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Transcript for 2023-05-15

<kerri_lemoie> Hello Everyone!
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Topic: Call Notes

Topic: Introductions & Reintroductions

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Kerri Lemoie: Now there it is thank you appreciate that money.
Kerri Lemoie: Hey anybody here in the qualitative quite a few people 43 people that's a great call and a great number of people anybody here is knew it would like to introduce themselves.

Topic: Announcements & Reminders

Kerri Lemoie: And then lastly before we get to the main topic see if anybody has any announcements or reminders I only have one for you which is that on May 29th I believe is a holiday in the states and so we won't have a call here so next Monday we will have a call we're working on that agenda currently but the Monday after.
Kerri Lemoie: Is a Holiday.
Kerri Lemoie: Morgan how you doing.
Chris Webber: There I just wanted to say that coming up in the verifiable credentials working group we're working on a bunch of test Suites including adapting the test Suites we used for the jff plugfest to in that effort so if we worked with you in that plugfest we'd love to continue working with you and maybe help integrate you into the news test Suites so you may be hearing from me or manu in the next couple of weeks.
Chris Webber: About that.
Kerri Lemoie: That's excellent news thank you Morgan that's really great.
Kerri Lemoie: Okay no other announcements or reminders in the queue it seems I also feel free to hear yourselves anytime in the call if you want to jump in and you know say hello and tell us things that come to mind during the call Sharon may I introduce you now is a is our main topic for today to kick us off with plugfest 3.

Topic: Plugfest 3

Sharon Leu: Yes I just want to do a quick can everyone hear me check.
Sharon Leu: Oh good okay cool and I'm also going to try to share my screen because someone made me very pretty slide so.
Sharon Leu: Okay can everyone see my deck okay and I also know I can drop the deck into the chat in a second as well let's see let's do that that didn't work okay well yeah.
Sharon Leu: Okay so I want to officially kick off plugfest 3 I know that I sent a message earlier last week so I think some of you already got the form but I think we want to use our time today to do a quick overview of the technical requirements the timeline and then also to talk about a few of the things that we think that we need to be preparing together as a group in order to make this successful so just by way of introduction again.
Sharon Leu: For people who don't know me which I don't.
Sharon Leu: It's called suits always good to do this my name is Sharon Lou and I work at an organization called jobs for the future or jmf and we are not actually a technology company in any way we have as our North Star to work over the next 10 years to make sure that 75 million people facing systemic barriers to advancement hadn't have quality jobs and so when we do this we do this through a number of traditional and non-traditional ways and at jff Labs we have the opportunity to work with people who are.
Sharon Leu: Are innovators to use technology tools and different.
Sharon Leu: Are currently available to us to help us achieve these goals and so are my team looks at the specific question of credentials and digital credentials and just in the credential engine landscape most recently we noticed that there is like it right they were reported that there were a million credentials issued by over 60,000 providers in the United States and our question as we were reading through this and many other similar studies is how many of the existence of all of these credentials.
Sharon Leu: We to socio-economic mobility and do they how can we create an ecosystem.
<viktor_(proofspace)> Dont hear anything
<manu_sporny> I can hear Sharon
Sharon Leu: It's are exchanged more fluidly they're used and ultimately that a multiple set of multiple credentials are earned by individuals over their course of their lifetime can be added to a tool so that they can communicate their abilities as they pursue whatever opportunities whether it's education or employment and so this is our interest in verifiable credentials and the use of and their use in allowing people to pursue these opportunities so as.
<simone_ravaioli> sounds seems fine, Viktor
Sharon Leu: We're doing this like we looked at the.
<kerri_lemoie> Sounds seems ok @Viktor - may wish to try a different browser.
Sharon Leu: And we said to ourselves like what do we need to do in order to make this happen to create the environment so that we can do some of this testing and so that led us to thinking about working with this group to create a series of plugfest because what we noticed is that this ideal that we have which is multiple credentials over by multiple issuers over a long period of time and then sharing and recombining really was a description of making the verifiable credential secret ecosystem work so.
Sharon Leu: Just a quick trip down memory lane we did our first plug test lat.
<viktor_(proofspace)> I use mobile app, ok will try
<simone_ravaioli> a writeup on PF1 and 2 -
Sharon Leu: A year from now where the exercise was to display one verifiable credential in the O BB 3 format in the wallet and then we followed that up with the second one which was about to verifiable credentials from two different issuers in a wallet or issuers issuing two different wallets so I think we had taken the first step in creating a collection that individuals can use and so what we want to do this time is we want to increase it we want to focus on presentation request and.
Sharon Leu: I'm just going to very quickly go through the technical requirements and then we're going to discuss all three of them and hopefully I think this is where Carrie and Dimitri and Simona can also jump in but essentially what we're saying is the what we're going to specifically again focus on wall it's just like the first podcast and we're going to say that in order for you that you know sort of pass this bug past what you'll need to do is the wallet needs to receive our request for credentials it will allow the user to respond by selecting.
Sharon Leu: The credentials that they would like to share and then they will be presented to the verifier in the form of.
Sharon Leu: Terrified will preach.
Sharon Leu: Efficient so what does that mean so I think I'll I picked like three of what I thought were the big questions and then this is where I think people can jump in with their their own actual questions so we're going to generate the presentation request through a playground tool the second thing that I wanted to say is that the first plugfest we did one credential the second we did too so this time obviously have to do three we're going to require to credentials one is the jff plugfest badge that.
Sharon Leu: That will be in the open badge version 3 vert.
Sharon Leu: Format just like last time and we're also going to use a identity document I know that several people on this call I have already had some experience using that credential document but I think that will share additional information about that moving forward essentially USCIS is the United States Customs and immigration service and this allows us to create a really interesting use case that is both socio-economic Mobility as well as maybe like a.
Sharon Leu: Physical Mobility use case the USCIS documents especially the.
Sharon Leu: Employment authorization documents as well as any sort of documents related to legal status in the United States are necessary components of finding a job in the United States in addition to the academic credential so we think this is an interesting combination and the third thing that I want to say is just put out there is that we are going to as a how did you how do you demonstrate that you did this is to verify the authenticity of the verifiable proof.
Sharon Leu: Asia including the.
Sharon Leu: We're not going to require did off protocol specifically as well as the individual be seized and credential status check so I'm going to stop right there just for general questions unless you want me to just plow through and then we'll take questions all at the end.
Kerri Lemoie: There are new questions yet so I hope you go ahead.
Sharon Leu: Okay I'm going to plow through okay so.
<manu_sporny> Plough through... so far so good. :)
Kerri Lemoie: Late one question let me call a Neil's here you just put himself in Like You on the floor go ahead Nails that's okay.
<pl/t3-asu> please repeat the question?
<pl/t3-asu> :-)
Sharon Leu: That's a great question I think that I'm not going to I don't want to put anyone on the spot but I think that the playground tool that we use last time okay so yes I will repeat the question the question is what is the playground tool the playground tool is going to be the chappie playground and we also think but.
Sharon Leu: The same or all right over to you.
<pl/t3-asu> mute Dmitri
Kerri Lemoie: Yep we got you.
Dmitri Zagidulin: Yep can you hear me okay audio trouble okay great.
Dmitri Zagidulin: Right so as as you remember from the previous plugfest when we were testing issuing protocols the community is currently United around three different protocol camps the w3c VC API protocol that often Works through the credential Handler API in the browser so that's that's one Camp second one being the.
Dmitri Zagidulin: Open up.
Dmitri Zagidulin: Family of protocols and the third one being did come to so here for testing this verification and presentation exchange we were hoping to follow similar model and invite each protocol Camp to put forward a playground tool so we have the chappie playground tool that allows allows for.
Dmitri Zagidulin: Weston credentials.
Dmitri Zagidulin: Courage while it implementers to to go through that that's what we'll be testing through in the plugfest three so that's one we know that the open ID Community has a playground I think put forth by David Chadwick and and others from last time so we would like to invite the open to the community to pick that tool or something else in its place and then.
Dmitri Zagidulin: I similarly did come too.
Dmitri Zagidulin: I mean it.
Dmitri Zagidulin: If we're going to have participants to put forth a similar playground to which I vaguely remember being presented this past I had W some weeks ago so hopefully that.
Dmitri Zagidulin: Right so the playground tool will serve as the verifier is the idea so the verifier will ask the wallet for credentials.
Dmitri Zagidulin: And and then verify the status.
Dmitri Zagidulin: I'm here I would I would hand off that question to Sharon.
<kerri_lemoie> Will call on DavidC next
Sharon Leu: Yeah sorry I think that you're correct but we need to control the variables and so you can't like we're trying to narrow down the scope so that we focus on the specific thing that we're trying to accomplish and I think that I mean unless okay this was just an attempt to reduce the complexity because I think that one of the things that you'll notice is that there are three different credential types this time as well so you know.
Sharon Leu: I don't know if that addresses it but this was just our attempt to reduce complexity but if you want to do it in a more complex way I think that we can be open to a conversation.
<kim_duffy> That's where we're expecting ya'll to hash it out
<dmitri_zagidulin> so, one way to think of it is, we're proposing that Plugfest 3 is focusing on demonstrating interop among /wallets/, for presentation exchange
<dmitri_zagidulin> rather than verifiers/RPs
Kerri Lemoie: Nails and then we have a queue building up these are excellent questions I'm going to no no you're good you're good thank you let me let me get to the key I'm going to jump the queue myself more like right now but then I'm going to call it David because he was next only to say that you can think of this plug fast as the iteration right of the first two so it is assumed that these the wallets are now ready to accept.
Kerri Lemoie: Credentials from issuers using the.
Kerri Lemoie: As in the previous plugfest so that this is sort of The Next Step Right David you are you have the floor Dave.
Kerri Lemoie: Thank you David that is good to know we're going to be having a follow-up call to these of course and we should reach out and talk more about this so we can make these decisions going forward thank you.
Kerri Lemoie: Get a good Nash you are in the you have the floor please.
Ganesh Annan: Thank you Carrie so for those who don't know me my name is Ganesh I'm Frontage bizarre and I've been working on the management and Engineering of this playground tool named the choppy playground and something that was mentioned earlier that I need to tweak just a little bit is that though out of the gate the verifier that is support is just one just as was architected with the.
Ganesh Annan: Sewers in it.
Ganesh Annan: I sat there are multiple issuers that same capability is being built in to the choppy playground so though we're starting with one the next step that we have to complete is create a test Suite so people can test their own implementations of the verifiers so that the interface works properly when integrated into the tool and then from there it'll open up to multiple verifiers so that's just the first detail that I wanted to add the next detail was just kind of being aligned with.
Ganesh Annan: With the direction of where plugfest.
Ganesh Annan: Weighing right so yes we proved out that were able to issue different VCS through a variety of issuers but this is in live just with the v-spec and the various pectin SSI community of this layered approach of building a solution and first starting with the foundation and then building that next layer on top the next layer on top once you have a credential in your wallet is being able to pull that credential out of the wallet a lot of times you want to pull the.
Ganesh Annan: Credential out and then immediately verify it but when we can.
Ganesh Annan: I can just focus on can we pull this credential you out of the wallet and can you mix and Max mix and match different queries and are you able to support the queries from different relying parties can we get that layer correct and then we'll move to that verification piece so the choppy playground is ready to demonstrate the ability to verify credentials using a variety of very far back ends but if the direction the plugfest is just to focus on the.
Ganesh Annan: Piece that is the presentation request the.
Ganesh Annan: So just wanted to put that out there thank you.
Kerri Lemoie: Thank you dash appreciate that thorsten you have the floor.
Torsten: Thank you how about everybody since the last one is the open ID Community as much great progress on the topic of testing so perhaps would be good idea to use the official components test from the open early foundation for the blacks us going forward I'm not so I'm not sure why the timeline perhaps you could elaborate about that but what's being done right now.
Torsten: we're open a new Foundation.
Torsten: It was a compromise of being billed for open up you fucking piece so I think it's really want to make sure that all the bullets are in trouble I think that it would be good to use that that set of test because it's based on the latest open at e4v p implementers drop to the foundation just approved a couple of weeks ago.
Dmitri Zagidulin: Quick quick question to you Torsten is the compliance is the spec that you mentioned the test framework is it interactive as in is it user attended or just automated.
Torsten: I think you can do both but I need to check.
Torsten: I mean the ultimate goal is to have an automatic test but I guess you could also do it why are you asking.
Dmitri Zagidulin: So just just to get an idea I think the workflow for the plugfest that Sharon has in mind involves some.
Dmitri Zagidulin: Some user attended flows however I am a huge fan of compatibility test Suites the existence of it for open and e4v P is fantastic I definitely definitely think we should work it into the.
Dmitri Zagidulin: The plugfest okay so since since Gary also just just acknowledge me and I was on the Queue I want to give some context behind this discussion so picking.
Dmitri Zagidulin: Picking just the right amount of things to test for a given plugfest is about dancing act right we're trying to test something that is doable by the community we're trying to not not to overload implementers but on the other hand we're also trying to challenge implementers and so that that's why the proposal on this particular slide we're wondering if this purse.
Dmitri Zagidulin: Hence the right amount of challenge specifically focusing on the wallets not the verifiers of relying parties can a wallet one out-of-band provision itself with that it has the credentials to can it receive a presentation request for more than one credential and can't can it sign.
Dmitri Zagidulin: Put together the verify with presentation and sign it and handed back to the verifier so that's that's the bit that this proposal is focused on so what I'm hearing from others on this call what I hear people asking is maybe that's too simple do we want to add also testing verifiers and there the question is for Sharon for for jff staff and the community might that be too complicated in the timeline that were.
Dmitri Zagidulin: We're that we have so that's it over to you Sharon.
Dmitri Zagidulin: Next on the queue.
Manu Sporny: +1 Sounds like a good place to start, adding multiple verifiers is pretty simple wrt. VC Playground.
Sharon Leu: That's right so just to clarify the question is about whether we are going to add more protocols to support and the answer is no so if you look at the form which is later in I can flip through here let me just okay so I'll this is the calendar here's a link to the form to fill out fill out this form by June 5th at the end of the day for us in Eastern time we'll try to let you know by the seventh as.
Sharon Leu: As well as pick a tie.
Sharon Leu: Technical discussion we're going to again hope to do demo day ahead of iiw which is a little bit earlier this time than it was last year so unfortunately you have just a little bit less time but if you look at the questions that were asking what we're saying is we're still only going to do those three protocols we cut for a couple of reasons number one is because in this community those are the three most popular ones but number 2 and more importantly for jmf as an.
Sharon Leu: Organization is that in the education use case in the United States those are the.
<dmitri_zagidulin> er sorry wrong form
Sharon Leu: I have encountered part of this is because the verifiable credentials are not as widely used yet but at the moment those are the three most popular ones in the context of the u.s. education use case and the ones where we know about resources that exist so.
Kerri Lemoie: :+1:
Sharon Leu: It's okay so that's that's why there's three protocols and that's also why we're going to notify people if we see people who are using if we see a lot of interest in different protocols that we have not considered we will do a little bit of research and let people know if we think that there are resources available sport that I see Kim in the kids so I can I'll turn it over to you.
Geun-Hyung Kim: Yeah so as many of you know this is the first time that many of the protocols and Associated data models in you know what were accomplishing on the exchange side that's the first time they've really been exercised and interop effort like this so you know to Sharon's point about controlling the complexity you know we did not want to expand the scope too much on the roll.
Geun-Hyung Kim: Lying parties.
<manu_sporny> haha
Geun-Hyung Kim: I look what would be ideal is if each Camp I like the I like the transcriber it says lying parties which is a good trip transcription but any case what would be ideal is if there's an existing playground or like one can be made into something that each Camp kind of agrees on because we are 100% convinced that there will be different interpretations of the specifications that are out there and so.
Geun-Hyung Kim: This will this.
<tallted_//_ted_thibodeau_(he/him)_(> re-lying. lying again. :-)
<niels_klomp> Exactly, that is why it would make sense to have more than 2 "lying" party ;)
<niels_klomp> parties
Geun-Hyung Kim: In itself will be a good forcing function to you know get some more clarity there now if that doesn't exist say like an open ID stack then then that's great but we do think that there will be some confusion over that so you know it is possible to sort of formally bring in the idea of multiple verifiers but that might make things too complicated versus each group sort of.
Geun-Hyung Kim: A representative one for this plugfest anyways future plugfest we can get a lot more complicated bring in scope.
Sharon Leu: Yeah that's right and I'm going to interrupt for just a moment I think that is something that I meant to say that can reminded me is we did do a bunch of research about whether we can get like one Uber relying party in the wild or one or two to come and partner with us in this effort but again because jmf is you know us Workforce education oriented in our ecosystem there's not a lot of use.
Sharon Leu: Image of digital credentials like I said earlier the.
Sharon Leu: Stick is that there are about a million of them in the wild like like probably like .1 percent of them are actually used in big decisions they are just Collectibles and so part of our goal and in some of the other projects that we are engaged in we are trying to we work with communities of employers and different decision makers on whether or not they would start accepting digital Assets in some of the big decisions and we have found that to be a.
Sharon Leu: A highly uneven ecosystem and there are a number of.
Sharon Leu: Have PCC had put out a study as well as Northeastern University put out a study where they looked at the different kinds of technologies that are used by potential relying parties in the US and it's complete it's very uneven and it's very hard to hit that so the reducing complexity is making this trying to reduce it from like a many too many too many sort of test to just saying okay so we know that there are three protocols that are not completely I mean.
Sharon Leu: I think that this discussion about which protocol is best.
Sharon Leu: Technology stack will continue to go on for a little while and while that is happening you know can you know employers who are interested in experimenting or other relying parties look on this and say like well at least if they decide on a particular approach that they will have some clarity rather than it's a it's when they look as a relying party into our ecosystem they all see a lot of chaos so I know that that's ultimately unsatisfying but I think there are some potential relying parties that are.
Sharon Leu: Interested in watching one of them obviously is.
Sharon Leu: And I can say like Department of Homeland Security so they are an issuer but I think we've been having a lot of really good conversations that are pretty promising about what does it look like for them to also be relying parties and again but again I think it's there's a lot of Chaos in in our ecosystem right now which I think is healthy and it's a sign that this is an active Community where really good work is being done let's let's continue to do that for a little while and the fact that I called it presentation request was probably a little bit confusing so I apologize for that.
Sharon Leu: But I think.
<kerri_lemoie> DIF Presentation Exchange:
Sharon Leu: Being too is that we've introduced this idea that your wallet needs to hold multiple credential types of verifiable credentials as well so I think that you know again we're going to pick this conversation up again I think at ccg on the 30th of this month Also let's have this on the mailing list you know we're not sure if we get this right exactly all the time.
Sharon Leu: And you.
<kerri_lemoie> Please join the VC-EDU email list:
Sharon Leu: The good thing is that we have multiple chances at this like this is not a one-and-done situation we might do this again and continue to build on the work so I hope that that addresses it and I see mommy's hands up but I don't know who's next in line so I'll turn this back over to Kari to actually do this.
Kerri Lemoie: Thank you I'm actually next in line and I was really only going to add to a Kidman and Sharon said mostly what I was going to say but you know I think about this this plugfest is sort of the rubber meets the road time right where we have been trying to work on work towards verifying for a long time and digital credentials and this is where we can establish examples that are others can look at so this think of this as like the foundational part ask.
Kerri Lemoie: Effective of verifying or scaffolding for that so that we can.
Kerri Lemoie: It's adoption from here it's sort of a first step in that direction - I think you are next.
Manu Sporny: Go yeah just do speak really quickly to some of the capabilities that at least the chappie playground can bring to bear its and just to be transparent with everyone on kind of our plans for the chappie playground we're adding oid for support into the playground that's you know in the works as some of you also saw we added the verifier back-end support for.
Manu Sporny: Happy playground so.
Manu Sporny: Are now which basically means that you can now use the chappie playground to issue a variety of credentials into a digital wallet hold them in the digital wallet that's what we did in plugfest 2 and the new features are it has a verification capability now which can connect to multiple different verifier back end so I know that we're trying to kind of maybe not do that because that might be a bridge too far in this plugfest.
Manu Sporny: But I'm just conveying that.
Manu Sporny: That mechanism exists where you can request multiple different credentials or at least request a credential right now not multiple ones request a credential and then it'll be delivered to the chappy playground and then that credential can be sent to a whole bunch of different verifier Atkins for verification so that capability is there today in as I mentioned you know or some variation of oid.
<dmitri_zagidulin> heh, Manu is implying - you can pre-game Plugfest /4/, and test interop between verifiers / RPs
Manu Sporny: For is going to be in.
Manu Sporny: As well so we're going to be moving away from you know calling it The Chap you playground it just calling it a VC playground because it will support multiple protocols multiple issuer back ends multiple verifier back ends and then we'll have to talk about maybe adding this feature that allows you to request multiple credentials at the same time so just an update on where things are based on kind of what you've outlined here Sharon it.
Manu Sporny: It feels like.
Manu Sporny: We should have most of that functionality there in whatever's missing you know whatever comes about is part of this discussion we could probably add fairly quickly that's it.
Kerri Lemoie: Thanks buddy I shared this no one in the queue right now you've seen my other things like today.
Sharon Leu: Okay I just I feel like I just have to other things but I do want to say again on the screen slide here's our general calendar click on this form submit your information as quickly as possible but you know by June we're going to try to notify everyone by June 7 so like almost immediately after we're going to set up another like dedicated technical conversation we're going to set up the slack channels again if.
Sharon Leu: People want them.
Sharon Leu: We're going to work towards demo day on being on October 9th so that's the general calendar I know also that we're still working on the agenda items for what would be a good conversation for us to have that the ccg meeting on the 30th of this month I think the co-chairs were generous enough to give us some time to talk about the VC as you going zone so this I think is a potential for what we could continue talking about the thing that I wanted to talk about with this so you know.
Sharon Leu: I think that we talked a little bit about how.
Sharon Leu: Is the fake playground here higher but I think and I did allude to this like I am interested in I think I'll double down and like Carrie said which is that we want to increase adoption and again this.
Sharon Leu: Okay so this is this is also where you know because jff is not a technology company we don't specifically focus on standards development we don't do any of the kind of work that you do on this call but what we do is we try to think about how can we build up the entire ecosystem and as again as we were doing some research on verifiers and use of digital credentials one of the key things is that building the demand for you.
Sharon Leu: Is of digital credentials.
Sharon Leu: Is something that needs to be done it's not only that credentials are issued in a digital format obviously PDFs is not where we're about on this call but it's encouraging our stakeholders to see the bigger picture of what it would look like for their credentials to be verifiable credentials and so we are hoping in addition to the fake credentials that we have that we will be able to use real digital verifiable credentials will give some exposure to a lot of organizations.
Sharon Leu: Patients who are issuing.
Sharon Leu: So even though we are not bringing issuers into the plugfest specifically like we did last time we are looking for credentials to make into verify credentials to put into either of these players so that the organization's themselves that create these credentials and organizations that would rely on some of these credentials would be able to get some exposure to this community to test it out in some of your wallets and to really start.
Sharon Leu: Art understanding the process of what that might look like.
Sharon Leu: I meant to to actually implement this kind of Technology stack so I think that this is a little bit of where we're going and so if you would like to let us know like a few people have already told us a number we have in addition to our to fake credentials some potential candidates for some verifiable credentials that would be optional so what we're saying is you have to use the two fake credentials that we have so the jmf plugfest three credential.
Sharon Leu: Lin an OB 3D three formats you're going to use.
Sharon Leu: He is identity document in their format of a VC and then you're going to pick from a list of these credentials that were going to make into verifiable credentials one of the examples is we may use a European verifiable credential in the LM model maybe it depends on if that becomes json-ld soon ish right so we might get one of those we've been talking with people who issue occupational.
Sharon Leu: But nationally in the US that are also relevant internationally and a number of these other types of credentials that are real that contribute to our use case but that actually has impact on whether or not an individual can pursue opportunity moving forward so again this is because our organization is focused on the impact and we want to drive demands and we know that there's a lot of Education that needs to happen that's not just how to how does one build this credential or this wallet or make some of the.
Sharon Leu: Plug-and-play work so that's a little bit of the complexity that we're adding for our own.
Sharon Leu: You have an idea of a credential that you know about in the wild that you think is a really high impact credential that we should work with those groups either the issue in groups or the verifying groups to you know turn these into verifiable credentials that we can use for the purposes of plugfest 3 then you know click on that link and and write a little bit about it and we'll follow up with you and that is the last thing that I have to say about this so back to you Kerry.
Kerri Lemoie: Make sure I'm going to um add a couple things to where you just said and ask you a question when is that keeping in mind that we did only one BC format throughout the plugfest so far so for plugfest one in plugfest to we did open badges 3 and the Sharon just said we're introducing another format and so that would be two that's different at the change of the world will have to do is to accommodate a different format and you can expect that as you can.
Kerri Lemoie: Time as a wallet there's going to be more and more of these so this.
Kerri Lemoie: The opportunity to start thinking through how your software can accommodate the different formats and be flexible in that way Sharon wouldn't question for you this this third credential or these other credentials would these be an open badges format or do we not know yet we not decided.
Sharon Leu: I think it's unknown / undecided.
Kerri Lemoie: Okay so stay tuned for that.
Kerri Lemoie: Hey don't see anybody else in the queue Dimitri and Sonny I'm just going to say a couple of things about BC edu just to you all know we are here to support the slugfest and provide resources we have the mailing list to ask questions and here to help us be successful just like we did for the previous two so if there's any other questions you have after this call feel free to reach out to us be sure to publish use minutes as soon as I can.
Kerri Lemoie: And so that we have this in the mail.
Kerri Lemoie: You can respond to that or just write the mailing list I yourself feel free to reach out to us.
<sharon_leu> Mailing list:
Kerri Lemoie: It's money and Dimitri do you have anything you'd like to add to that.
<deb_everhart_(credential_engine)> great work all!
Dmitri Zagidulin: The only thing I'd like to add is so far we haven't seen much respondents from the.
Dmitri Zagidulin: Did come to Camp so if the come to is an important protocol to what you're doing.
<simone_ravaioli> All good on my side.
<kerri_lemoie> Can subscribe to the vc-edu list here:
Dmitri Zagidulin: Then you should recommend some implementers to come forth and and fill out the form thanks.
Kerri Lemoie: Signature x on it.
<niels_klomp> The problem with didcomm v2 is that Aries implementers have no problem showing interop
<niels_klomp> The rest of the world does
<sharon_leu> Thanks!
Kerri Lemoie: Okay I don't see anybody else in the queue Sharon so if I'm everyone is okay for now this is our kickoff meeting and we will all be in touch about the next call please do join us on May 30th because we will be reviewing some of this but guaranteed they'll probably be some new information there and maybe maybe hopefully some demos from but there may be so I will be in touch thank you everybody have a great week.
<niels_klomp> Thanks all
<taylor_kendal_(lef)> *ty all... and to our robot overlords for re-lying and pointing out the need for this work :)
<dmitri_zagidulin> @Niels lol nice
<manu_sporny> Thanks all! :)