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Minutes for 2021-06-29

<victor> let's bring some noise))
<mahmoud> qq for later do we need to present+ after manu changed the bot?
<mprorock> mahmoud - you should not have to anymore
<manu_sporny> Mahmoud, you no longer need to present+ -- the bot does it for you.
<manu_sporny> Long live our robot overlords!
<heather_vescent> Join the CCG:
<heather_vescent> Minutes:
<jeffo-stl> Thx for FYI re: presemt+ Manu...
<mahmoud> awesome thanks!
Adrian Gropper is scribing.
<mprorock> and we have lost heather
<manu_sporny> No volunteers

Topic: Introductions

Adrian Gropper: Blaze: researcher at Graz Iunst Tech, - looking at possibilities for digital wallet
Kristina Yasuda: Office of Ed tech US Dep't Edu - digital wallets and blockchains in education [scribe assist by Adrian Gropper]
Erica Connell: Theater and film artist, learning about W3C - producing a podcast about DID and DID methods - [scribe assist by Adrian Gropper]
Heather Vescent: Please return and share podcast [scribe assist by Adrian Gropper]
<heather_vescent> Announcements:

Topic: Announcements & Reminders

<agropper> ... nothing on the announcements list - add to queue please
Manu Sporny: Update on DID spec now in second CR - looks like we have enough implementations - call at 6PM to review - 2 weeks left and looking good - hoping to have it in a couple of months [scribe assist by Adrian Gropper]
Phil Archer: T3 innovation ratified the charter for Learning and Employment Record - announcement of kickoff in July to be announced [scribe assist by Adrian Gropper]

Topic: Update on Action Items

Heather Vescent: Topic Action Items Update [scribe assist by Adrian Gropper]
<agropper> ... check in on #194
<agropper> ... EIP signature - just a meter of setting up the repo and we can get started with the work item
<phil_l_(p1)> The Learning and Employment Record Network (LERN) is part of the T3 Innovation Network of Networks initiative.

Topic: CCG 101 Survey Results

<agropper> Hear from Victor - active in CCG 101 from the start to help us understand how to use volunteer resources most effectively
<agropper> ... 20-25 minutes timebox
Adrian Gropper: Victor: Started in CCG 101 - am active in TOIP and governance - trying to understand who is active and what they think is important
<agropper> ... by sending Google Forms important to send email directly - 10% of members responded
<agropper> ... created a small presentation
<mprorock> FYI - if you have chat open and screen share is not showing full screen properly, close and then reopen chat
<mahmoud> not sure if me but theres tons of chopping
<agropper> ... to find out who we are and how we can move the projects forward - majority joined in last three years -
<heather_vescent> (Yes, the audio is a bit choppy for me too, but I can hear it)
<mprorock> mahmoud - not just you - jitsi bandwidth can be rough
<heather_vescent> (I just muted Adrian, so there is only audio coming off one channel)
<heather_vescent> (audio has improved for me)
<agropper> ... creating standards or developing content for promotion - the other important thin is that the majority is tech pros and many in executive positions - important because development can be divvied into what to develop vs. legwork / coding
<agropper> ... the majority seem to be executives that decide what to develop - it's much more important to find people to do the development - "I think"
<manu> This is really great data...
<mprorock> manu +1 really insightful on what is actually going on from an active user standpoint
<agropper> ... half of the people have a good idea of what they want to do development - not sure if that's a good conclusion - want feedback
<agropper> ... see there's a need in active participation of gov officials - it's challenging to attract gov due to the specifics of restrictions on individuals in each country - mistrust is a problem across countries - hard to attract gov
<agropper> ... next step is to ask "what kind of content?" - majority says short or medium length video or blog post - 700 words or 5-15 minute video
<manu> I think it would be super helpful if we could get these written up as action items for the CCG...
Manu Sporny: Can you say more about this, maybe put yourself on the queue?
<agropper> ... now to thank Mike Prorock for the word clouds - we see specific tech - VC is most - then DID - Government popular -
<mprorock> tech note - word clouds generated by frequency analysis of responses after stop words and and duplicates removed
<agropper> ... discuss is VC, DID, wallet, - also JSON-LD and API very popular - also popular use case id VC in Education and next VC-HTTP API mentioned in half the answers
<agropper> ... asked about general public and answers all over the place - probably 2 reasons: nothing harming and nothing benefits the general public - so why would the public care? -
<agropper> ... do we need the general public to know and what would that mean to our work?
Heather Vescent: TY Victor [scribe assist by Adrian Gropper]
Manu Sporny: Appreciate Victor for doing this work - we have a data from a decent chunk of the community - aligns with Manu's gut feeling - TY Victor - wonder if we could get this out as a mailing - sending the general findings as slides and then maybe translate this into Action Items [scribe assist by Adrian Gropper]
<agropper> ... use it as an opportunity to remind the community
Adrian Gropper: Victor: Among people who answered many are willing to produce content once we decide what should be in the content
Charles E. Lehner: Question about Slide 3 (membership years) - why the distribution [scribe assist by Adrian Gropper]
Adrian Gropper: Victor: It's about the launch 2-3 years ago - probably
Heather Vescent: Interesting how large group joined in the last year - may COVID - have been growing a lot - The year before had only one but can't say much - What was going on 2-3 years ago that added members - was it DID WG? [scribe assist by Adrian Gropper]
<victor> last year bump might be due to the online education huge demand and therefore necessity to work on VCs for educaiton
<agropper> .... of the people who took the survey, we had many 4-5 years. That bodes well to have both old and newer. It's a challenge to walk new people to become contributors - that's what 101 group is trying to do - understand how to contribute to the work items
<agropper> ... the numbers show that we do have many new folks - need to provide a gentle path to becoming good contributors
Adrian Gropper: Victor: I am not a developer. Background in education. One of the hardest things is to give newcomers very simple tasks. Responses speak to the need to attract new developers with not a lot of experience - if we can manage then it might help speed up the process - government has the power
Heather Vescent: Asking work item owners and co-owners: What can you do to make your work item accessible to new (to the community) devs. - Are there tasks you can break down - give a soft landing or sandbox. [scribe assist by Adrian Gropper]
Mike Schwartz: Traceability vocal with Orie - read me mirrors what devs expect - when we look at SSI or CCG items have their own language - need step by step - the Hallway Test: - what does this look like to you? - Vocab is a start [scribe assist by Adrian Gropper]
Heather Vescent: Victor last words? Victor: Let's get Action Items for what's next - talk about it in 101 and present to the greater community - [scribe assist by Adrian Gropper]
Heather Vescent: Discuss on list as well. [scribe assist by Adrian Gropper]

Topic: Open Co-chair

Heather Vescent: Thank you Mike for self-nominating - Officially a 3-year term - once we get this filled we will discuss the terms - this is an official submission- EOD midnight this FRIDAY to finalize if nobody else shows up. [scribe assist by Adrian Gropper]
Mike Schwartz: Thanks Heather. Background: Tech career. Security. Dealing with Data - search - and recently ML and applied. - Run analytics - the data we deal with is track and trace (eg DNA) needs chain of custody [scribe assist by Adrian Gropper]
<agropper> ... Intro by Orie - doing more with VC in my day job - given we need CCG to deal with important topics
Manu Sporny: +1 To Mike! - contributions to date have been fantastic - wondering if you have any particular initiative you want to push in CCG? [scribe assist by Adrian Gropper]
Manu Sporny: +1 To getting better at verifiable testability in CCG -- proving interop.
Mike Schwartz: Interested in traceability of physical goods and attribution on things that will impact environment - beyond that, interoperability and testability - want to extend that spect to the rprojects - also engaging in 101 to make sure they are actually are doing [scribe assist by Adrian Gropper]
Manu Sporny: +1 To more effort into CCG 101 work -- it's the only way we're going to scale as a community.
Heather Vescent: Othe comments for Mike or CCG items to consider [scribe assist by Adrian Gropper]
Mike Prorock: +1 Automation where possible
Manu Sporny: Request I have in general is the community has grown and my hope is we can figure out how to reduce the chairs workload - more automation - minutes transcription - [scribe assist by Adrian Gropper]
Manu Sporny: +1 To focus on stability -- that's good direction.
Heather Vescent: Commenting - I think a lot of automation thanks to Manu and Kim - as chair, automation is a double-edge sword - 70% time often an error happens - constant updates break things - prefer more stable with less features - balance [scribe assist by Adrian Gropper]
<agropper> ... still have issues with the minutes - need the process documented - for the chairs and everyone - caution against too much automation
Manu Sporny: +1 To focus on stability as a general rule [scribe assist by Adrian Gropper]
<mprorock> woot, on time!
Adrian Gropper: TY: Victor and Mike - concluding today
<victor> buy