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Transcript for 2023-10-02

<kerri_lemoie> Hello all! We'll get started in a few minutes.
<daniel> ��
Our Robot Overlords are scribing.
Kerri Lemoie: I let him get going here.
<daniel> �� hello everyone
Kerri Lemoie: There we go there's our recording hello everybody this is Cary Illinois this is the Monday October 2nd 2023 BC Edge you call today our topic is we have open Wallet Foundation here today this is kind of a preparation for a plugfest next week where we won't be having this called because we'll be at plugfest but we thought we'd keep up with the wallet theme and and are happy that.
Kerri Lemoie: Function of the Open Wallet Foundation are here today to tell us.
Kerri Lemoie: About what they've been working on there and let you know what they're about that's going to be great also have created a document for us to do a little bit of ideating for IIW sessions that I can share later but most of all we'll just like will meet with that arm Apollo Foundation see if there any questions there and then we can also check in to see if there's any plugfest Logistics questions and we're going to plan on ending at about 50 minutes.
Kerri Lemoie: At call.

Topic: IP Note

Kerri Lemoie: Okay let me go through the boilerplate really quick here and then we can get started so the first thing is IP note of course anybody can participate in these calls these this is an open call we are part of the credential community group but if you are planning to do any make any substantive contributions to the ccg including participating in plugfest then you should join the ccg I'm in the agenda email that we sent out their links.
Kerri Lemoie: With and information on how to do that.

Topic: Call Notes

Kerri Lemoie: I have noticed that we are recording this call and also that there is a transcriber in the chat right now that's a robot transcriber it won't be perfect but it does a pretty good job actually so keep an eye there feel free to if you see it really flub something up you can always do a reg ex to to replace words I'll put an example of like have that in the chat for you yeah I'm familiar with that.

Topic: Introductions & Reintroductions

Kerri Lemoie: Next when we see if there's anybody here who would like to introduce themselves or would like to reintroduce themselves well open up the floor oh actually before I do sorry one important thing for those of you who aren't familiar we do a queue system for participating in the call and asking questions and chatting and so what we do in the chat is we type literally the letter Q & A plus sign to add yourself to the queue or a Q&A - to remove yourself.
Kerri Lemoie: We also did see.
Kerri Lemoie: Hand at the bottom that you can use you click on in the dashboard to raise or lower your hand.
Kerri Lemoie: Okay so that's it is there anybody here like to make some introductions or reintroduce themselves to the group here today.
Kerri Lemoie: If I'm going to pronounce your name wrong with it I can you tell me how you say it please so I don't.
Kerri Lemoie: Yeah okay thank you welcome.
Kerri Lemoie: This is great thank you for joining us the other could you put a link to your company in the chat Portis.
Kerri Lemoie: Anybody else like to introduce themselves.

Topic: Announcements & Reminders

Kerri Lemoie: How about announcements announcements they'd like to make if so you can cure yourself up and we'll call on you to make your announcements.
Kerri Lemoie: Morgan you have the floor hello.
Morgan_Lemmer-Webber: Hello I am speaking on behalf of digital bizarre and I just wanted to let people know that we have been running office hours on Tuesdays at 11:00 a.m. eastern time for the verifiable credentials playground previously known as the chappie playground so if you are maybe working on your demo for plugfest three and you need help integrating with the playground morrow at 11 is.
Morgan_Lemmer-Webber: is a good time to come and ask questions.
Kerri Lemoie: Great thank you so much.
<ganesh_annan> 11AM ET tomorrow!
Kerri Lemoie: Hey does anybody else have any announcements.
Kerri Lemoie: Sharon not to put you too much on the spot here but do you is there anything you want to tell folks about plugfest.
<morgan_lemmer-webber> VC-Playground Office Hours Tomorrow at 11am ET:
Sharon Leu: Okay so I think the key deadlines are that your video will be due this week so definitely get working on those and go to the office hours if you have questions it's been fun to see people working together on the slack so if you are part of the plugfest cohorts okay so we the number one your videos are due this week number two if you're not currently working on the slack with other the cohort participants and me and a message.
Sharon Leu: Then the third thing is demo day.
Sharon Leu: Next Monday and so I posted into the listserv how to link to that meeting which is going to be both virtual and in person if you're at iiw if you're hoping if you're going to be at iow and would like to participate in person please send me a message and we will get that setup will get you the logistics for that so again the videos are due today and for all of you who are yes thank you for posting the.
Sharon Leu: For all of you who are participating as well as we have three different verifiers that you can I think that are currently working that you can use to demonstrate your interoperability with consult the participation guide and ask your colleagues on the dev slack if you have any questions and I think that's it.
Kerri Lemoie: Excellent thank you Sharon.

Topic: Main Topic

Kerri Lemoie: Okay if nobody has any of any other announcements and also you can queue yourself later if you think of something but why don't we move on to our main topic and then we can take it from there so today we have leaders leadership from open Wallet Foundation they Tracy Daniel and Torsten are here to tell us more about the work that you've all been doing I'm not sure who to hand it over to Baby Tracy should I start with you.
Tracy_Kuhrt: Sure I'm happy to start I said my name is Tracy Kurt and I am the technical advisory Council chair for the open Wallet foundation and I also work for Accenture as an architect and an open-source advocate so I'm very happy to be here and to talk through what we do have but before we get there I will hand it off to Daniel to introduce himself.
Daniel Buchner: Hi it's a real pleasure to be here thank you very much for the invitation I'm just executive director Traci is a lot more important probably for this called and I am but I'm really glad to be here.
Kerri Lemoie: Thanks to Daniel it's great to have you both here.
Tracy_Kuhrt: So this is my first time using this tool so I'm going to attempt to share my screen and we will see how that goes.
Tracy_Kuhrt: All right so hopefully you can see the presentation and if I go to slideshow mode looks good.
Kerri Lemoie: Looks good you have a happy never link to the slides that I can put in the chat.
Tracy_Kuhrt: I do just throw that in here.
Kerri Lemoie: Perfect thanks Tracy.
Tracy_Kuhrt: No problem all right so let me find my screen again all right so put this project together it's just kind of an introductory slide that into what the open knowledge Foundation is I'm happy to take this in any direction that you would like to but you know if you do have any questions just let me know I can't see the the Q so if somebody does have a question just stop being I'm happy to answer those questions.
Tracy_Kuhrt: all right so.
Tracy_Kuhrt: The open world Foundation what is it so I know I've seen some of you on the calls before so this shouldn't be new to you but for those of you who haven't heard about the open Wallet Foundation were an open source project in the Linux Foundation under specifically the Linux Foundation Europe where we support the development of interoperable digital wallet those wallets can be any anything from verifiable credentials to.
Tracy_Kuhrt: oral acids to payments in.
Tracy_Kuhrt: Point to store in a wallet is something that the open world Foundation is looking to support we do also have something that's slightly different than other Linux Foundation projects in that we do have a government advisory Council so the intent is to get feedback from different government bodies in order to ensure that we are taking the Open Lord foundation in a direction that not only the community.
Tracy_Kuhrt: it's to.
Tracy_Kuhrt: In line with some of the new regulations and laws that are coming out across the world so that's just a high level overview of what the open Wallet Foundation is again completely open source we're home 100% open there's never a pay-to-play to join the open Wallet foundation and to participate as a technical contributor you know join our meetings attend those meetings bring up your thoughts your ideas completely open.
Tracy_Kuhrt: Morning what people have we're also looking to have people bring in their project specifically to the open Wallet Foundation whatever those might be that our wallet specific related so developers designers Architects documentation writers testers anyone that might be interested in advancing the open wallet is what we're looking to bring into the open Wallet Foundation we're vendor-neutral we don't have any specific.
Tracy_Kuhrt: Okay so in one vendor or another so it really is the direction that the community will take us as to what direction the only one permutation heads.
Tracy_Kuhrt: So there's a lot of times when you know people are like why would we want to contribute to the open Wallet Foundation well if you're looking to develop collaboratively in the open on wallets and while it Technologies and the open one advantage is the right spot for you we are designed really to be that collaborative development environment we're not focused on the specifications but rather the implementation of the different specifications that are out there.
Tracy_Kuhrt: and bring those to the open wallet.
Tracy_Kuhrt: So sometimes we get some of these questions when people are looking to think about contributing to the open Wallet Foundation the first question is what if I don't have any collaborators yet that's okay contributing is a great way to find collaborators collaborators who are potentially looking to find other people who are working on similar sorts of work we have a Labs group organization where we bring in code that's kind of that new experimental.
Tracy_Kuhrt: the code.
Tracy_Kuhrt: Be a place where people want to show off what they're working on to see if they can really kick start that Community bringing in other people who are interested in developing the same sorts of things and so we definitely recommend even if you don't have any collaborators yet you're a single individual or a couple of individuals just working on something together bring that to the open warrant foundation and see what other community members might be interested in also contributing with you the second question.
Tracy_Kuhrt: we tend to get it.
Tracy_Kuhrt: Lose control of my project the answer there the short answer is no so projects that come into the open Wallet foundation will continue to use similar sorts of governess to what they have so the maintainers list the contributors those all remain the same that the technical advisory council is not here in any way shape or form to tell people the direction the projects have to go or the road map that has to exist we are here really.
Tracy_Kuhrt: they just to make sure that.
Tracy_Kuhrt: The project meet kind of the the mission of the open Wallet Foundation we're here to help people get started in contributing in an open-source manner to find other collaborators and other community members who might be interested in helping to participate.
Tracy_Kuhrt: So another question is what kinds of Coach should be contributed so this is a brainstorm from an architecture special interest group meeting that we did have it's been quite a while since we've had this meeting but there is some information and we've been really in that architecture special interest group talking about these different ideas about things that could be contributed I'm going to leave this up here I'm not going to actually go through each of.
Tracy_Kuhrt: each of these bullet points.
Tracy_Kuhrt: But just a general idea of the sorts of things that could be of interest you know really around Key Management the different sorts of wallet engines the way that you trust those wallets different sorts of ways in which you might do issuer holder verifier wallets backup/restore different sorts of things here that are listed just really did to think about how we might bring these things together I think about the.
Tracy_Kuhrt: Omelette pan.
Tracy_Kuhrt: As a mechanism to create different sorts of libraries and tools that other wallet developers can use to build those wallets in to take those to their users.
Tracy_Kuhrt: The next thing I have here is just a Project Life Cycle so this is the overall Project Life Cycle that we have for projects that would come into the open Wallet Foundation where we start with a proposal we propose a project to the technical advisory Council for technical advisory Council checks just ensure that things like licensing things like we do support the the developer certificate of origin things like that are.
Tracy_Kuhrt: taking care of that there's an idea that this.
Tracy_Kuhrt: It's with the mission and the vision of the open Wallet foundation so those are the sorts of things that were really looking for to understand what the maturity of that project is to understand which particular active stage it had stoop whether it's experimental and go to Labs whether there is kind of a growth plan for for making this project in production ready and to be adopted by other folks or whether.
Tracy_Kuhrt: there's already some.
Tracy_Kuhrt: Impact that is happening with this project where people have adopted it there's good sort of healthy Community open source Community practices that are ongoing there they know how to do releases or they've done long-term supports for their particular project had so looking at those different stages to try and figure out what the right stages for a project and then obviously projects do reach an end of life at some point I am.
Tracy_Kuhrt: so we do have the Americas stage for those particular projects.
Tracy_Kuhrt: We obviously don't have any projects in that stage yet we're not old enough to to have gone through the entire Project Life Cycle.
Tracy_Kuhrt: This is a high level status of pain of what we've been doing in the technical community there is a lot of information here a lot of links so definitely take a look and see what's here but we have put together governance for the open world foundation for the technical projects we have approved for different projects all in the lab state from to St job projects to a farm worker wallet OS.
Tracy_Kuhrt: and then just recently we are.
Tracy_Kuhrt: The VC API project we do have two proposals in the pipeline for wallet framework dotnet in an Android identity library that we will be reviewing in our upcoming technical advisory council meeting this Wednesday for different sorts of community meetings you can see we do have a number of special interest groups that have been set up architecture special interest group a credential format comparison special interest group digital wallet and agent overview.
Tracy_Kuhrt: a special interest group.
Tracy_Kuhrt: A safe wallet special interest group so you can see information about each of these what they're intending to do and capture in the special interest groups we also have a task force that's have focused on the open ID for VC trying to figure out if there are projects that we can bring into the open Wallet Foundation specifically focused on that particular specification and then of course we do have the technical advisory Council meetings that do occur.
Tracy_Kuhrt: The community calendar so you can click on that and see when all of the different products different Community meetings are occurring I do have also in the presentation ways to get involved with the open Wallet Foundation from joining our mailing list or Discord server we also have the GitHub repos that you can take a look at and look community calendar itself as you may or may not be aware the Linux Foundation project.
Tracy_Kuhrt: checks are supported by a number of different sponsors.
Tracy_Kuhrt: These are the sponsors that have already signed up at least as a when I took this screenshot I do think we have another one Microsoft who should end up in the General sponsors here but yeah these are the sponsors that we do have and I think with that it was a quick overview I did really want to get to questions and see where people want it to take this and with that is all that I have for.
Tracy_Kuhrt: or slides.
Kerri Lemoie: Thanks Tracy I put the slides in the chat again because there's a lot of Great Links in there that folks may want to look into we don't have any questions yet so I'll kick it off with what one is is there one specific open-source license that you're using for all of the projects or does it depend on the project.
Tracy_Kuhrt: Yeah so the Preferred Open Source license that we have is apache2 we do have the ability to discuss and see if there are other licenses that might meet the needs of the sponsors and see if those will be accepted as well.
Kerri Lemoie: Awesome especially because I know that you know some of the projects I may want to donate to a while Foundation already have some license attached that's good to know I noticed that well first of all I've put folks in as the DCC is on this list of sponsors because we're really excited as an organization to be part of this we think this work is great.
Kerri Lemoie: Other question I have for you before other people jump in and help other folks jumping because I think there are a lot of folks here are probably curious about this I started BC API is on there which is great do you know host those meetings at open world Foundation instead of them being my ccg meeting or like how does that work when they move from like a work item say it's ECG token wallet Foundation.
Tracy_Kuhrt: Yeah so these are the projects again so the community meetings will continue to happen where they are so for these specification type meetings they will happen where they are the open Wallet foundation will host any sort of meetings that maybe the maintainers of the project went to host so for to talk about the actual underlying implementation but not the specification so we wouldn't take it.
Tracy_Kuhrt: any sort of specification work into the open.
Tracy_Kuhrt: It's really just the implementation and the conversations around say the road map of the project itself there might be meetings around that there might be meetings at people host around you're trying to get people interested in contributing source code you know I know in some of the other open source organizations that I'm part of they have things like programming they have meetings where they do updates on what they're working on.
Tracy_Kuhrt: So You Know It.
Tracy_Kuhrt: The idea here it really is not to not to move work from where it's happening today because those groups are already formed so if there's specification work that's happening in different organization those that work should continue where it's at we're really just looking for the work to help people with the actual underlying implementation.
Kerri Lemoie: That makes perfect sense thank you don't see any questions you have in the chat so I'll ask you something else what is key to us a little bit about your plan for the pre IW meeting on Monday the 9th they know you are holding a session some folks may be interested in that.
Tracy_Kuhrt: Yes we are holding a session let me see if I can bring it up here because see hopefully now you can see the developer face-to-face tab that is on the screen okay great so Monday morning October 9 9 to 12 p.m. Pacific we are hosting a developer face-to-face the agenda.
Tracy_Kuhrt: is here on this.
Tracy_Kuhrt: I will put this link in the chat as well they do that right now so I don't forget oops.
Tracy_Kuhrt: There you go so really the idea is to get together the different project maintainers have them discuss the projects that they have contributed in order to get other people one interested in contributing to the code and asking questions of those project maintainers we're also going to be having a workshop where we're going to tend to talk about what sort of components do we want in an open wallet.
Tracy_Kuhrt: system are there.
Tracy_Kuhrt: Existing projects that exist out there what sort of collaboration might might we put together between what's happening already in the ecosystem and the open Wallet foundation and just thinking through kind of what the best way is to build out the open Wallet Foundation this the next thing that we'll be doing obviously is brainstorming so potential iiw topics for people to be talking about during the week and and having some.
Tracy_Kuhrt: um you know.
Tracy_Kuhrt: Had a pretty thought out ideas around iiw so in the end there's kind of two goals in my mind for this one is to get the community together so that we can meet face-to-face and understand who the people are that we've been talking to for the past six months to a year right depending on whether it was pre formation or after formation and you know start to build those.
Tracy_Kuhrt: those Bonds in those.
Tracy_Kuhrt: Some chips words easier to have these conversations offline if you will right or not face-to-face but in the you know online space I guess so and then the second thing really is just a understand where people want to take the old woman Foundation what are the sorts of things that would make sense to do to contribute to the open Wallet Foundation that we should be going out and having conversations with others to say hey did you know that the open-world foundation exists and what are the sorts of.
Tracy_Kuhrt: objects that you're working on that you might want to bring to to the opener.
Tracy_Kuhrt: I think those are the two major sorts of things that I want to accomplish out of this and I think that this is a really good way to do that.
Kerri Lemoie: That's awesome Tracy I think you guys may know because we've chatted about it a little bit that your session this procession is at the same time as our plugfest session so we're wondering and they do not you know to answer this or to put you on a spot by maybe some of this could get recorded for those of us who can't make it to both other we're going to try and divide and conquer I think yeah just something to consider you know to answer that now.
<daniel> Let’s coordinate this better next year!
Tracy_Kuhrt: No that's that's good hey I will I will have a conversation and see what's possible I do know that it's a combination virtual in person functionality here so there might be some opportunities there but I make no promises obviously it will depend on what we have available to make this happen.
Kerri Lemoie: Yeah absolutely I mean when I did and I'm going to think someone is in the keys I'll call on him to ask her one thought about him session ideation is could be a requirements in needs for education and Workforce while it's maybe we could a cohort co-host a session.
Tracy_Kuhrt: Yeah that sounds great.
<sharon_leu> I would love to be in on that!
Kerri Lemoie: On our list as suburban a you have the floor.
<daniel> We should co-host an IIW session
Kerri Lemoie: +1 Daniel
Tracy_Kuhrt: I think that they are the ones that are back here are really the sort of two questions that pertain to get asked most frequently from people who are looking to participate in the open world Foundation whether or not people can come in who don't have any need collaborators yet maybe they're that single individual and then do I lose control of my project.
Tracy_Kuhrt: I think that is one of the.
Tracy_Kuhrt: Things that people have as they join these open source foundations what exactly does this look like and how do how do I continue to do the work that I've been doing without having any sort of you know people suffering and trying to control of the direction of my project Daniel would you say there's other frequently asked questions that you've heard.
Daniel Buchner: There is one question probably most pertinent in my neck of the woods here in Europe which is how does this relate to the EU D I work the European digital identity Wallet work and you know one the the code that Google is in the process of contributing will be relevant in the Udi context I can't say more publicly but there is going to be some connection there and we are very hopeful that.
Daniel Buchner: There's going to be a lot more.
Daniel Buchner: Connection with the Udi project in the future obviously it's already been announced that the code in Europe is going to be open source and there is going to be a need to build a strong developer Community around that code as well so you know in a nutshell we don't see the work of the open Wallet Foundation at all to be competitive with what's happening in the Udi context in Europe but rather hopefully really help.
Daniel Buchner: To those those initiatives.
Daniel Buchner: And then maybe one other question that I'm getting sometimes you have to be a member in order to contribute code or to use code and they are the simple answer is no you definitely don't those are really two separate things the the members of the open Wallet Foundation are primarily responsible to make sure that the money that they contribute to open wallet is used in a way that makes sense.
Daniel Buchner: And what.
Daniel Buchner: Is exactly how it should be but anyone can use code and anyone can propose to contribute code you don't have to be a member to do so I know that Tracy you mentioned that earlier but this is definitely one of the one of the questions that comes up and then maybe the last one which Tracy also mentioned is how about standards and just to reiterate the open Wallet Foundation is not an sto we're not competing with the w3c or the fight alone.
Daniel Buchner: Science or the open ID Foundation we're not trying to create.
Daniel Buchner: Nerds but rather to ensure that everything we do is hopefully based on existing Open Standards what we will try to do is bring different code components together that mix-and-match code lots and lots of different standards and hopefully the work of the open Wallet Foundation is going to contribute to a future where different standards work better together than the they already do but nothing we do is try.
Daniel Buchner: Dying to.
Daniel Buchner: With the work of this deals.
Kerri Lemoie: Thank you it's really helpful Danielle.
Kerri Lemoie: Let me check the here Sharon you are next.
Sharon Leu: Thank you I have a question that's a little bit different than the questions that have been asked for before you mentioned that there was sort of a government government Advisory Group as well as you know work to align it with like Udi what is your thinking about how this works for companies or organizations that work in the u.s. context where there's not sort of a burning body already like how to enable it like adoption and sort of you.
Sharon Leu: Use of some of these like Open Standards.
Daniel Buchner: Tracy I'm not sure if you want to answer that or if I should take a stab.
Daniel Buchner: So you know this is a huge Challenge and I don't want to go on record and say yeah you know the open Wallet Foundation has it all covered were going to be the magic Silver Bullet that is going to solve every challenge here there are some countries and jurisdictions where there is a clear lead by you know certain part of the government in terms of creating a.
Daniel Buchner: Trust framework and.
Daniel Buchner: Reference framework in terms of software and architecture there are some countries where there are even several different parts of the public sector proposing slightly different things you know maybe one in the area of identity and another one in the area of cbdc's for instance you know Central Bank digital currencies and then there are countries where the public sector does not have a lot of.
Daniel Buchner: Of opinion on.
Daniel Buchner: Should or should not be created or behave in the future and then there are of course a lot of different companies in a lot of different Industries looking at wallets from Fairly different perspectives again in the identity space or in the payment space or for academic credentials or for authentication and authorization and getting access to cars or hotel rooms or maybe Fido pass keys.
Daniel Buchner: Is a very very complicated space and if this was Mars and there would be you know 20 people poor smart and well intended and we would try to figure this out with a clean sheet of paper I think the answer would look very different but given the complexity that we're facing what we're trying to do is basically a bottom-up approach so we're going out there and we're trying to get as many developers and maintainers.
Daniel Buchner: As possible.
Daniel Buchner: To be interested to contribute code to an organization that is attempting to erect a really big tent and we're trying to do the same thing with governments and we see that different governments again you know have very different ideas which Departments of the government should be responsible for the wallet space and the hope is that we're going to create and build code together but in order to do.
Daniel Buchner: Do that we have to build something that is.
Daniel Buchner: Just as important which is to build Bridges and to build trust in some cases even between different parts of the government of the same country or between different divisions and groups of the same company and you know at the end of that is really to bridge different jurisdictions across boundaries and very different ideas which Technologies to use so all that is to.
Daniel Buchner: To be a long-term effort and there is no guarantee we're going to succeed but in our opinion the best possible hope to get to anywhere anytime soon is to bring the right people together and start asking the right questions and hopefully finding the right answers together.
Kerri Lemoie: I think Daniel only think so too this is a great way to start I mean there are so many different different ways of processing even just academic credentials right now and it's great to have an organization like this where we can really start thinking about not just that but also because we already doing some of that here right at ccg but also thinking about how do these credentials relate to other credentials and how do wallets because.
Kerri Lemoie: Become applications not just you know the holding of the.
Kerri Lemoie: How will this evolved over time and so having you know a place where we can meet and discuss these things centrally is pretty great I think so thank you for this.
Daniel Buchner: Yeah and again you know the idea is not to compete with someone like the ccg or to compete with the large scale pilots in Europe or to compete with you know any sto The Hope really is that open Wallet Foundation is at the same time the least ambitious and maybe most ambitious organization in this space least ambitious because we are not trying to Champion anyone credential format we're not trying to.
Daniel Buchner: You know did the the board or or Tracy or I is executive director we don't try to push our own ideas and our own agenda and say this is how the architecture of a global wallet would be because there are architectural ideas in Europe and Anil has ideas and you know there's so many ideas out there what we're trying to do is create a safe space for people to come together and have discussions.
Daniel Buchner: Russians together and hopefully.
Daniel Buchner: There is going to be consensus but consensus not in that the open Wallet Foundation is trying to tell anyone what to do but consensus in bringing people together who will find common ground and you know see how they can Bridge the gaps whether they are technical gaps whether they are philosophical gaps sometimes or gaps in trust Frameworks and and then eventually get to a point where you know very different code bases.
Daniel Buchner: Basis as.
Daniel Buchner: Tribute to today are able to be used in a you know Less in a way that has less and less friction over time.
Daniel Buchner: So this is just to say you know I really applaud the work that the ccg is doing and we applaud the work that the w3c is doing and hopefully we can play a small part in bringing different folks together with different ideas on how to do things.
Kerri Lemoie: That's excellent Daniel that's really great thank you.
Kerri Lemoie: Do not see anybody else in the queue right now Tracy is there anything else you would like to add or Daniel before we move on to some iiw ideation here ourselves.
Tracy_Kuhrt: I think the only thing that I would add is I'm looking forward to seeing you know folks here either continue to join the the meanings of vehicle and Foundation or to begin joining those meetings and for us to continue to have these sorts of discussions I think they're very useful to see where everybody is at the moment and to really figure out how we can move this forward.
Kerri Lemoie: That's great thanks Traci it'll be nice to meet you in person after all those times for do that too okay bones I'm going to um open up the floor in the last few minutes that we have for two topics one is IW ideation for VC edu I made a document that you could always see make sure it's public before I share this one second there we go.
Kerri Lemoie: I made a document.
Kerri Lemoie: Put some thoughts about IW vcg ideation nothing in this document will you know we won't hold you to anything it just sort of want to put some ideas down so I sort of just put in two ideas one is for credential rendering and using render method the DCC is started working on something you doing that we actually should be able to demo it later this fall sometime so I would love to talk about that maybe I was special.
Kerri Lemoie: And about that also maybe we.
<sharon_leu> Isn't the real question who is person who is tallest and/or has the pointiest elbows to get the session on the board.
Kerri Lemoie: So chair or co-chair session with whom Allah Foundation about wallet requirements and needs for the space that we're all working in we do have a requirements document there was more like technical requirements that the DCCC did a couple of years ago I think now it maybe this could be more of like you know what are the needs what are the user interface needs you know what do we really need to do now with these wallets so I created this document where you can add ideas.
Kerri Lemoie: As you could chime in on ideas that are here.
Kerri Lemoie: Something that we.
Kerri Lemoie: Even talk about more abundant slugfest.
Kerri Lemoie: And if you have any ideas now that you'd like to talk about that would be great the floor is open Nate.
Nate_Otto_(he/him): Hey I'm unfortunately not going to be there to offer the session I wish I could one thing that's been on my mind recently has been around presentation requests and the amount of specificity and maybe we're finding where the limits were query by example might work specifically within the education space we have you know a great standard in open badges that can express a whole lot of different achievements at skills.
Nate_Otto_(he/him): competencies assessments passing all the way up through degrees.
<kerri_lemoie> Fixed edit access in the doc
Nate_Otto_(he/him): The ability for us to query for specific badges that might fit our purposes out of wallet might be we certainly can't rely on type based querying and query by example might have some issues to so I'm curious if there's any great thoughts that come out of the people who are showing up at iiw or even in a future BCE you call to dive into finding more use cases for how do we want to query for badges that MIT press.
Nate_Otto_(he/him): meet particular.
Kerri Lemoie: A cobra cranking it.
<deb_everhart_(credential_engine)> lol
Kerri Lemoie: Funny I'm sorry I'm laughing because I was looking with the transcriber how it just translated what I said and a cobra cranking it might just be a really good name for a band in the future so take note of that one right before we close here we're about five more minutes so feel free to you know take that document I just added edit access to it feel free to add to it play around in there I mean this is really just a place.
Kerri Lemoie: For you to ideate lastly in the last.
Kerri Lemoie: And does anybody have any questions right now about plugfest logistics I know it's not a lot of time to ask questions and we do have the slack where you can ask some more specific questions but just wanted to open up the floor now since this is the last BC at you call before we have click Fest.
<phil_t3> Kerri - Dmitri, Golda, and I are thinking about offering as session if there is interest on the latest on LinkedClaims
<sharon_leu> Thanks!
Kerri Lemoie: You are an unusually quiet group today I expected expected lots of questions I hope you all have a great week and I'm looking forward to seeing many of you on Monday and next week and take care thank you.
<colin_reynolds,_ed_design_lab> Thanks all! Wish I could be there next week!
<phil_t3> Thanks everyone!
<daniel> Thank you!