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Minutes for 2019-01-08

Present + Will Abramson
Heather Vescent: Thanks Joe
Hi all, I am struggling to connect through linphone. It just kicks me out straight away. Anyone know what I might be doing wrong? Thanks
Ken Ebert is scribing.
Joe Kaplan: Please indicate you are present
Ken Ebert is scribing.
Thanks, I will sign up now. I am ubuntu but probably the same issues
Vaughan Emery: Founder of data security company
.. Recent joined this group
Joe Kaplan: Reintroduction?

Topic: Introductions and Re-introductions

.. I'm Joe Andrieu. I am involved in RWoT and have a consulting company involved in identity

Topic: Announcements

RWoT in going to be Mar 1-3 in Barcelona
Joe Kaplan: Feb 28 meetup
.. Dinner on the last night
.. IIW following in April
Heather Vescent: Survey on end of year, why you participate. Please take the survey!
.. Survey open until the end of the month.
.. Do we all read the list? Is there a better way to communicate this information?
.. How do we reach all those who are involved?
??: Can we send out a link?
Heather Vescent: I am happy to send out a link.
Samantha Mathews Chase: I think it's a good idea to get the survey to everyone
Manu Sporny: Thanks for the survey and trying to getting inclusive input.
Heather Vescent: That makes sense Manu.
.. We can't get access to the mailing list (GDPR).
.. Tweeks and linkedin might help.
.. Today VCWG face to face right after RWoT in Barcelona. Guests will be invited.
.. IP rules need to be followed.
.. If you want to attend, get in touch with Dan B or Matt Stone immediately.
Dan Burnett: This is Dan B. I will send an email to the CCG list announcing the city and dates.
Heather Vescent: What are those dates?
Dan Burnett: March 4-5
Kim Hamilton Duffy:
Kim Hamilton Duffy: We have some updates to the CCG site. Cleanup of documents and instructions.
.. There is training for how to scribe. How to help instructions. Other how-to's.
Joe Kaplan: Thank you, kim.

Topic: Action items

Joe Kaplan: First item is assigned to the chairs.
.. Second item: Kim you reviewed this?
Kim Hamilton Duffy: Yes, I think everyone is on board to include the DID resolver as a working group item.
.. The repo already exists. Put it in review next queue.
Joe Kaplan: Sound goods.
.. DID explainer: Dan and Joe will follow up.
Andrew Rosen: Not started yet, but will get going soon. Target F2F.
Dan Burnett: Yes, thank you for the review!!!
Dave Longley: +1
Isaac Patka: I'm new but I'll review.
Ryan Grant: I'm reviewing my status with W3C.

Topic: Work items

Kim Hamilton Duffy: +1 To MultiX items
Manu Sporny: I'm adding issues for multi-hash; multi-link as proposed work items.
Jonathan Holt: +1
Joe Kaplan: Update to crypto suite for COSE
Manu Sporny: We are updating to CO
.. This should make the proposal to handle ZKP and JWT easier.
Jonathan Holt: +10 For COSE
Joe Kaplan: DID resolver?
Kim Hamilton Duffy: I am taking the action item to move this forward. I will review next steps.
Joe Kaplan: Chairs will review on Friday.
Manu Sporny: COSE replaces JOSE largely. This is a mapping. Some one should be assigned.
Joe Kaplan: Ok
.. VERES1 method spec?
Manu Sporny: Not quite ready.
Joe Kaplan: Chair action issues???
Christopher Allen: We are working hard in the background.
Joe Kaplan: CCG process is me!
.. Editors list?
Christopher Allen: We need to go through repos and make sure that the editors are current.
.. Editors should be able to edit it.
Kim Hamilton Duffy: The closed issues include scribe and attendees update.
.. Code owners for commmunity group owners. Added.
.. The primary on the work item should be the code owner.
.. Github will auto assign new issues to the code owners.
.. Contact me with any questions.
.. The polyfill repo was ambiguous.
Joe Kaplan: Other open issues.
Christopher Allen: Invite Andrew Poelstra to speak -- working on it
Kim Hamilton Duffy: Review of other work items should be kept open.
Joe Kaplan: Any unlabeled issues?
.. Manu added a bunch! These are all chair items.
Kim Hamilton Duffy: We need to decide if they really are work items.
Christopher Allen: First there should be a proposal, then a review.
Joe Kaplan: Can I assign Christopher to work on this?
Christopher Allen: Yes. Please tag them so we can clearly identify them and what stage they are in.
Joe Kaplan: Correlation and privacy of DID, Kim?
Andrew Hughes: @Heathervescent I see the boilerplate for letting people know about the Survey - would it be OK for me to post this to my LinkedIn? Or should I limit this to a more targetted list of people that I know are actually in the domain?
Kim Hamilton Duffy: Ryan and Lionel mentioned interest in the topic.
Joe Kaplan: Can you be the owner, Lionel?
Lionel Wolberger: Can you describe the task offline, joe or Kim?
Joe Kaplan: Kim will you handle this?
Ryan Grant: Lionel, I think the issue is that nobody has proved that DIDs reduce correlatability of PII leaks. You and I apparently both said this is important and we're willing to think about it.
Christopher Allen: If you know you want to handle tasks in our repo, we can add you using your github name.
Heather Vescent: Ahughes: that's a good question... I have mixed feeling about broader sharing of the survey on Twitter and LI. This particular survey was designed to give feedback on the CCG directly... I am concerned if a lot of responses come in from people who are *not* part of the CCG would bias the data.
Joe Kaplan: Security model of DID? I could take this.
Kim Hamilton Duffy: Either ryan or lionel could help.
Heather Vescent: Ahughes: I do think there is value in gathering broader information from a broader audience, but I would have designed the survey differently in that case, and I would have also asked where they heard about the survey...
Joe Kaplan: I assigned Christopher.
.. These all have owners. Please tag them appropriately.
Manu Sporny: Kim, you mentioned something about the DID repo for the spec?
Heather Vescent: Ahughes: Maybe it would make sense to do a separate survey for broader distribution for more general feedback. (And this is something I can do as well). It could include similar questions, but would be designed differently.
Andrew Hughes: @Heathervescent OK - I will forward the Survey link only directlly to people that I know are close enough to the CCG to be in scope for the survey
Christopher Allen: It's in another repo. Who should own it and advance it.
Manu Sporny: It is a CCG repo.
Joe Kaplan: The polyfill issue?
Kim Hamilton Duffy: Dlongley said it was here:
Kim Hamilton Duffy: (In the issue)
Manu Sporny: I am now confused as well.
.. The credential handler is an implementation. It doesn't matter to me where it resides.
Christopher Allen: Is there a more browser oriented group that should host this? We have no clear process for this type of item.
Manu Sporny: Progress is being made. Many companies are using the polyfill, but no one else is hosting the work.
Christopher Allen: Is the spec going to change?
Manu Sporny: No
Ryan Grant: Sounds like "alpha"
Christopher Allen: Can we create a category for items that are stalled waiting for a change in state.
Manu Sporny: There is active code work, but no much current work concerning the spec.
Joe Kaplan: Manu, I'll let you handle this.
Manu Sporny: OK
Heather Vescent: I wanted to bring up whether we could share the survey with linkedin?
Manu Sporny: We should keep it to the group and people that engage w/ CCG
Manu Sporny: (Doesn't help to get input from people that haven't been involved)
.. I designed the survey with the CCG community in mind. Some questions are relevant to the outside, but some are CCG specific.
.. We have 27 responses right now, if we get 50 new responses from outside the CCG community the data might become unclear.
.. I'm happy to do a broader survey. Your thoughts?
Christopher Allen: A separate survery would be best.
Manu Sporny: +1.
Joe Andrieu: +1 For keeping the survey focused on participants of the CCG at some level
Christopher Allen: A broader survey, for instance to RWoT.
Heather Vescent: OK. I can some of the questions in a different way to account for the lack of community knowledge.
Christopher Allen: I agree.
Joe Kaplan: Note to chairs. Action items take more than 10 minutes.
Ryan Grant: Just cut it off. next week start at the part you left off.
Kim Hamilton Duffy: +1 To rgrant. Also, we will get faster over time. We haven't been reviewing status like we should, so there's a lot of debt at the moment
Joe Kaplan: We had 60 tasks at the beginning of 2018. Did we get any of these done? Progress? no progress?
.. Reconciliation draft: done
I haven't really been involved but hope to be throughout this coming year, should I take the survey. Still struggling to connect unfortunately. Will try get sorted for next week
.. Test suite: not done
Manu Sporny: Follow same strategy as data model.
Joe Kaplan: Final report = progress
.. Polyfill=progress
.. Browser/vendor outreach= progress
.. Linked data signatures=progress; rsa= progress;
.. Linked data capabilities: progress
.. DID auth= discussions
.. Final reports for notes: fell off radar
.. Data minimization= re-spec
.. Life cycle=done
.. Educational credentials internal draft=progress
.. Group process= progress
Manu Sporny: We have this, kinda
.. Registry process definition=progress (ongoing)
Manu Sporny: Registration process is in each repo= done
.. Did method registry=done
.. Signature suite registry=some
.. DID implementations=some
.. DID charter=done
Joe Kaplan: New members=progress(ongoing)
.. DID uses cases= progress
.. Office hours(none)
.. Summer hackathon (none)
TPAC= done
.. DID hardening=done
.. Amera=progress
.. Conference call on educational use cases=done
.. Please send workitems to chairs
Kim Hamilton Duffy: Registry process, an uber-registry process had a work items. The mailing list had a manu-written item that could suffice if it were put in spec form.
Joe Kaplan: A write up to describe how registries should be done would be helpful.
Christopher Allen: Let's describe what we are doing so that it can be included in future consideration.
Joe Kaplan: That concludes our review
Christopher Allen: Next week lets review multi-hash.