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Minutes for 2019-05-07

Kim Hamilton Duffy: Anyone can participate, you need to agree to IP policy to make substantive contributions. [scribe assist by Manu Sporny]
Kim Hamilton Duffy: We use IRC to queue speakers as well to take minutes. [scribe assist by Manu Sporny]
Kim Hamilton Duffy: Please present+ yourself. [scribe assist by Manu Sporny]
Manu Sporny: Kimhd explains how to use the queue.
Kim Hamilton Duffy: We are going to talk about new proposed work items [scribe assist by Manu Sporny]
Lionel Wolberger is scribing.
Thanks to Digital Bazaar for the voice line and increased bandwidth!
Manu Sporny: :-)

Topic: Introductions and Re-introductions

Re-introduction from Manu:
Editing of the specifications, pleased about the community growing.
Manu founded Digital Bazaar 17 years ago, goal to create a more level playing field for society
... a main tool of that is the internet
... noticed inequalities of economics, communication
... wanted to foster people taking advantage of internet to better their lives
... saw deltas around payments, identity, data portability
... were fortunate to connect up quickly with other stakeholders in technology, etc
... excited that a community has formed to build the better world that we want.

Topic: Announcements

Kim Hamilton Duffy:
Kim Hamilton Duffy: September 3-6th
...RWoT 9 in Prague, save the date
Markus Sabadello: Meeting page for Thursday DID Spec and DID Resolution calls:
... look at announcement page for an agenda draft

Topic: Action Items

... Thanks to Manu, Markus, Drummond for getting the registries into shape
Manu Sporny: +1 To close
... any objections to closing?
Jonathan Holt: Can there be some kind of decentralized documentation of this process
... eat our own dogfood type of thing
Kim Hamilton Duffy: We may have a document for general registry, propose to turn it into ...
Kim Hamilton Duffy: I see you Joe
Joe Andrieu: YAY
Manu Sporny: We have a DID method registry
... new item for a VC registry
... may need a registry for proof mechanisms
Joe Kaplan: JH can you elaborate?
JH: Currently write access to git is th method to contribute, seems we can enable a more decentralized method
... perhaps a Git DID method? I recall this was proposed at IIW
Kim Hamilton Duffy: Found it!
... Registries Process (meta-document)
ACTION: make sure registries process is visible
Manu Sporny: Kim is going meta-meta
Agenda: Review DID charter PRs and issues
Lionel wonders how to banter while being scribe
... Getting proposals on how to close these
... those interested in participating please jump in, we need help here.
... JSON LD signature suite, comments?
Manu Sporny: Someone from Transmute was at IIW and wants to be involved
Manu Sporny: Request for new Work Item: VC Extension Registry --
... In the VCWG, we need a place to put the extensions that you would want to put into a VC
... e.g. status list, terms of use, evidence mechanisms
... this is like a formal registry
... There is a PR to take the registry that we have now, and expand it into here
... it's an informal place to understand the extensions that have been added
To get the VC spec published, we will need to point to a registry in the spec, and have some kind of registry live
Kim Hamilton Duffy: Lionel, we're doing that as the last agenda item
... so we need an innitial registry by July
Manu Sporny: The PR gives us that initial shape
Kim Hamilton Duffy: Let's make the formal request to do that, on this call
Joe Kaplan: Does the PR mention the two editors? Should be added.

Topic: Message from the chairs and ensuring a positive work environment

Kim Hamilton Duffy: We have prioritized the work, what the chairs will take on
... We need people to take ownership of items
... There has been some debate regarding decentralization that has not been within the frame of productive and constructive engagement
... we understand that there are tremendous passions behind this debate and behavior
... as chairs, we kept the entire community in mind
Manu Sporny: +1 To the amount of effort to get everyone contributing in a healthy, productive way
... this is a large group and so needs a code of conduct
... the chairs ask cooperation of the community in hewing to this code of conduct
Heather Vescent: +1 To this work. Thanks Chairs.
... the survey helped reveal root causees of the communication difficulties that we experienced
... in the next month the chairs will have completed and will bring to review an updated work process
... while the roadmap is voted on and clear, the journey afterwards is less clear
... Remember (!) the roadmap is not locked
... work items can be proposed along the way
... the chairs are committed to supporting community members
... re: survey result, perception of insularity
... ask people to be more intentional, focus on more knowledge transfer opportunities
Heather Vescent: +1 Kim, to being more conscious about thinking about opportunities.
Manu Sporny: +1 To mentorship opportunities, feels like that might work well (and is something that's not done enough)
Manu Sporny: (At W3C in general)
... Work item groups, try to define items that can be given to a relative newcomer, technical or not-technical
... e.g. Kim takes a documentation task sometimes, as a way to understand
... Keep in mind it will be an iterative process
... Re: Non-technical contributions, aprticularly in the context of work items
... what are the things that can engage a broader group?
... esp with DIDs, which are addressing a large scale beyond technologists
Jonathan Holt: Manu -- as long as you teach me to crank out issues, PR like a steely eyed missile man
Error: (IRC nickname 'justin_r' not recognized)[2019-05-07T16:38:17.388Z] <Justin_R> @manu -- Can't commit to that at the moment. But: you know I'm in favor of things like did:http and vanity DIDs, right? :)
Heather Vescent: I ran a session at IIW about non-technical participation in Standards, that was very productive and I plan to share those notes. I have also made suggestions in a Twitter thread/response to Chaz that was very specific.
... Re: Constructive Collab
... Joe @ IIW began a re-framing conversation. Is it decentralized enough?
... what are the characteristics that we are interested in? Move away from 'religious' tone, stay away from 'sniping'
... Everyone in this group is committed to a particular vision of decentralization
... e.g. we agree we don't want something that can be taken over by FB
... this debate could tear the group apart
... keep in mind, differences of opinion may just be around approach, or definitions of terms
... focus on what we agree on
... Re: Code of Conduct. Feels a bit out of date. More udpated guidance is in use at RWoT
Moses Ma: I'd like to talk about doing an NVC communication training for the group
Error: (IRC nickname 'justin_r' not recognized)[2019-05-07T16:42:17.975Z] <Justin_R> @manu -- I'm going to define did:jricher:manu as anyone but you, sorry. It'll be the world's first negative-did. Anyway -- please don't put me down yet, let's cycle back in a couple months when there's something more on the plate and we can see my availability then. Thanks!
Heather Vescent: Respect All participants should strive to treat each other with dignity and respect. Diverse perspectives are critical to our success When listening to input and comments of others, start by assuming the most benign interpretation and the best intention of the speaker. If comment is phrased in a way that might be misinterpreted, ask for clarification of the statement or intent. If the comment is discomforting (or hostile), please reach out [CUT]
... [email of guidelines being read]
Heather Vescent: Collaborate Be open to new ideas and learning from others In moments of strong disagreement, we ask participants to “agree to disagree,” stay focused on the goals of the session or discussion and move on to address shared needs and shared opportunities.
Heather Vescent: Include Follow the “Rule of 1” and the “Rule of n”: When you speak, make 1 point and then let others speak, and when in a group of “n” people, speak “1/nth” of the time.
* Heather, thanks for pasting here
Kim Hamilton Duffy: Goal to complete by early June awareness of roadmap
... bridge to non-technical, need volunteers
... positive work environment: we all have to do it, if you have any trouble escalate to the chairs
Jonathan Holt: Manu -- Yeah, I think that was jonnycrunch's approach too! I myself really like my sleep these days. But yes, I will assist.
Moses Ma: NVC - non-violent communications, is used at the UN
... We could invite an NVC expert (no charge)
Drummond Reed: Kudos to the chairs for responding with this statement
... unfortunately some communication brought this to the fore, hopefully this is enough of a response and we can get on with the work
Heather Vescent: +1 To the chairs, impressive that the chairs took the survey seriously, thanks
Kim Hamilton Duffy: Text of statement from chairs:
... Had a relevant session at IIW that I will write up
Kim Hamilton Duffy: +1
... To preserve momentum on this work, there's not just a check-off, needs touchpoints
... have the chairs considered a check-in schedule, not every week, but some course correction check-ins
Kim Hamilton Duffy: Chairs intend on-going work, open to some ideas on a check-in. Perhaps at start do it more often.
... add a category to the ongoing agenda items.
... "Does anyone have anything that they wanted to offer?"
Heather Vescent: +1 Kim, for highlighting in the agenda. I think if this is a brief, but weekly reminder will help us integrate this process... but I do not want this to take away from the work we are accomplishing here.
* +1 Moses, the NVC is really interesting
Manu Sporny: +1 To everyting Kim said. Happy this discussion is happening. Approach that the chairs put together is exactly the right way to tackle some of these really difficult issues.
... I think this group is in the forefront at least within W3C, most other W3C focuses only on the technical
... Given our topic we need to focus on these things
... Also the mentorship sounds really good
Agenda: IIW

Topic: IIW

Moses Ma: Manu and Lionel, I will work with the chairs to figure out what to do NVC wise
Joe Kaplan: Decentralized topic @ IIW
... 1st one was open ended, IIW is ideal for this type of open discussion, gen'l idea of what would it mean if a DID was decentralized enough
... session2, break it into rubrics
... given a good rubric, we could apply it to a DID method and assess if it is decentralized enough
... 'prvably under the control of the DID controller'
... A Hughes ran a session on, what do you do if your DID provider goes out of business, or is just gone
... e.g. what if bitcoin disappeared
... broke out the system components, what happens if each of these different things was to be shut down
... clarified that a big part of decentralization is to tolerate failure
Joe Andrieu: OMG... er... OMJ?
Drummond Reed: Markus has checked in, this Thursday DID call is ready to go over the rubrics
... Project Aries on Hyperledger approved, this breaks off the wallet
... impressive demo of using different providers to get a credential to get an email address
... could form a direct peer to peer connection in that directory
... demo by with participation of NZ, street cred
Drummond Reed: Huge kudos to Kim and Dave Huseby for driving the did:git: method.
Moses Ma: Thanks kim!