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Minutes for 2020-09-21

Phil Long: Is Jitsi being used for this meeting as well?
Heather Vescent: Yes, we are at:
Phil Long: Thanks Manu
Phil Archer: Uh oh. Anil has joined the meeting ;-)
Anil John: LOL
I heard 'recording is on' but that is all... is there another setting I have to enable to get audio?
Robbie Jones: We can hear audio -- if you can't hear audio, you might try joining via a different browser (or check your audio settings)
Christopher is in IRC
Jonathan Holt: Reqrets
Kaliya Young is scribing.
Kaliya Young is scribing.
Kim Hamilton Duffy: Introduction and re-introductions

Topic: Introduction & Re-introductions

Kim Hamilton Duffy: Econnell
Kim Hamilton Duffy: Eric Connell

Topic: Announcements & Reminders

@Econnell Works with Rebooting web of trust on virtualizing it.
Kim Hamilton Duffy: Annoucements IIW is coming up October 20-22
Kim Hamilton Duffy: Several ongoing side meetings.
Kim Hamilton Duffy: Verifiable Credentials for education 8am pacific.
Kim Hamilton Duffy: Every Monday there is a DID resolution calls 1pm pacific
((Someone is breathing...can you mute))
Kim Hamilton Duffy: Secure Data Store working group 1pm Pacific Thursday
DID resolution spec meeting is bi-weekly; was yesterday

Topic: Progress on Action Items

Kim Hamilton Duffy: Issue - synthesize what is in a wallet into a report. can we close? Heather pulled together a lot of material. If it is going to move forward it needs owners for it.
Heather Vescent: We had a positive response to what is a wallet and we wanted to capture the information beyond the wallet.
Heather Vescent: It was suggested that a more detailed overviewed or recap could be made. There were some people who thought that was a good idea. We have satisfied the initial issue.
Manu Sporny: +1 To avoid scope creep.
Anil John: Speaking of Digital Wallets, the UI/UX Competition being sponsored by DHS/SVIP is now open -- Details at
Manu Sporny: And have focused issues that have resolutions.
Anil John: We will be sure to point the applicants to the CCG Digital Wallet resources and report.
Heather Vescent: If there is someone who wants to take ownership and write a report that could work.
Anil John: We will announce the 3 Stage 1 winners at a community engagement event. Free registration @
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Jacksohne: Thank you!
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Phil Archer: Yes
Looks great!
Kim Hamilton Duffy: Andi Hindle
Andi: works in identity for 14 years and chairs the content committee at Identiverse and participates in a range of standards groups mostly lurking
Andi: moments to orient to Identiverse, overview of some of the key things touched on, wrap up with a brief introduction next year.
Andi: originated in 2010 as the cloud identity summit - founder and CEO of PingIdentity still founding sponsor. Run as an industry conference
Andi: the core focus is identity touching on security and privacy too. More conference heavy then expo heavy.
Andi: 2020 we were originally planned to be in Denver - needed refactoring.
Andi: everyone had to work out the best way to do this. We had a good fortune to follow IIW.
Andi: we had 80 hours of programmed conference - we spread out the conference over 8 weeks with presentations each day - virtual networking in the sessions and outside of the sessions.
Andi: Pre-record the presentations.
Andi: Highlights it is tricky to do this. 80 hours of content is a lot and kind of impossible to cover a lot.
Andi: a lot of over lap with the statistics - most viewed and watched. Tried to pick a few things from each of the major topic areas.
Kim Hamilton Duffy: I'm back
Moses Ma: Bug: recording stopped and restarted
Andi: left happens every year
Andi: Right hand side topics we typically cover but at variousing levels of amount.
Andi: UX at the top was a thematic focus for the year. We were trying to make sure we covered it.
Andi: Has taken a screen shot of the topics in the user-experience area.
Kim Hamilton Duffy: Anil, I meant to repeat what you posted about the wallet competition. We can remind everyone at the end of the call
Andi: This topic infused many other topics.
Thanks for your patience Andi
Kim Hamilton Duffy: Anil -- can we add it to our announcements&reminders page?
Andi: was good to get folks from outside of identity, security, privacy - group of UX researchers at google - trying to understand how people interact with identity systems.
Andi: not everyone uses identity the way that identity people think about identity - has real implications for how people use it for real use-cases. Not just enteprise setting.
Andi: As soon as you get outside Enterprise systems you have real challenges.
Kim Hamilton Duffy: Sorry, just saw Manu's comment. My computer crashed the second Andi started speaking. And yes, we are exploring whether Anil's webcam was involved
Andi: Where is the User in User Experience? By ____. also had good things to share.
Andi: Privacy is something we covered with ethics and governance.
Andi: ISC and IAPP for CECs.
Andi: Hard in virtual content - want to make exciting and engaging. We are fortunate to have a number of people who are outstanding presentors. Making things that get issues across in interesting ways.
Andi: Jeremy Grant gave a good presentations about challenges of CCPA - using rock songs.
Kim Hamilton Duffy: /Me :heart:
Andi: Katherine Harrison gave a good presentation on deep fakes.
Andi: Trust in what we see, trust in what we hear, this has a big role.
Andi: security takes up a lot of the overall agenda time. it is tricky.
Andi: its all about security.
Andi: Deep dive stuff - homomorphic encryption is it real through to more practical things Privileged Access Management.
Andi: Neshant gave a very real mission impossible talk through myths and realities.
Andi: Alex Winer at MSFT gave a real time demo of how identity systems get compromised to understand the risks.
Andi: Authorization as a topic - this has a lot of active work now. Activity in the standards space and solving deployment issues.
Andi: not totally surprising
Andi: Standards is core to what we do each here - there are a lot of standards there is an incresing number. We can't cover everything every year. if you look at it across 2-3 years.
Andi: some come and then go away - then come back once they are in deployments.
Andi: why didn't cover verifiable credentials stuff? was touched on a few presentations.
Andi: had some coverage decentralized digital identity mostly from a OpenID presentations.
Andi: So how architecture and deployments tends to be where we get the standards and solidified and reified in architecthures and deployment along with real experiments with axilary things. Thomson Rueters did a very interesting experiment he shared about multiple clouds.
Andi: Practical examples from EA.
Andi: very interesting from industry as a whole. understanding the us-cases is telling.
Andi: how they are having to stich them together. Another one pulled out here - panel on scaling strong authentication - mainly around FIDO.
Andi: one of the challenges medium to almost large enterprise. As soon as you look at it on a consume scale or global enterprise scale. Token delivery, token replacement. Someone at NIST suggested we hold a panel about this. To talk about this in forums that the industry as a whole can start to particiapte.
Andi: Good presentation from ____ workday
Andi: Steve Wilson gave a deep thoughtful provoking talk - Identity as data.
Andi: What it is the industry can and does do for them.
Heather Vescent: Awe - thanks Andi! ps. all images in the deck are from GITS!
Andi: Heather gave a presentation on deep fakes with a different perspective.
Andi: we had headliner presentation some but not all would be keynotes. Ian Glazer
Andi: his presentation was on the future of identity next 10-15 years. has a large volume of slides.
Andi: a number of panels - looking at identity privacy and security and how they fit together don't fit together.
Andi: series of interviews with Henry Rawlands - punk rocker - broadcaster.
Andi: he did interviews with several folks.
Kim Hamilton Duffy: S/Rawlands/Rollins
Andi: Getting folks to engage hard so an interview with him was a way to get them to present.
Andi: wasn't quite the same as being in person
Andi: covered topics on diversity and eithics.
Andi: Andre and Esther Dyson had a great conversation
Question: where can we see the presentations - are they on youtube?
Andi: Next year - dates are set 20-23 of June and if we can - some part will be in physical format - likely virtual too.
Andi: Call for presentations is open in October.
Andi: New archive on
Adrian Hope-Bailie: Any impression on human centered design.
Adrian Hope-Bailie: Yes and no
Andi: yes and no - trite response we have a lot of work to do as an industry.
Great recap Andi!
Kim Hamilton Duffy: Identiverse on youtube:
Andi: helping people to understand how to deal with a passwordless universe - consumers are not near this. We have for 20 years trained them to have strong passwords.
Andi: When you take them to a passwordless environment - that can't be safe - a lot of training work to do - the other thing emerging around decentralized identity - we need to clear we are solving problems people actually care about.
Kim Hamilton Duffy: +1
Andi: that is worth baring in mind. We have run into it in some of the other user-centric work.
Kim Hamilton Duffy: Thank you Andi. Thank you Kaliya for scribing.
Kim Hamilton Duffy: Anil there is a wallet design competition going on.
Kim Hamilton Duffy: Thank you.
Wayne Chang: Thank you kaliya!!!!
Wayne Chang: Great scribing
Kim Hamilton Duffy: Indeed great scribing
Thanks everyone for listening!
Moses Ma: Bye all!