Verifiable Credentials for Education Task Force

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We encourage contributions meeting the Contribution Guidelines. While we prefer the creation of issues and Pull Requests in the GitHub repository, discussions often occur on the public-credentials mailing list as well.

Meeting information

We meet biweekly on Monday (i.e. every other Monday) at 8am PT / 11am ET / 4pm GMT. Our next meeting is on 5 October.

Videoconference link (Jitsi):

Dial-in phone numbers:

We are working on SIP dial-in and international phone numbers.

IRC Chat (mirrored in Videoconference chat):


Date Topic
21 Sep 2020 Modeling Educational Verifiable Credentials
24 Aug 2020 Universal Wallet and Modeling Educational Verifiable Credentials
10 Aug 2020 Modeling Educational Verifiable Credentials
13 Jul 2020 Open University and Solid + OBs
29 Jun 2020 US Dept of EDU Blockchain in Education Report
22 Jun 2020 TalentCloud and Employer Competencies
15 Jun 2020 EBSI - Use case Diploma
8 Jun 2020 Credential Design Working Session
11 May 2020 Europass Digital Credential Infrastructure
27 Apr 2020 Cryptographic Accumulators
20 Apr 2020 ILR Wrapper
13 Apr 2020 DID Support in Open Badges
23 Mar 2020 LD-JWS2020 signature suite and EDU demos
02 Mar 2020 European Credentialing Landscape
24 Feb 2020 US EDU Data Standards
10 Feb 2020 Survey of Emerging Standards (focus DID web)
03 Feb 2020 Task Force Kickoff


The Verifiable Credentials for Education Task Force Charter