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W3C CCG Weekly Teleconference

Transcript for 2024-01-23

Our Robot Overlords are scribing.
Harrison_Tang: Hello welcome to this week's w3c CG me let me check if the transcriber and the recorder works.
Harrison_Tang: All right I think dust.
Harrison_Tang: This week we're going to talk about the VC test Suite actually I do not see been on right now I've already pinned in so we'll go through the admin stuff first and then have the introductions reintroductions and things like that you know if you know if that Banker than naked and will have open discussions.
Harrison_Tang: in regards to.
Harrison_Tang: The work items and also kind of you know different threads you know threaten our community all right so first of all just a quick reminder for the code of ethics and professional conduct just want to make sure that we hold a respectful conversation so I think we've been doing that for years actually but just wanted to give a quick shout-out and reminder about the call of tactics.
Harrison_Tang: Right I think we have an issue with the record give me a second.
Our Robot Overlords are scribing.
Harrison_Tang: Right hopefully that works.
Harrison_Tang: So I was at the code of ethics reminder again just want to make sure that we hold a respectful conversations a quick intellectual property note anyone can participate in these calls however all substantive contributions to any CG work items must be members of the ccg with for IPR agreements signed having any questions or encounter any troubles in regards to creating a w3c account or.
Harrison_Tang: or the IP our agreement.
Harrison_Tang: These are meetings are being automatically recorded and transcribed we try to publish it within the next few days we used to teach at 2q speakers doing the call as well as to take minutes so you can type in Q + to add yourself to the Q well Q - to remove and you can type in Q question mark to see who is NICU.
Harrison_Tang: all right.
Harrison_Tang: Let's do the introductions and reintroduction so if you're new to the community where you haven't been active but want to re-engage please feel free to just unmute and speak.
Harrison_Tang: All right well we always have this session like every week so if you feel shy right now and you can always do it next week or the week after.
Harrison_Tang: Alright announcement or reminders any announcement and reminders.
Harrison_Tang: Clear you want to talk about the IW yeah.
Kaliya Young: I don't we use happening April 18 to 19 and our European event the digital identity I'm conference Europe is scheduled for the third week of June and registration should open for that soon.
Harrison_Tang: All right thank you any other announcements or reminders.
Harrison_Tang: Write any updates to the work item.
Harrison_Tang: Well I think you said that you know in regards to the role map and also clean up the work items do you mind speak to that a little bit yeah.
Harrison_Tang: Yep loud and clear.
Harrison_Tang: Thanks any thoughts for everybody.
Harrison_Tang: Do you have any thoughts well in regards to how we can clean up should we hold a special session on this.
Harrison_Tang: Makes sense thank you.
Harrison_Tang: All right any other comments or questions you are in regards to work items.
Harrison_Tang: Please call yeah.
Kaliya Young: I was just at a workgroup of stressor r.i.p. this morning and that workgroup had eight task forces there seems to be an incredible amount of work happening there I have a sense there's a lot going on at diff and I'm just curious if there's like.
Kaliya Young: You know are we going to invite both those organizations to come and present every six months or Recorder about what's going on like how how can see CG as a kind of neutral convening space between all the efforts support greater coherency.
Harrison_Tang: I think we should do you have any suggestions I'll put your work group to invite.
Kaliya Young: Well I think I mean deaf and Trust arrived here their own entities right in like within them there's a lot going on I mean a starting point is just to have each of them as dot orgs come and share what's going on inside and then.
Kaliya Young: From there I mean the the group I was listen to this morning was the technology stack working group.
Kaliya Young: But I feel like it's a lot going on.
Harrison_Tang: No got it yeah wewe actually invited this to to actually present here to provide a overview of their working groups and their projects like about 56 months five months ago and we can definitely invite them back and ask for the specific working group I have and haven't done so we have done more on the ypf side I think we have like three or four sessions with different no idea of open ID Foundation working groups.
Harrison_Tang: and as for toi.
Harrison_Tang: By pi I don't think we have invited them yet I'll work on that.
Harrison_Tang: Yeah I'll put that into our to-do list and I will try to bring them Bring It On.
Harrison_Tang: Any other comments or suggestions.
Harrison_Tang: So I think there's some logistical issues so I do not see Benjamin on our moon today so today our main agenda is supposed to be the VC test Suite but I haven't been able to reach him this morning so I don't think we will unfortunately have to kind of delay this topic just a quick.
Harrison_Tang: View of what's coming next week we do have the PID DHT decentralised identifiers distributed hash table I think Gabe actually send an email out announcing the launch of the idh DHT about a month ago so we got him to actually talk about that next week and then the week after that we have the modular open source identity platform massive web mesh will talk about their work there it's not open source.
Harrison_Tang: horse community.
Harrison_Tang: And then the week.
Harrison_Tang: To that we have the Social Web community group and then after that we're going to talk about the PCB stream status list and on the 27th of February we will have a brand talk about the updates to verifiable credentials data model version 2 and then in March will have the Coalition of content provenance and authenticity so Leonard will actually talk about that so that was brought up in last week's meeting.
Harrison_Tang: and that he's kind of.
Harrison_Tang: To actually say yes and then he will popped on March 5th to talk about their see to PA and now I'll try to work with Benjamin to reschedule the DC Testament conversation.
Harrison_Tang: All right Amy.
Harrison_Tang: Agendas or topic that people want to bring up we'll just kind of open the force and make this into open open discussion and open checkup.
Harrison_Tang: Kimberly do that sorry to call you on but do you have anything that you want ad.
Kimberly Linson: I know I was just thinking about the that we just we had just just had an open meeting with a good conversation and and I'm very very grateful to will for jumping in and like trying to really clean up.
Kimberly Linson: You know are what we have in the work group but we're not quite ready to discuss that yet so.
Kimberly Linson: I'm not sure.
Harrison_Tang: All right is there's no other topics or issues that people want to people have then we'll kind of a journal early and and early this week and will resume next week again apologize for the kind of the logistics don't know what happened there will kind of reschedule reschedule this topic the VC test we I know a lot of people really care about this topic and then they will reschedule.
Harrison_Tang: it to a later time.
Harrison_Tang: So before we adjourn any last things or last words that people want to bring up.
Harrison_Tang: All right so please do help will and Kimberly and I to cleaned up the work items and also the role map I think will paste the link to those to those things if you have any ideas or suggestions on what species you should work on the work items please just let us know and then please help help us you know you know make Cece.
Harrison_Tang: EG better.
Harrison_Tang: This concludes that this week's meeting so thanks a lot and I hope you can join us next week thanks.