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Interoperability Plugfest 3

June - October 2023

Participants List with Videos

The purpose of this event is to demonstrate interoperability during the presentation exchange workflow using W3C Verifiable Credentials and Decentralized Identifiers.

Requirements for PlugFest 3

Participation Overview

Participation Guide

Registration to Participate

Complete registration form by Monday, June 5, 2023, Participants will be notified no later than Friday June 9, 2023 and provided further instructions.

If you need assistance with registration, please contact Joan Lee,

PlugFest 3 Activities (ongoing updates)

Date Activity
July 11, 2023 PlugFest 3 Kick-Off Meeting
July 24, 2023 Technical discussion and Q/A during weekly vc-edu meeting
July 28, 2023 Deadline: Update technical information in the contact sheet
July 28, 2023 PlugFest 3 Credentials available for wallets
August 11, 2023 DEADLINE: Receive credentials in the wallet
October 9, 2023 Demo Day

Resources (ongoing updates)

PlugFest 3 Kick-Off Meeting Slides

Verifiable Credentials API
Verifiable Presentation Request
OpenID for Verifiable Presentations

Open Badges Specification
USCIS Identity Document

Example Badges

Basic Unsigned Badge
Basic Signed Badge
Basic Unsigned Badge with Additional Issuer Properties
Basic Unsigned Badge with Embedded Achievement Image

General Resources (ongoing updates)