Verifiable Credentials for Education Task Force

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Interoperability Plugfest 2

August-November 2022

Participants List with Videos

Demo Event: November 14, 2022 (9 am Pacific Time) - Computer History Museum, Mountain View, CA, USA

The purpose of this event is to issue W3C Verifiable Credentials in the Open Badges v3 format and Decentralized Identifiers to wallets using protocols that are popular in the education and workforce ecosystem.

Kick-Off Meeting September 14, 2022


Wallet Requirements

Issuer Requirements

Participation Overview

Registering for Plugfest #2

Please complete this form by Friday, September 9, 2022, 12 PM ET

We will notify participants of their successful participation no later than Monday, September 12, 2022, 11 AM ET.

If you need assistance with registration, please contact Joan Lee,

Plugfest #2 Activities

Date Activity
August 8, 2022 Open Call for PlugFest 2 Participation / AMA at weekly VC-EDU meeting
September 9, 2022 Last day to register to participate Complete registration form by 12 PM ET
September 12, 2022 All participants notified by 11 AM ET
September 14, 2022 PlugFest 2 Kick-off Meeting, 11 AM ET
September 28, 2022 PlugFest 2 Technical Meeting, Time TBD
October 12, 2022 PlugFest 2 Technical Meeting, Time TBD
October 26, 2022 PlugFest 2 Technical Meeting, Time TBD
November 9, 2022 [tentative] Demo videos due
November 14, 2022 PlugFest 2 Demo Day: IIW and virtual [details tbd]

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions About Eligibility

If I am a wallet implementer and did not participate in PlugFest 1, am I eligible to participate in PlugFest 2?

Yes! We are excited that you are joining us in this important work. While it is not necessary for you to have participated in PlugFest 1, we are requiring that all participants in PlugFest 2 successfully demonstrate that their wallet can hold a verifiable credential in the OBv3 format. This is the credential format that we will use for PlugFest 2.

The PlugFest team will issue a JFF credential to your wallet using the DID method of your choice. Please provide the information request in the registration form. If you are unclear how to proceed, please send an email to Joan Lee,

If I am a credential issuing platform and did not participate in PlugFest 1, am I eligible to participate in Plugfest 2?

Yes! We are excited that you are joining us in this important work. Credential issuing platforms were not eligible to participate in PlugFest 1, so there are no new additional requirements for their participation in PlugFest 2.

What is an example of a credential issuing platform?

Credential issuing platforms issue verifiable credentials as a service to any wallet, including those not provided by their own platform.

Are educational institutions eligible to participate in PlugFest 2 as a credential issuing platform?

Educational institutions, training providers, and other credential providers are eligible to participate if the credential issuing service is universally available to others outside their organization.

Questions About Technical Requirements

What are the technical requirements for wallet implementers?

What are the technical requirements for credential issuing platforms?

Can we participate if we have not yet decided which protocol to implement?

Yes! The VC-EDU plugfest team is excited to learn more about the different wallet/issuing solutions and are happy to provide technical support and resources to teams who are in the process of selecting a protocol. Please indicate your interest using the form or by using the VC-EDU mailing list

Can we participate if we do not intend to implement one of the three protocols (VC-API/CHAPI, OpenID Connect, DID-Comm Presentation Exchange)?

In order to participate, you must select at least one of the three protocols.

Can we use a different verifiable credential that is not an open badge (OBv3)?

For the purpose of this plugfest, we will be focusing on a single achievement verifiable credential that all wallets are able accept (OBv3). Participants in PlugFest 2 are welcome to make suggestions on other verifiable credential formats in coordination. If there is demand for these formats by wallet implementers within the PlugFest 2 cohort, the plugfest team is open to considering these other credentials.

Are we required to use an Open Badge provided by the plugfest organizers like we did in Plugfest 1 ?

No, we will provide an example that you may use but you may also use your own baadges as long as they are compliant with Open Badges 3.0

Will credential issuers be required to use DIDs? Yes.

Will DID Authentication be required? Yes. Note that DID authentication does not reuqire using DIDAuth protocol. It’s expected that DID authentication will be dictated by protocol choice.

Who decides which DID method to use - wallet or credential issuing platforms?

This will be a collaborative decision between wallets & issuers.

Questions About Funding

Will there be funding to support technical development or team coordination activities for this Plugfest?

$10,000 will be available to each organization (wallet/issuer/both) that demonstrates successful execution of the technical requirements. As in PlugFest 1, participants will be required to submit a video on ahead of demo day (November 14, 2022). Additional information will be provided in September.

Example Badges

Basic Unsigned Badge

Contains the required properties for the plugfest

Basic Signed Badge

Signed version of the badge containing the required properties for the plugfest

Basic Unsigned Badge with Additional Issuer Properties

Contains issuer logo image (url) and URL of issuer.

Basic Unsigned Badge with Embedded Achievement Image

In comparison to Basic Unsigned Badge, the achievement image is embedded using base64 instead of a URL.