to be one levelup from technical - for product managers
... inspired to develop shared language - converge on shared understanding -
... innovated our own approach - to understand how words are currently used and then support emergent
... slide 3: has SSI, Wallet, Agent, Credential
Margo Johnson: Went through survey results and map into nodes and edges - Slide 6
... As a group too 27 different responses from companies and individuals (Slide 7)
... ove months, raw results used inductive research process (Slide 9) created categories of each of the common themens
... able to rank their importance in terms of (Slide 10)
... Agent had a great diversity (Slide 11)
Kim Hamilton Duffy: This is great work!
... Credentials... Structure Wallet.. controlled by agent Agent... difficult - software representative of subject
... More interesting were edges - (Slide 12)
... Agents may have wallets , agents support delegation...
Outliers... Drummond: Surprising range of responses - clear that there is a lot of variance across the community especially since some don't use the term agent at all. Others were not using Wallet in a normal way
... overall however there was a lot of commonality - look through the process - becausae there's a lot of information about our community
Kaliya Young: The group is looking at what to do next. Three more terms? Group meets at 2PM PT Mondays.
... need additional / new co-chairs. Please join in.
Juan Caballero: I think the next three terms should be "trust", "privacy", and "control" <ducks>
Kim Hamilton Duffy: This is valuable work. Seeing the structure is fantastic. Are you going to publish the methodology?
Drummond Reed: Juan, you just nominated yourself as a new chair!!
Juan Caballero: <Ducking intensifies>
Kaliya Young: We should probably do a formal post
Drummond Reed: Thanks to Kaliya and Margo for their extensive work and leadership on this project.
Juan Caballero: +1
Kim Hamilton Duffy: Curious for commentary on avoiding SSI.
Dan Burnett: Kaliya, I am interested in participating
Kaliya Young: If people want to tackle SSI join the group
Juan Caballero: Lol to kim
Kaliya Young: Here is a link to the group -
Orie Steele: SSI ~= Principality_of_Sealand
Juan Caballero: I am 100% not chairing it if the word "sovereign" is defined, much less SSI !
Christopher Allen: Defining SSI is hard - work on portability - maybe a 2020 version of the principles
Drummond Reed: Ironically, "SSI" was the #1 choice of the survey respondents of the terms they wanted to see defined. The chairs decided it was too big a mountain to try climb in the first go-round.
Orie Steele: ... Because there is no standards org working on a wallet specification
Kim Hamilton Duffy: +1 To Juan, any terms that sound like a militia group is best to avoid.
... to wallet discussion: 2 areas not addressed parallel crypto community - accounts in a wallet - waht is the equivalent in the credential world
Juan Caballero: Don't tread on me, Kim! Liberate SSI!
... also the addional problem of personas - want to segregate them from accounts in a wallet
Drummond Reed: Unfortunately I must leave the call early. Looking forward to progressing the glossary.
Juan Caballero: I've always wondered why the term persona/personae doesn't circulate more...
... how do those things map to credential wallets - to get to a joint wallet
Drummond Reed: +1 To Christopher's points that "wallet" should be able to cover both credentials and currency.
Orie Steele: +1 To ChristopherA... wallets should hold both money and credentials... or be called something else :)
Anil John: To prevent the re-invention of the wheel -- Has the work that Darrell O'Donnel has done around Wallets been incorporated into the wallet discussion?
Drummond Reed: Must drop now, thanks
Wayne Vaughn: Wallet parallel to crypto - very open to supporting credentails - could be an adoption path - another pont is around HD wallets that reduce correlation risk - needs exploration
Orie Steele: Anil_John excellent link.
Christopher Allen: +1 I'm trying to have our iOS bitcoin wallet FullyNoded2 support both cryptocurrency & DIDs.
Kim Hamilton Duffy: Darrell also had a survey of wallets in report form -- I'm sure that webinar refers to it
Anil John: Yup.. There is link from the webinar link I provided above
Juan Caballero: Agropper - triad of request properties: scope,requester, and purpose ; I want to see some standardization around these (regardless of whether requests persist as credentials)
Juan Caballero: Meeting time?
Adrian Hope-Bailie: Mentioned the request triplet voabulary issue
Juan Caballero: 2Pm PST mondays?

Topic: New Charter Approval and Next Steps

Kaliya Young: Meetings are 2-3pm pacific on Monday
Kaliya Young: Next one is next week.
Kim Hamilton Duffy: Discussed April 9 email: 53 responses all approve . no disapprove - two comments - no time to discuss now
Joe Andrieu: +1 For mentioning the comments.
Kaliya Young: Here is the home page -
Christopher Allen: +1 Schedule future meeting on comments (but maybe after election)
... Propose that chairs track the 2 comments as action items

Topic: Election of chairs

Joe Andrieu: Best reference is language in the charter itself:
Christopher Allen: Date set - two week nomination - two week election if needed
The way this works - two week nomination then two weeks election - depends on how many nominations - announcing election today
... June 9 formal announcement on behalf of the chairs - self nomination please - who you are and why
... 3 seats available ... in this election ... A 1 year, B 2 years, C is for 3 years.
Christopher Allen: This is the last election with all three chairs - hope for new blood - encourage everyone to look into these - we meet each week online for one hour -
... rotate in running the meetings - Kim did an amazing job last year - now automated by Kim - so we now manage using Github issues
... Who will join Kim and Joe who are running for re-election
Joe Kaplan: One of these meetings will be a"town call" to ask and respond in two weeks
Kim Hamilton Duffy: Want to allay concerns, 3 year commitment is not strict, for my part, we need to bring in new leadership to drive a broader range of efforts
... a lot of the time spent on mechanics now allows more time for planning and vision,
... these seats are not pre-destined to be Joe's and mine so please run.
... if you have questions we can tell you more - reach out to us via email - and Kim will set up the call.
Please nominate yourself