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CCG Verifiable Credentials for Education Task Force Telecon

Minutes for 2021-10-18

Topic: Agenda Review

Topic: IP Note

Topic: Call Notes

Topic: Scribe Selection

<deb_everhart> Deb volunteered to scribe
Deb Everhart is scribing.

Topic: Introductions & Reintroductions

Introductions: none
Reintroduction: Taylor Kendal Learning Economy Foundatain

Topic: Announcements & Reminders

No special announcements
General announcements, see link
Seeking co-chairs for this group
See responsibilities in the linked doc
Let Kerri know if you are interested or have questions about being co-chair
Great opportunity to know the community and use cases better

Topic: Charter edits review

Review charter
Was more focused on LER wrapper and HE
Now adjusting to broader focus and including training and employment contexts
Need feedback this week to be able to confirm charter
This doc should provide intro and history for anyone who has questions about what this group is doing
Scope is broad-- see Scope section of charter doc
Marty-- "may include" is important because these points are broad
Patrick- this fits well with what we are doing in Germany
Working on conversion of EMREX standard to VC standard
Reminder of mailing list for outreach and sending more info to the group
Approaches to interoperability-- see this section of the charter doc
Marty Reed: In scope, should we include the application of verifiable presentations- Marty will add this
Many important questions and use cases related to verifiable identity and verifiable presentations
Work items process-- see this section of the charter doc
Important to focus on use cases, including current, future, and theoretical-- we need more use cases
Anyone in the group can take on and lead a work item
Kerri Lemoie: ADL: standards for military & government
ADl is widely adopted beyond government and military
ADL is often an initiator or incubator of standards that are taken on by others
Jim Goodell: ADL is like a de factor standards organization
Deb Everhart: Not a priority for this group to be too specific about what technically is a "data standards organization"
It would be useful for someone from HR Open to come to this call to talk about the relevant standards
Deb Everhart: Focus on achievements of all types, wherever they occur, as distinct from other types of credentials such as employment date/job records
<phil_l_(p1)> Andrew Cunsolo has been invited to speak about some of the HR Open work at the next OSN Technical Workgroup. I'll check with Nate but I believe it's set for Oct. 22nd. at the TWG Friday 2:00 pm meeting.
<phil_l_(p1)> :-)
Marty Reed: Including endorsements in the scope of this group
Focus on use cases this month and next month
Charter available for 7 days for review, until Oct. 25
<kayode_ezike> Can we add comments to the doc?
<kayode_ezike> Great, thanks!
Yes, you can add comments to the charter doc
Seeking concensus on the charter by Oct. 25, so please provide comments asap

Topic: Work Item: Use Cases

Use case document-- specific template
Kerri walks through a HS Open Badges use case example, see doc
<david_ward> The use case template (first link) does not seem to be publically readable.
<jim_goodell> I need to drop. Have a good day all.
Phil Barker: Important to have use cases that cover both the badge holder and the badge consumer
Deb Everhart: +1 @Phil and also how does CTDL provide the consumer with more info and context for recognizing the value of the credential for inclusion in the college app
Marty Reed: Multi-lens, ecosystem view of each credential
Phil Barker: Use case views for different perspectives that together form an ecosystem perspective
Sharon Leu: Value of keeping use cases simple, and challenges etc are distinct-- eg 1 interaction scenario w/ 3 use cases
Deb Everhart: Yes, scenario + use cases is a useful structure-- and the scenario and additonal use cases can be built out later
Marty Reed: Walking through use case for ETS praxis results
Everyone take a shot at writing a use case by next week
<phil_l_(p1)> Does the general statement that the recipients of the Praxis VC can't import data from a VC mean a business opportunity?