W3C Credentials Community Group

Increasing trust on the Web, one spec at a time.

Next Meeting

Time: 12pm Boston
    Web: https://meet.w3c-ccg.org/weekly
    US phone: +1 602 932 2243 x1
    EU phone: +44 161 519 4762 x1
Chat: Web, IRC
Duration:60 minutes

Connecting to the Calls
Mailing List
Meeting Minutes
W3C Community Page

View the Project on GitHub w3c-ccg/w3c-ccg.github.io

Generate CCG Minutes

Step 1: Create the date directory

Create the date directory inside the meetings repo:


Step 2: Fetch and clean up the log file

Go to the scribe tool and enter the date of the meeting (see screenshot)

date chooser

Check the following:

Step 3: Fetch and clean audio

Option 1: For the main meetings, use the “download audio” button (see above screenshot) and save in the directory created above as audio.ogg

Note: could also add a feature to scribe-tool to support download of audio for task force meetings. For now, use the command line option (option 2)

Option 2: For main and other task force meetings, use the command line: use the download-raw-minutes tool in the w3c-ccg/meetings repository

# To download the audio for 2020-09-29 weekly meeting into 2020-09-29
./download-raw-minutes -a 2020-09-29

# To download the audio for 2020-11-02 education meeting into 2020-11-02-vc-education
./download-raw-minutes -a -m education 2020-11-02

The audio.ogg file will be placed into the correct directory automatically.

Step 4: Create the group file

Create a text file in the created directory with the filename group.txt. The contents of this file tell the email-sending script what to put in the subject line when the minutes go out.

The automatic email sending won’t happen without this.

Step 5: Commit the files

You can also update the minutes; changes to irc.log will trigger the github action and refresh the html.

What it does:

  • ~Emails summary to ccg email group~ (BROKEN)
  • Tweets with the w3c_ccg account

Step 6: Send the Email (manual workaround)

Take the contents of the email.log file that was generated and send the email to public-credentials@w3.org