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W3C Credentials Community Group Work Items

The following work items are managed by this group.

Table of Contents

Potential Work Items

On hold

Current Work Items


Draft Specifications and Reports

Work Item Current Draft Github Repo Status
Decentralized Identifiers (DID) 1.0 Spectext Draft Iterating
Object Capabilities for Linked Data Spectext Draft Iterating
DID Primer Markdown Draft Needs spectext, close process
Data Minimization & Selective Disclosure Markdown Draft (1)
Engagement Model (Amira) Markdown Draft Needs spectext, close process
Registries Process Mailing list Draft Needs spectext, close process
DID Explainer Google Docs draft Needs spectext, close process
W3C CCG Process Google Docs draft BLOCKING OTHERS(2)
DID Use Cases ?? UNKNOWN
DID Engagement spreadsheet Google Docs draft None UNKNOWN
Credential Handler API and Polyfill Spectext Draft Iterating
Privacy & Security Requirements for Credentials Ecosystem Google Docs draft None UNKNOWN
Digital Verification Specifications Index of specs Iterating
Multihash IETF Draft Iterating
Hashlink IETF Draft Iterating
Multibase IETF Draft Iterating
CCG Survey Proposal (Word Doc) Survey Iterating
Functional Identity Current Draft Iterating
DID Resolution Spectext Draft Iterating


  1. TODO: Needs discussion (notes from Christopher):
    • Needs cryptographer review
    • More of a Data Verification item
    • Perhaps needs to be split into 2 work items
    • Should this be moved to another standards body or group?
    • Can W3C TAG contribute?
  2. TODO: W3C CCG Process is blocking closing process of other work items:
    • Needs documentation for “Close of Work Item” & “Community Report” processes
    • Needs spectext, close process

Completed Work Items

TODO: Where can we find the others?


The following specifications were incubated in this group and are now undergoing international standardization: