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Verifiable Traceability Task Force

Transcript for 2022-11-29

Action Items
  1. clarify options in interop #468 and initiate polling
Orie Steele, Mike Prorock, Mahmoud Alkhraishi
Our Robot Overlords and russell_hofvendahl_(
Nis Jespersen , Jim M, Yinghui (Vivien) Fan, Benjamin (Transmute), Russell Hofvendahl, Paul Dietrich GS1, Chris Abernethy, TallTed // Ted Thibodeau (he/him) (, Orie Steele
Audio Log
Our Robot Overlords are scribing.
Russell_Hofvendahl_( Yeah I'm happy to describe it looks like there might be a transcriber the.
russell_hofvendahl_( is scribing.
<chris_abernethy> I'm here
<chris_abernethy> 1 sec audio
Nis Jespersen : Announcements?
Nis Jespersen : For clarification, not conformance?
Chris Abernethy: Both [conformance and interop are updated]
Nis Jespersen : Fantastic, that was one PR trace interop, switching to trace vocab
Russell Hofvendahl: 638, Organic product certification
<orie> For example:
Nis Jespersen : Should this be a credential?
Orie Steele: A bit confusing to have "certificate"
Russell Hofvendahl: Will make note to change "organicCertificate" to "organicCertification" later with future PR
Nis Jespersen : Next 639 gap location cert schema, russell
Nix: 641, russell
Nis Jespersen : 642, Russell
Nis Jespersen : 643, Ben
Ben: change to BOL cert, issue is they're not expanding [?]
<benjamin_(transmute)> examples are non-spanning
Nis Jespersen : Any approvals? merged
Ben: Change request for mahmoud, but similar change. This narrows scope of schema to fit specific example, not reduce optionality. This is JSON replacing a specific form, having closer values to what would expect
Jim M: So if we get into cross-border movement, these specific terms would be required in-schema?
Nis Jespersen : Commercial invoice like any other. Til recently we pieced together cred schemas from full set of RDS building blocks. What schemas reflect now is extremely big systems. These are recent changes, to narrow it down. Ben selected specific attrs to narrow it down to commercial invoice
Jim M: so truly commercial invoice between buyer and seller
Nis Jespersen : Yes
Chris Abernethy: +1
Nis Jespersen : If Mahmoud is onboard can merge between this week and next week
<benjamin_(transmute)> we have the revocation issue
Nis Jespersen : On to issues. We've discussed not doing trace interop all the time, only 14
<jim_m> I need to drop off. I will get my ducks in order for the issues that I would respond to on next weeks call. Have a good evening.
Chris Abernethy: Since last week [?] has had a chance to weigh in on this, think these are worth reviewing
<orie> MUST and SHOULD / MAY.
Chris Abernethy: Not possible for requester to guarantee they are providing IDs unique to requester
Orie Steele: You both might be talking abt diff endpts
Chris Abernethy: On board, believe you suggested in update endpt, someone who calls could provide identification in credential, but might not be able to look up [?]
Orie Steele: Not guaranteed uniqueness. Depends on issuer, if assigned identifier & using consistently get but with addnl constraints
Chris Abernethy: Agree, esp with increased complexity you pointed out
Orie Steele: Have "id must be present" today
Chris Abernethy: Not currently reflected in trace API schema, will do
Orie Steele: Should treat respec doc as source of true; openapi, tests, others as secondary sources of truth
Chris Abernethy: Think specifying process for generating IDs not worth getting into. Issuer that generates, needs to be able to use that later
Orie Steele: Inference in there, assuming [?]. Issuer could just do url example.123 for every cred, would conform with norm. Unless want not legal, we do need to describe what needs to be
Chris Abernethy: +1 Orie
<orie> regardless of the choice, we need a PR to flush out this section of the spec:
Nis Jespersen : What you're talking way into, issuing server decides on ID, VC ID, consequences?
<orie> you could say it MUST be unique and it SHOULD be a urn:uuid:v4.
Chris Abernethy: I agree with both. Responding to Orie, yes agree need specify instructions for that ID, misunderstood you. Yes specify needs unique.
Nis Jespersen : Sounds more like Manu's suggestion, we put it in options?
Chris Abernethy: Not quite
Orie Steele: Accomplishing same thing, moving client provided paramn from one object to another
Chris Abernethy: But it's there in VC, I think issue here is how it gets there
Orie Steele: K was thinking more abt update endpt. If know it's there can use ID in update endpt. In creation, can throw 400 error in value or assign one, or override what client does - don't think we should do that
Chris Abernethy: But then issue, a) removing option to do something need to do, b) injecting data into cred
Orie Steele: Already adding proof tho
Paul: So need some ref to this thing to call this update? Pass whole object to update method?
Orie Steele: But then would need to negotiate with everyone else
Paul: My issue is not clear what [?]
Orie Steele: So clarify options in an issue, what choosing between, then polling to figure out what option has strength, then PR
ACTION: clarify options in interop #468 and initiate polling
Nis Jespersen : Can try to summarize some of this tomorrow
Paul: Customer said "just want a black box", as soon as delivered just achieve fail, message that even for simple that verification message really useful
Chris Abernethy: Examples don't agree with spec rn
Nis Jespersen : Would be enum of verification types right?
Chris Abernethy: Yes
Chris Abernethy: Having all use cases would be very helpful
Nis Jespersen : Chris, don't understand what you said abt oopenapi
Chris Abernethy: Concerns abt writing test, so verifications array of objects with status good/bad, list of titles, optional description
Nis Jespersen : Have decided to leave 5mins at end for volunteer, so wrap this up now
Chris Abernethy: Happy to
Nis Jespersen : I'll agenda next wk as well